Doesn't transfer at SATA III/6.0 speed!5/27/2013 9:05:21 PM

Pros: Nice case, although pretty plasticy. Drive installation was easy. VIA VL700 bridge controller supports 3TB drives properly.

Cons: This enclosure uses the VIA VL700 SATA to USB 3.0 bridge chip, which means it only works up to SATA II speeds. In fact, this is mentioned on the product packaging, which is visible in the product description. Shame on me for not zooming in and double-checking! I don't know why Newegg is so inaccurate with their product descriptions! Just read the package! I'll keep the enclosure anyway, since the Seagate 3TB drive I'm using in the enclosure isn't fast enough to get up to SATA III speeds even though it's a SATA III drive.

Overall Review: The maximum USB 3.0 transfer speed of this enclosure is about 189 MBytes/sec read/write. This is slower than a proper SATA III to USB 3.0 bridge chip like the ASMedia ASM1051E, which is TRUE SATA III/6.0 (it will do about 260 MBytes/sec). The test was performed with a 256GB Samsung 830 series SSD and a late model MacBook air with USB 3.0 running Blackmagic Disk Speed Test.

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Works on Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.83/24/2013 8:56:12 PM

Pros: Uses the Realtek 8192 chipset. Works fine on an Intel Mac Mini running Mac OS X 10.7 using the Realtek drivers, which are available from their website ( They also have a driver for Mac OS X 10.8. I get a 300 Mbps downstream connection with my 300 Mbps router, at least that's what's reported by the Realtek Wireless Network Utility. Unlike some other Realtek-based USB WiFi adapters, this one doesn't require you to edit the driver kext so it can recognize the device's vendor ID. The drivers from Realtek's site work unmodified, which is great!

Cons: The Realtek Utility says the upstream speed is 150 Mbps. Download, however, is 300 Mbps. I don't know if this is right.

Overall Review: I didn't bother with the drivers that came with the Pivos, I just threw away the included CD as soon as I opened the package. I always use the official Realtek drivers.

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Uses ASMedia ASM1051E chipset1/11/2013 8:49:27 PM

Pros: This enclosure (like many other USB 3.0 enclosures) uses the ASMedia ASM1051E SATA III to USB 3.0 bridge. The data transfer speeds I get with a 2012 MacBook Air with USB 3.0 and a Samsung 830 series 256GB SSD are as follows: Write: 233 MB/sec Read: 264 MB/sec This is with Blackmagic Disk Speed Test.

Cons: The case is cheap plastic. The fake carbon fiber look doesn't really do anything for me.

Overall Review: It's all plastic, so it's light. No tools are required to swap drives, but the cover could come off by accident (it works like a battery cover on a phone).

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Does NOT support SATA III/6.0, 3TB drives11/1/2012 5:01:18 PM

Pros: The case is fairly typical. It's a square aluminum extrusion with a plastic frame that slides in and out. It secures with two screws.

Cons: The description says that the enclosure supports SATA III/6.0, but it does not. It uses the ASMedia ASM1051 bridge chip, not the ASM1051E which properly supports SATA III. The enclosure also does not support 3 TB hard drives.

Overall Review: It's probably okay for 2TB and under drives that aren't SATA III, although I haven't tested it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, This is a USB 3.0 enclosure. However, when testing the data transfering speed on the enclosure you might notice that there are some other factors that affect the speed and performance. Regarding the 3TB drive--have you test the 3TB with 2 partition? Our technical support team is available to help 9am-5pm M-F. Feel free to contact us during those business hours at SYBA offers an on-line RMA form, the user can easily fill out the form and submit it for a quick RMA return and exchange. It is SYBA's policy to answer all customer inquiries within 24 hours (M-F) Thank you for purchasing one of our products, and for leaving us your valuable feedback. We value all positive and negative feedback. Regards, SYBA CST 11262012
Drive inside is a ST3000DM0019/20/2012 5:24:27 AM

Pros: The drive inside the enclosure is a Seagate ST3000DM001. The bare drive is actually more expensive when purchased by itself! USB 3.0 speed tested on a MacBook Air is about 165 MB/sec read/write using Blackmagic Disk Speed Test.

Cons: None that were obvious. It's a fairly typical external hard drive.

Overall Review: I believe the SATA to USB 3.0 bridge is an ASMedia ASM1053. I didn't actually see the chip itself, but "ASM1053" is printed on the PCB (I didn't want to take it apart). If this is the case, it means that even though the drive is SATA III, the enclosure's SATA to USB bridge chip only operates at SATA II speeds. This is probably okay considering the drive itself isn't that much faster. I did connect the ST3000DM001 to another, proper SATA III to USB 3.0 bride (the ASM1053E), and it was a little faster, about 180 MB/sec read/write as opposed to ~165 MB/sec. This was using Blackmagic Disk Speed Test.

