Great monitor11/8/2017 10:56:11 PM

Pros: - Good price for a 144Hz 1080p monitor of this quality. - The monitor is aesthetically pleasing and has a little splash of color with the red stand, but isn't over the top "gamery" looking. - The colors on the screen look good and there are no dead/stuck pixel issues on mine. I'm sure the color accuracy isn't perfect compared with professional type monitors, but it does not look bad with out of the box settings and can be improved upon if you take the time to adjust it further. For gaming and general use, it is very nice. - This monitor actually comes with a Display Port cable. While that may sound insignificant, I would like to point out the fact that a lot of monitors only come with DVI cables, so you will incur some "hidden cost", particularly with multiple monitors or with some GPUs that don't have DVI connections. I have three ASUS VG248QE monitors on my other machine and the GPU on that machine only has one DVI port. This meant that I had to buy three display port cables in order to actually connect those VG248QE monitors to my GPU. So, having an included DP cable is a nice thing to see. - The stand is heavy, sturdy, and made entirely of anodized aluminum. - There is a cover on the back of the monitor which keeps the connections hidden. It looks cleaner overall as a result.

Cons: - You should be aware that there is no adjustability whatsoever with this monitor. The stand is hard mounted to the monitor and it can't rotate or move vertically. I don't think it will even tilt. It just sits the way it sits. The height and angle work fine for me, but you should definitely take this possible limitation into consideration. There is a slight benefit to this (I guess), which is that the monitor is very rigidly mounted and does not shake or move if you're typing heavily. - No VESA compatibility. If you need lots of adjustability and mounting options, you should avoid this monitor. - The stand does not fit together as perfectly as I'd like if you just make it finger tight. The fit between the base (Gray) and the vertical (Red) parts is very tight, so you will need to screw it down quite hard using a screwdriver in order to get the parts to line up correctly. They do line up when you do this, but it is a slight con.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Works as advertised11/8/2017 10:38:26 PM

Pros: - This is a very high quality HDD. - It offers more cache than the WD Blue or WD Black drives. I usually go with WD Black in my builds, but I decided to give this drive a try with my most recent build. So far, I like it. - This drive should offer higher reliability (MTBF) than WD Blue or WD Black drives. - It is completely silent when mounted in a drive cage with rubber bushings (Fractal Meshify C). - There were no issues in terms of being recognized by my Asrock Z370 Extreme4 motherboard. - I bought this drive because I wanted a highly reliable and responsive storage HDD for my personal computer. I do play games, but I also do actual work with my computer (MATLAB, GUROBI, Mathematica, etc) and I typically keep these programs and the files they use on my storage drive. This drive appears to be performing quite well for those purposes.

Cons: - You obviously won't get SSD levels of performance with this drive, but among standard HDD's the performance is top notch. - It is a lot more expensive than the WD Blue class, and a little more than a Black class drive. - The 2TB model offers much better overall value. If you are willing to spend a bit more, I would just go with the 2TB version.

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Works as advertised with my Z370 board11/8/2017 10:24:06 PM

Pros: - Solid (Heavy) heat sinks with brushed finish. This RAM looks classy, not overly "gamerish". Stands out nicely even though it's not RGB. - Fast enough (3200MHz is a good price to performance sweet spot IMO). I ran PCMark and scored 3,647 on the "Memory Mark" test with this RAM. - Worked as advertised with my Asrock Z370 Extreme4 motherboard and i7-8700k. XMP profile loaded without difficulty. I can't say how it would do with Ryzen, but it worked fine on my Intel Z370 board.

Cons: - The price is currently much higher than it was when I bought it.

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Top of the line case at a great price11/8/2017 10:08:53 PM

