Wonderful5/5/2009 5:47:41 PM

Pros: Worked perfectly in my late 2007 20" iMac. Installation was a breeze. There's only one screw and after that the task is a simple pull and push procedure. My mac recognized all four gigs on the first boot. Shipping was incredibly fast, and now my Mac is as well.

Cons: Didn't come with a free toy?

Overall Review: I cannot recommend this ram upgrade enough. I can finally use all of my audio software at once! This really is a do-it-yourself install. Imagine that you're holding a fragile NES cartridge and you should get the idea. In other words, take your time to be gentle and follow the instructions and even then you're not looking at more than about five minutes to double if not quadruple your iMac's performance.

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Great Value5/1/2009 3:36:22 PM

Pros: After a year of wearing headphones I bought these to finally replace my iMac's built in audio. Joy! Yes, they're far better. And while the mac doesn't have the ability to fully support them, they've managed to tick off my neighbors sufficiently. My favorite part about this product: the subwoofer is bigger than my shitzu.

Cons: **Not the cleanest sound. I EQ everything. Of course, I always EQ everything, so this is probably nothing. I just wish I didn't have to.** **My neighbors hate me, and they have five kids in elementary school. In other words, they're already extremely loud. In fact, I sometimes suspect they've taken up jackhammering my ceiling as a family game. And yet, they're the ones complaining about my music. There can only be one explanation: having a subwoofer larger than an Asian guard dog is better than having five jackhammers!** --my landlord fails to see the charm in this fact, and as a result I have included this as a con, even though I maintain that if I owned the complex it would be a pro.

Overall Review: New egg shipped this extremely fast. Two days with eggsaver. Well done.

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