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Uses ASMedia Chipset8/13/2012 1:22:28 AM

Pros: As reported by my MacBook Air (Mid-2012), this enclosure uses an ASMedia chipset. I don't know exactly which model chip as I don't know how to disassemble this thing without breaking it, but it's probably the ASM1051E. It does, however, seem to work just fine on the MacBook Air with USB 3.0. System Profiler reports the connection as "Up to 5 Gb/sec." I plugged a couple hard drives in and it seems to transfer at full speed. I was able to carefully snake a custom SATA cable inside to connect a 3.5" 1TB WD Black drive and Blackmagic Disk Speed Test reported the same speed I get when the drive is connected directly over SATA to a desktop Mac (~100 MBytes/sec). I was unable to test with a fast SSD to verify full USB 3.0 speed. I didn't need external power with the drives I tested. System Profiler says the USB 3.0 port supplies 900mA of power. S.M.A.R.T. does not appear to be supported. The case has a blue LED on the back. The drive itself is held in with spring tension from the font.

Cons: As expected, the enclosure is cheaply made. It's aluminum with plastic sides, front and back as usual. The "USB 3.0" sticker on the back is actually covering a hole, which may have been intended as an alternate power jack location. There are no screws so it's probably impossible to take apart without breaking or re-gluing it (yes, it's mostly glued together). The blue USB 3.0 cable that comes with it is a flat cable, like an internal SATA cable. Although cheap, it seems to work okay.

Overall Review: It's a perfectly usable enclosure as far as I can tell. I needed something to connect to my MacBook Air that would give me fast external storage for video editing. I haven't tried any fast SSDs yet, but if they run at full speed then this is a pretty good deal.

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Works with Wii with only one USB!12/1/2011 10:02:33 PM

Pros: I was looking for a cheap 2.5 inch enclosure I could use with my Nintendo Wii. I put an 80GB SATA disk I had sitting around in this case and connected it to the Wii. Worked perfectly! Plus, it only needed one USB port to power up.

Cons: The only thing I didn't like was the foam inside to keep the drive from moving around. It wasn't quite long enough to make contact with the drive, so I cut it and double-stacked it. That worked.

Overall Review: This little case works great and it's cheap! I'm going to buy another one just to have on hand.

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Randomly Ignores Clicks!4/4/2011 4:36:46 PM

Pros: It tracks well. I like the ergonomics.

Cons: This is a real downer. I've had three of these, and they all suffer from the same problem. Sometimes you click, and it just doesn't register. I've tried this on Windows, Linux and Mac and the same thing occurs. It's definitely a problem with the design of the circuitry in the mouse. Also, the DPI button does absolutely nothing on the last two I bought.

Overall Review: It's really a shame this product is flawed because it's one of the nicest mice I've used. I like the feel and the sensitivity is just right. It's really too bad i-Rocks' QC is flaky. Their customer service has been surprisingly good (very pleasant and keep their promises), but the problem is really the products. They can offer to replace something all day long, but if they keep replacing it with defective gear, it doesn't solve anything!

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Works well!2/15/2011 7:15:01 PM

Pros: Seems to work as well as an authentic Nintendo Wii remote. I took it apart, and it contains the same components as the Nintendo remote (accelerometer, Bluetooth chip) except for the camera. It doesn't look like a PixArt camera, but a tiny off-the-shelf camera mounted to a separate PCB that apparently contains the logic. In any case, it seems to work just as well.

Cons: Plastic body is cheap, but if you use the Nintendo Wii remote jacket you can't tell. The official Nintendo jacket fits this controller perfectly. The Z button on the nunchuk is a little loose, but still works.

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Works with Mac OS X 10.6 after editing Ralink kext1/18/2011 6:30:06 PM

Pros: This adapter is based on the Ralink 3070 chipset, which will work under Mac OS X 10.6 if you use the official Ralink drivers (available from their website). However, you must edit Info.plist in the Ralink kext by adding to it both the device ID and vendor ID listed in the Apple System Profiler for the Keebox. Once you do that, Mac OS X will recognize the adapter and you can use the Ralink Utility to connect to a wireless network. I am using it on an Intel Mac Mini and it works great.

