Worked as expected once I was able to get it to fit.7/5/2016 2:47:08 PM

Pros: Vast upgrade from my old Radeon card Affordable

Cons: Had to remove the "custom" backplate on the card to get it to fit in either of my mini-atx systems. The backplate would make contact with the memory slot latches and not seat fully. By removing the backplate the car was able to fully seat. (One is an HP Phoenix 860, the other is a Lenovo e30 tower workstation.)

Overall Review: Purchased to get my systems ready for the Oculus Rift.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the great review! We are happy you are pleased. If you have any questions for us here at XFX, please visit or email us at Thanks Mark at XFX
Nice Case7/17/2011 1:23:48 PM

Pros: Lots of airflow (4 x 120mm, 1 really big fan on side, 1x ??mm fan on motherboard tray behind the processor) LED lights in fan are just the right brightness LED lights in fans can be shut off It has port holes for water cooling lines on the back panel

Cons: The side monster fan needs an extension cable from the fan board to ease taking it out because the fan board is rather difficult to get to These LED fans look to be proprietary, so once one goes out you won't be able to get a matched one (standard three pin connector, however the third wire isn't rpm sensor it is LED light power)

Overall Review: I'm happy with it for now, hopefully the fans will last a long time as my machine is on 24x7. The Power supply mount allows for the power supply to be mounted in two different orientations, however documentation recommends having the PS fan on the bottom of the case and use the included filter, I flipped it over to help remove more air from the case.

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Great Rack mount Case!10/26/2007 4:35:58 PM

Pros: Great Case! Front door is nice and solid, and the handles don't feel like they are going to fall off. Had no problems getting my EATX MB mounted with some room to spare (not much though). Includes a LED labeled o n the case as "system" but labeled on the wire lead as LAN (2 pin/wire), also has an external LED for HD, Power and Fan Failure. Case appears to have quite a few MB mounting hole options, it worked great for my Tyan S2720 MB. The fans included have both a 3 wire MB connector (with RPM) and a 4 pin molex connector. My case included Mitsubishi 120mm fans, and YS Tech 80mm fans which appear to be Ball Bearing Fans. All 4 of them running are quiter than my 2 cpu fans.

Cons: The 120MM Fan wire leads are rather short, on the Tyan S2720 they were able to reach, but if the connectors were .5" further towards the back I would have to had used 3 wire extension cables, so you may wnat to pick up a few of those with this if you want to keep the stock fans.

Overall Review: I will be buying another case from this manufacturer with some more drive bays. Case also has rubber grommets to hold the drive cages and to try and reduce some vibration/noise. MB stand offs are brass and about 1/2" long. Everything lined up very nicely. 120mm Fans have external filters behind the frint door of the case. MB manual states that there is an optional 2.5" drive mounting tray for this model.

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Great Server/Workstation Case!4/19/2002 11:24:15 PM

Comments: This case is exactly like the cases Alienware(TM) uses, except no Alienware(TM) logo on it. The fans that come with this case are quiet, and there is room for two 80mm fans in the front of the case and two in the back. Great case for air flow and for ease of working on the MB. The fans included appear to be non ball-bearing... The 3.5" drive cages don't really swivel out, they come out completely (From the pictures on this site I expected them to just swivel). Great Case!

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