Pros: The main reason I considered this case is because it breaks the current trend of good looking, but very low airflow cases which cause thermal throttling issues (Particularly on modern GPUs, which can start to throttle if you go past 60C). - The price on this case is very reasonable for what you're getting. I don't think anything else really competes with this case in terms of value. - Build quality is extremely good. Nothing about it feels or looks cheap and it is incredibly well designed. - This case offers high airflow and is an excellent choice if you intend to use a large air cooler. The NH-D15 will fit, but you may only be able to use the central fan depending upon your motherboard and RAM. I was only able to use the center fan with mine, because I couldn't seat the other fan low enough to clear the glass side panel. It doesn't make much of a difference though, because the airflow is very linear and unobstructed in this case. I have two NF-15 fans up front, and that makes the second fan on the NH-D15 less relevant in my opinion. This setup is cooling my 8700k just fine, so it should work with most processors. - This case is EXTREMELY quiet with two Noctua NF-14 fans in front and the stock 120mm Fractal (GP-12 I think) in the rear. Many high airflow cases are loud, but the foam in the front panel does a good job of keeping noise down. It is completely silent unless it is under a heavy load, and even then it is not particularly loud. My Fractal Node 804 is much louder (And it runs hotter). - Very compact for an ATX case, but not so compact that it loses essential capabilities. It still has enough room to mount oversized GPUs and large CPU heatsinks. The case is so compact that I honestly didn't believe the NH-D15 would fit when I took this case out of the box, but it does. It also has ample room for storage drives as long as you're not trying to build a server or something. You can fit two 3.5" drives in the hidden drive cage and two 2.5" drives on a vertical mount in the rear without disturbing airflow or aesthetics at all. Plus, you have PCIe and NVME options on your MB. There are no issues in that regard, and I think a lot of these cases that come with 10 drive cages are rather silly for the average consumer. - As a quick aside, the drive cage sleds are very nice. They snap into place with a very satisfying click and the rubber dampers in them work quite well. My WD Gold HDD is silent in the hard drive sled. - This case is essentially flawless when it comes to cable management. They put a lot of thought into the placement of pass through slots. You will find that they are in all the right places and they've even angled the pass throughs for the 24 pin and SATA ports. This makes it significantly easier to install these cables. You will see what I mean when you build in it. This is the cleanest build I've ever done, and the design made it incredibly easy. There are no large cable runs in the "presentation side" of my case. They've placed pass throughs in such a way that virtually every cable comes out of a pass through and only needs to travel 1 or 2 inches to the connection point on the motherboard. There are multiple pass throughs for the front fan cables and they are placed behind the fans, so that you don't even see the cables leaving the fans. They go straight into the rear of the case and can then be passed back through to connect them the motherboard. There is a large channel in the back of the case with velcro straps (Very high quality velcro that wont degrade rapidly) where you route all of your power supply cables. It is very deep and allows everything to be routed in a simple, linear fashion. Cables then leave this channel and go through the appropriate pass through to the intended connection on the MB. There are no "rats nests" anywhere in this build, even in the rear of the case. It is so clean back there that I almost wish side panels were TG so I could show it off. - The dark tinted glass actually looks great in person. You can see the lights through it quite easily, and it makes the inside look cleaner in my opinion, since you mostly see lights "floating" in the case and you get glimpses of components. Honestly, the ugly brown Noctua colors actually look awesome through this tinted glass, lol. My NH-D15 is really cool looking in this case, but I know it would not be if the glass was clear. One major benefit to the tinted glass panel is when you're using your computer at night in a dark room. Nobody talks about this, but the tint ensures that your case isn't annoyingly bright in a dark room. It also looks a lot more glossy than the pictures on here. I love it.

Cons: - Honestly, for the build I intended to do, there is nothing negative about this case. I guess it may not be ideal for custom watercooling setups, simply because it is designed to be a compact high airflow case. If you use this case for its intended purpose, I believe you will be very happy. - Some people dislike the tinted glass, as it is rather dark. I think it looks incredibly classy. This isn't the typical "gamer" looking case from 10 years ago. The glass lets through light, so it has just enough show to keep you satisfied, but it doesn't look hideous and "over the top" if you put it in your living room.

Overall Review: If you want airflow, your choices are very limited these days. The competing cases in this price point all suffer from restrictive airflow, to the point that you will experience reduced performance. See the research Gamers Nexus has done on this topic if you're in any doubt. Most of the cases with solid front panels do not allow enough airflow and cause pointless thermal issues. There are only a handful of cases on the market right now that won't cause thermal issues, and the Meshify C happens to be one of them. How silly is it to buy a case that causes throttling on your GPU and makes your CPU run far hotter than it needs to? The Meshify C looks great and, more importantly, it wont hold your hardware back. The Silverstone RL-01 is also worth considering, but you can't fit an NH-D15 into that case. The Silverstone Primera SST can fit the NH-D15, but it is double the price of the Meshify C.

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Awesome mATX case!9/23/2014 5:17:25 AM

