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ABS Canyon 695 - The Beast

ABS Canyon 695 4 x140mm Fan Multiple Heat Zones Aluminum Super Full Tower Computer Case
ABS Canyon 695 4 x140mm Fan Multiple Heat Zones Aluminum Super Full Tower Computer Case

Pros: I searched for a quite a while, looking for a case with some decent size to it. Even a lot of the cases today that claim they are "full towers" are really not, by my definition of the term. Now this sucker... THIS is a tall, fat tower. It fits under my desk with about 2 inches to spare. * Materials (Brushed Aluminum) * Space * Heat Zones * Motherboard Tray (removable) * Fans & Air Flow * Accessories such as cables, screws, etc. * Hot Swappable SATA backplane * Very easy to open side panels * Sound insulation on side panels

Cons: * 140mm fans are not really the "standard" like 120mm fans. This is only a problem if you're going to use those fans with some other accessories that actually require * Needed to ensure I got the right WD Raptor and Velociraptor drives so they would plug into the backplane. Luckily, I read some of that information here before I purchased back in Nov-Dec 2008. * No side-window * Need some better cable-management (if this is really a con). It's just that the case is very tall, so longer cables are typically required in this case and it also needs to place to put them as they are run.

Overall Review: I can say that this is the best case I've puchased, and I did manage to get it for $100 off. :) When I was looking for a case for my new Core i7 build, I read and saw some crazy reviews of this case. I was considering the Antec 1200, but this case trumped it in overall build quality (solid) and roominess. I am looking at the Corsair H50 water-cooling system, but have run across a small issue where the radiator is set-up to use 120mm fans versus the 140mm which I have. I have purchased an adapter from 140mm -> 120mm, but am a little worried about how it will impact the overall case performance. We'll see how it goes.