Cons: It doesn't work with Mac OS X out of the box. You must edit the kext as mentioned earlier. Anyone who's done this knows what I'm talking about and it's fairly easy to do. You're just editing a text file. Another thing is you won't see the antenna strength in the menu like you do with the normal AirPort connection nor will you be able to choose a network by clicking it. As far as I can tell, you need to use the Ralink utility (included with the driver DMG) to choose a network and enter the authentication info, etc.

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Does not use scissor-type keys11/3/2010 9:56:43 PM

Pros: This is a perfectly functional keyboard that does the job. It's inexpensive, and I like the utilitarian look-and-feel.

Cons: I am writing this review primarily to inform potential buyers that this keyboard does NOT use the scissor-style switches like the Apple keyboards. It LOOKS like an Apple keyboard, but doesn't feel like one due to the fact that it does not use scissor keys. I have a Rosewill keyboard with scissor keys, and it feels much more like an Apple keyboard.

Overall Review: I bought two of them, a white and a black one. They both have a weird curvature to them (curved upwards, like and arch), so they don't sit perfectly flat on the desk. It's hardly noticeable, though. it's almost not worth mentioning. I mean, they're cheap keyboards. I'm not expecting perfection.

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Works great, no software install needed!8/3/2010 5:02:21 PM

Pros: I just hooked this up to my network, and it works exactly how you'd expect. I didn't have to install any software, as it can be configured over IP (the default IP is The product I received has DHCP support, so all I had to do was look at my router's DHCP table to determine its IP address. I didn't even have to read the manual! I plugged it into the same switch that is connected to my WiFi router, so I can print wirelessly. The printer I am using is a Brother HL-2140.

Cons: The web interface is a little ugly, but it doesn't really matter. It does the job.

Overall Review: I tested all of this on an Apple Macbook, but since printing is IP-based, it should work with any computer.

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Works on 13" Unibody MacBook1/9/2010 3:57:16 AM

Pros: As of 1/9/2010 I can confirm that these modules work in the 2.4 GHz 13" Unibody MacBook (MacBook5,1). I normally run many programs simultaneously and the extra 2 GB of RAM (4 GB total) really help cut down VM/swap use and the resulting slowdown. I like the frou-frou shiny packaging, too.

Cons: None

Overall Review: It was easier to install RAM in the previous generation white plastic MacBook. However, it's a billion times easier to swap the hard drive in this one. I think that's actually better, since you probably won't need to mess with the memory again once it's maxed out.

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OEM earbuds suck. "New Fit" ones are awesome.1/9/2010 3:42:07 AM

Pros: The people who are giving this headset bad reviews are probably attempting to use this thing with the OEM earbuds. First of all, that's impossible. They suck. I hated this thing when I first got it because it would not stay in my ear at all, and when it did, it hurt. I bought the New Fit earbuds from some dude on <insert popular, 4 letter auction site here> for $6 (shipping was free), and that solved the problem. Now it fits great! I was at first using the small size OEM earbud (unsuccessfully), but now use the large size New Fit earbud. As far as sound quality goes, I mean, it works. People can hear me. I can hear them. It pairs with the iPhone perfectly. Also, the charging cable is cool. It uses a magnetic-style connector like the MacBook's MagSafe power connector. The charger itself is a wall wart with a USB connector, like the iPhone's charger. In fact (like the iPhone charger), it will charge anything that requires +5v DC -- iPhone included.

Cons: OEM earbuds. Heh. Gimme a break. Obviously these were not tested thoroughly at all, since none of the sizes fit me (And I was fortunate enough to receive S, M and L earbuds with this OEM model). They simply don't work. Throw them away, or better yet burn them as soon as possible.

Overall Review: Works fine if you have the New Fit earbuds. If you buy the OEM model, plan on getting them elsewhere. You won't be happy otherwise. Oh and to the dude that mentioned the earloop socket being backwards -- it internally rotates, so if it's backwards, all you have to do is rotate it to the correct position. I usually rotate it backwards before putting it in my pocket -- it's more compact that way.

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Stock drive on Jan '08 Mac Pro2/23/2008 5:11:37 AM

Pros: This is the stock hard drive on the new January 2008 Mac Pros with the 1600 MHz FSB. Seagate's site claims that the drive will do 78 MB/sec sustained, and they don't lie. Kona System Test reports the drive speed at about 77.2 MB/sec for writes. Reads are a few MB slower. I should note that the drive is connected to the motherboard's ODD_SATA port, which is hidden behind the plastic fan housing. Not sure if it would give the same numbers if connected to the regular iPass harness, but I don't see why it wouldn't.

Cons: None so far. I don't know much about the reliability of FDB motors, but I assume it's better than ball bearing motors.

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