Pros: I just did an mATX build in this case with the following components: i5-4690k with H100i AIO cooler ASRock Z97M OC Formula G-Skill Sniper 8GB 1866MHz nVidia GTX 770 2GB (Transferred from an older build) Samsung 840 EVO 250GB Western Digital Black 1TB Corsair RM 750 power supply This case is awesome to build in. While it is certainly a tighter fit than a full or mid tower ATX, it is still not that bad to build in. Fractal did an EXCELLENT job maximizing the capabilities in a case of this size by making use of every space available. The front panel accepts two 2.5" drives, the floor of the motherboard compartment accepts two 2.5" or 3.5" drives, and there are two HD bays which hold 4 2.5" or 3.5" drives each. This gives the case a total storage potential of up to 12 hard drives simultaneously. Obviously, if you choose to do that, there are some sacrifices. If you wish, you can remove both hard drive cages and place one on the floor on the power supply compartment. This frees up the top of the case to allow the installation of a radiator on the top in BOTH chambers of the case, plus a radiator in the front of the motherboard chamber. That means you can potentially fit up to THREE 240mm radiators in this case and still retain one of the hard drive cages if you are careful about cable and tube routing. Even if you remove both drive cages, you still have the potential to mount four drives, two of which can be 3.5". This case also presents an excellent view through the side window. I mounted a Silverstone 12" LED strip on the top of the case on the motherboard tray side. It is behind the H100i radiator and fans and it fits PERFECTLY. It is exactly the right length to fit in this case, so I highly recommend 1 or 2. The look is nothing short of stunning. Also, the onboard fan controller is functional and nice. I like being able to control fan speeds and I have 4 case fans hooked up to it (I bought an extra 140mm fan and put it in the rear of the case on the PSU side, which accepts a 140mm fan, then I moved the 120mm that was there to the front on the motherboard side. Giving two 120mm intakes and one 120mm exhaust on the MB side, plus one 140mm exhaust on the PSU side. Plus, the two radiator fans are set up as intakes on the MB side and are hooked up to the motherboard and controlled with Corsair Link. This case supports extremely high airflow levels. With all of the fans turned up, it is quite audible. But with the fans on their lowest setting and the H100i in quiet mode, the case is extremely quiet and it stays VERY cool even in this setting. This case offers more water cooling support out of the box than something like the Fractal Define R4. The R4 is intended to be used with an air cooling setup due to its massive width for a mid tower. The Node 804, on the other hand, is obviously intended to use extreme amounts of water cooling for such a small case. I'd love to do a custom loop in this case with three 240mm radiators in t

Cons: There are very few cons to this case that aren't shared by other mATX cases. Those cons include things like a more cramped build which is less forgiving. If you make a mistake, you may have to go back and take a lot of stuff out to fix it. An example is that if there is a problem with the installation of your aftermarket CPU cooler and you don't realize it until the rig is up and running, you will be uninstalling the hard drives in order to reach it. That's because in order to access the rear of the motherboard, you have to remove the hard drive cages. For the same reason, the sequence of your build needs to be thought out more carefully in order to avoid annoyances. One other small con is that the design of the case creates a rat's nest right behind the front panel in the PSU compartment of the case. This can be unsightly because it is visible from the window if you look for it. Using a modular power supply with all black cables and careful cable management can avoid this to some extent, so those components are highly recommended (The RM 750 provided me with the black cables and modular setup). If you are willing to make the investment, short cables will also help, although some cables may still have to be the long variety due to how they need to be routed. The case also isn't as quiet as the super quiet cases like the Fractal Define R4. This should be apparent to anyone buying this case, but it is a con I guess. Fractal does take several key measures to ensure that it is not too loud and it's certainly not really loud. My point is just that it's no Fractal Define R4. I do really appreciate the included fan controller. By having a lot of fans and just turning down the fan speed, you end up getting plenty of cooling and not making much noise. I keep all fans on the lowest setting and the H100i in quiet mode unless I'm benchmarking or playing CPU/GPU intensive games. You might benefit from a rear exhausting graphics card design like the new GTX 980 with the reference cooler. That card is amazing btw, since they lowered the TDP you can get really great performance with the stock cooler and that is good news for mini ITX and micro ATX builders. One last con that you might not think of immediately is the fact that it is a big, shiny, new flat topped item. This means that it is a cat magnet. If you own cats, they will try to sit on this computer. Since I have my radiatior top mounted, this is a potential problem.

Overall Review: This case will not disappoint if you buy it understanding the limitations and advantages of the design. Make sure you consult the manual, since various online reviewers failed to do so. Unfortunately, JayzTwoCents failed miserably on his review of this case. He failed to notice that you can re-mount one of the drive cages on the floor of the case on the PSU side, meaning that you can mount a radiator on the PSU side without losing both drive cages. This case is VERY well designed and the folks at Fractal clearly thought things through when they made it.

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Quality case, lacks some new feautres5/31/2014 11:00:55 PM

Pros: This case works as advertised and is well constructed. The design is proven and you will get good cooling performance right out of the box. The air cooling potential out of the box, combined with a good discount, is what convinced me to go with this case. The case looks good, is fairly compact, and keeps my parts cool.

Cons: First, cable management is not as good as you might find on some modern cases, however, it is not bad either. You will benefit from a modular power supply, but it is not required. Second, try to select a motherboard which does NOT have a right angle USB 3.0 port. If you have a right angle USB 3.0 port, as I do with my MSi Z87-G45, you will have to remove the internal fan bracket from the central hard drive tray. You will also have to move the HD trays out slighlty to allow the USB 3.0 port to be used. This is not ideal, so avoid it if you can. Third, the 120mm fans that come with the case are mediocre. One started making noise within about a month and I simply replaced them with more cheap fans. Now I have enough spares to last for a while. I suggest buying some additional fans with the case. Finally, the case does not have dust filtration capabilities unless you go to the aftermarket. So, be prepared to do occasional cleaning. Perhaps 4 times a year you will want to clean it, depending upon its environment.

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