Worth it7/11/2011 4:51:34 PM

Pros: Easy setup. z68 mb from gigabyte picked it right up. just put drivers on a usb stick and ready for win7/win8 install. Speeds were fast except when copying a large amount of data, but was still fast. Price per gig per read/write speeds, it matches/passes some of the best of sata III SSD's, plus no wires needed like sata. came with stickers so that is always a bonus of some kind.

Cons: First one died within a few days. Half the raid disappeared. Sent in for RMA and was back up and running within no time. -1 egg for that. Convertx2DVD projects did not decrease in time anywhere near as expected compared to an sata II drive with a 16mb cache. Not pci-e 2.0 or 3.0 and only x4. I know 2.0 or 3.0 do not exist for these yet, but come on... only 1.0 still to this date?

Overall Review: I am writing this review for a friend who bought this item from newegg.

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timings kick buuuut3/1/2010 4:58:46 PM

Pros: G.skill. Need i say more? Runs as prescribed. 1.5v and 7-7-7-8 at drr3-1333 With a bit of bump in voltage and laxing the timing to 8-8-8-20 am running ddr3-1526

Cons: Needs to go higher speed at more lax timings. It was the limiting factor in a killer overclock cheap 'oem' looking packaging. and no stickers. My g.skill ddr2-800 heatsinks had better color blue and machined mirror design. This blue is... shall we say.. girly boy blue?

Overall Review: if you plant to oc your x58 to the highest bclock, get faster ram, like ddr3-2000, just so you have more headroom in your oc options. Should have bought this when it was far cheaper, and should have purchased another 6GB

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bang for buck3/1/2010 4:54:09 PM

Pros: It's a 1366 and not 1156 skt. It's intel. It has hyper-threading. Easy overclock to 4.56 GHz. Runs cool for being the power hungry pig it is. Convertx conversion take as quick as 2 minutes (1.5 hrs of video), and as long as 20 minutes(for 5 hours of video)

Cons: None

Overall Review: buy it now while you can.

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bummer2/9/2010 12:54:38 PM

Pros: It arrived.....

Cons: Back plate is very marginally warped. Plastic retention frame is 100% warped. Screws do not go in straight, and want to move around as you screw them down, nearly striping the threads of the bolts and back plate. Screwheads are to small making the correct screw driver a chore to find and use and screwheads strip easily. Expect one or two installations with this bracket/screws. Fins of the heatsink cover two of the screw holes. This is a huge pain in the rump. I had to fight my motherboard heatsinks to mount this cooler to the bracket, unlike the skt775 setup. That was simple. Attach heatsink to bracket, then shove all that onto the mb and done. No so in the case of 1366 and this adapter. Sunbeam/Tuniq need to spend more time developing these things. Also, no 1156 adapter. Price.. this+shipping+heatsink+shipping made a low budget cooling solution far more expensive than it should be. Should be included in the main heatsink package.

Overall Review: xian says: "Instructions should detail which orientation the clip should be installed (it may be obvious to some, but the clip should be oriented so that the fan on the heatsink is blowing towards the rear of the case. This makes a difference of about 5c in load temps on an i7 920 @ 4.0)" That is not always true. Depending on the direction of the CPU socket, most i7 1366 boards are set up so the heatsink pipes need to be parallel to the PCI-E slots, or blowing up or down. Look at a diagram of the inside of a 1366 chip. Turn your HSF 90degrees the wrong way, and you end up with one heatpipe over the cores and one over the cache, is not effective. Get all heatpipes to go over the all the cores, then you will have proper cooling. Newegg needs to more firefox friendly. I had to use the evil IE just to give this a rating.

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1st of 3 dead. 2nd cant make up mind. Mine next?3/1/2009 12:20:04 AM

Pros: Delivers slightly more power the target voltages.. when they still work. Very quiet. Great for low end to lower-en mid-range pc's. When the PSU lasts

Cons: I bought this one (first of three - two with my own account, and one for a friend via my suggestion) for my friend for his birthday/xmas present. Item was installed in the first week of January 2009. Three days ago, the pc began to freeze and/ or shut off during gaming. Two days ago, the DVD burner began to flake out. Bad burns, delayed spin up times. Today, PC freeze/shut down while watching movies. Using Everest Ultimate to monitor the system, the 3.3v rail was pushing only 3.04v on a fresh boot. Setup Everest to generate a log file to monitor all available voltages and the motherboard temps at 1 second intervals. All voltages were slightly lower (.01~.05) with the 3.3v remaining far lower. Repeated test of video play back until crash/freeze, resulting in the 3.3v declining rapidly the longer the system was running. 30 minutes idle before system failure, with the 3.3v dropping to the lowest point for all crashes, 2.84v . DVD, RAM, and AGP all draw from the 3.3v line.

