Cannot be beat for the price!12/1/2015 1:06:28 AM

Pros: Looks incredible. The front grill with red lighting is a very nice touch without being too much. It has all the features you would expect like bottom mounted PSU, cable management routing, lots of extra zip ties and screws, mounts for SSDs and HDDs, USB3.0 front ports as well as audio (on the top I might add, much easier to access), and the case is painted inside and out with a nice black finish.

Cons: Like some others has said, I wish the cable management ports were lined with rubber teeth but at this price it's a very minor issue.

Overall Review: If you find this for sale at all and want something functional and that looks nice, this is it. This case cost me 30!! bucks after rebate. I feel like I committed a crime.

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Great value.2/13/2010 3:28:51 PM

Pros: Very well priced. Excellent fan. Quiet. Runs like butter.

Cons: Yes, it does only have 512mb of ram, but that matters the LEAST when it comes to graphics cards. Especally when you're running 4+ gb of DDR 3 ram in your rig. Trust me, 512 is enough at moderate resolutions and decent system ram.

Overall Review: Built a new computer from the ground up and slapped this baby in it. It installed without a hitch and runs my games at full settings without any problems. WoW gets 70-300 fps on Ultra.

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