Nowhere Near Gigabit Speed11/6/2014 2:29:32 PM

Pros: Very simple setup. Pretty much plug and play.

Cons: No where new the 1200 Mbps advertised. ZyXEL's own configuration software pegs each end at between 150Mbps to 160Mpbs. Disappointing to say the least. I've tried setting the priority to High and still no dice. So unless ZyXel has released a firmware update, i've tried everything i could. And before someone claims my home wiring is bad, I disagree. My home is only 10 years old and if these homeplugs need such pristine wiring to operate at promised speeds, i'd say they are not ready at all for prime time.

Overall Review: I gave it two stars because it is indeed plug and play and it's decent for web surfing, email, and basic connection, pretty much anything you would use a high-speed Ethernet connection for. For streaming 1080p high definition movies?? Maybe, but definitely not fluidly? Don't even try to use MakeMKV to convert a bluray copy to an mkv file over the connection. What normally takes 5 minutes over a Gigabyte Ethernet connection takes anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes. That' what i was getting with 802.11n wireless and why i purchased these in the first place.

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Great Home Theater PC Case9/5/2007 9:48:41 AM

Pros: 1) Can store 6 hard drives (that's up to 6TB of storage). 2) Can use 120mm fans. This is rare for a HTPC case. 3) Solid construction. Everything fits together well and all parts are included. 4) Lot's of space to work with on the inside.

Cons: 1) Price. The difference between this and most other HTPC cases is very large. 2) Install directions are not very good however a quick call to tech support got me the information that i needed. The technician said they were aware that they needed to be more detailed in the installation manual. 3) I would have liked to see a small lcd screen at this price point.

Overall Review: This is a solidly built case with lots of room and a stylish design. Initially, i was hesitant because of the price, but decided to purchase it because it was the only case specifically made for home theater that used 12mm fans. I also like the water cooling holes that will allow me to easily add water cooling to the system.

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Great Performing Monitor3/26/2006 12:50:34 PM

Pros: 1) Shipped with no dead pixels. 2) Clear image, no ghosting. 3) Came with all the cables you need, DVI, analog adapter, power, etc. 4) Easy to understand user menu.

Cons: 1) Ships with really bright settings, but can be toned down/ tweaked easily enough. 2) The auto setting that automatically adjusts picture quality only does so on analog input. The digital input must be manually adjusted. I only put as a con because this featur e was very convenient for me on the 15 incher that this replaced. I've managed to get a very satisfying picture from it however with manual adjustment so don't let that be a knock against the monitor.

Overall Review: NewEgg and FedEx performed well as always in getting the product to me.

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Great Product3/24/2006 11:58:26 PM

Pros: Product shipped with no dead pixels and the screen looks enormous compared to my 15 incher that this replaced. I almost feel like I have to turn my head to see the complete field of view. Simple tweaks allowed me to get a picture that was bright and satifying. I would definitely recommend this monitor to someone in the market for a good 19inch monitor.

Cons: Factory settings will most likey need to be tweaked as the picture out of the box was overly bright. This is not really a mark against the product, I just wish manufacturers would take the time to correctly set the picture before shipping products like this.

Overall Review: Thanks NewEgg for ultra fast shipping on this. I used to loath mailordering a product because of the wait time between buying a product and actually having it in hand. Not any more as a day or two worth of patience is usually enough to have the product in hand.

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Great Memory3/9/2006 8:41:07 PM

Pros: Great overclockability. If your processor or motherboard cannot scale as high as 250Mhz, the memory is more than happy to get really good timings for a 2 gig kit. I'm currently running at 2.5-3-3-8 (this is a 3-4-4-8) kit.

Cons: None (well maybe its not fee :)

Overall Review: I don't think this memory likes alot of voltage. I gave it 2.8V since my motherboard does not have 2.75 and it failed SuperPI. Decreased volts to 2.6 and its rock steady.

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