Overall Review: "Nice present &!#%. You know how to pick a winner. " "They have made great server psu's for some time now." "" buy me a server then." - my not so happy friend. And I bought one for myself...... at $ 10 (put $ and 10 next to each other and you get "One or more words found in the text have been deemed improper and unsuitable for submission" LOL!) more than I paid for his. Just got mine. I hope it lasts a lot longer than two months. Can't afford $70 every two months. Can't say for the third I had a friend buy, but at the moment, his pc will turn on some days. Some days it won't. It is very random. If my PSU flakes out, I am left with no choice but to put Rosewilll on my "never again" list right above eVGA. The system for this PSU's review: AMD x2 3800+ -939 MSI Neo2 Platinum - AGP eVGA 7800gs CO - overclocked edition - AGP 2x Corsair XMS PC3200C2 @ 2.5-3-3-6 @ 2.75v Zalman 9500 AM2 1x80gb SATA I 1x180gb SATA II Xclio Case

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We apologize for the inconvenience, and will be more than happy to handle this for you. The quality issue is very important to us. Our Lab will like to have this unit. Please contact rma@rosewill.com for your replacement at our cost. If we can get this unit with the problem you mentioned, we will send you a gift a token of Rosewill's appreciation. We look forward to hear from you. Best Regards, Rosewill
CR-CCTF ForTheWin!!11/10/2008 1:28:31 PM

Pros: Extreme cooling at a very affordable price. Solid design. Not as flimsy as others have said. Fits in very nicely on DFI nf4 SLi-DR Expert motherboard in a Thermaltake Armour case. AMD FX-60. Tuniq TX-2 works the same as Arctic Silver Ceramique that has been cured over 200 hrs. See "Other comments" for more info about temps.

Cons: Needs a true skt-939 clip. ( I had to bend the clamps outward to mount). Had to remove my monster video card to mount. (a real pain considering how much of a pain it is to get the vid card in) Heatpipes not staggered to get better airflow over the pipes. More airflow over the bottom portion of heatpipes would help aid in cooling even more.

Overall Review: Intake ambient for all tests: 5C -Zalman ninetyfivehundred AM2 with AS-C: 10min uptime before beginning monitoring idle (10 min) core 1: min. 18c; max. 23c; avg. 19.7c core 2: min. 07c; max. 16c; avg. 09.7c Load (10 min) core 1: min. 20c; max. 45c; avg. 41.8c core 2: min. 09c; max. 45c; avg. 40.5c 5min cooldown core 1: 19c core 2: 09c Zalman with TX-2: Same as above ^^ CR-CCTF with TX-2: 10min uptime before beginning monitoring idle (10 min) core 1: min. 16c; max. 23c; avg. 17.8c core 2: min. 04c; max. 09c; avg. 06.9c Load (10 min) core 1: min. 18c; max. 35c; avg. 32.8c core 2: min. 05c; max. 33c; avg. 28.7c 5min cooldown core 1: 18c core 2: 05c

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EVGA failed on this one pt 23/6/2008 5:40:09 PM

Pros: In game is smooth as glass no matter what i throw at it.

Cons: Went from two XFX XXX extreme edition 7900gs (621MHz core) (2) 256mb sli system with 2gigs corsair xms cas 2 pc3200, amd fx-60, two raptor 74gb in raid 0. Scoring 8800pts in 3d mark 06. This evga card alone in same system scores 9800 in 3d mark 06. Doesn't bench much higher.

Overall Review: 3d mark 06 benchmarks are not the be-all-end-all. 512 8800gts is a monster.

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EVGA failed on this one3/6/2008 5:34:19 PM

Pros: It is nvidia. It has 128 shader streamers.

Cons: EVGA failed bad with this one. For being a company taunting over clocking abilities, they chose the worst ram for this card. MAX oc of the ram is 1075MHz. Far far far below all other competitors. BIOS did not match the physical BIOS numbers silk-screened on the back of the card. 2D/3D clocks are stuck at full 3D speeds, fan speed is stuck at 31% unless you use riva tuner or ntune. IF YOU DONT YOU WILL FRY THE VIDEO RAM VERY QUICKLY!

Overall Review: I should have stuck with XFX. bought 6 of their cards and all are flawless. This is my second evga card, and the second time I wasted $300 on an evga product. Never again. Pass on tis card if you are serious about over clocking.

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