It's pretty good.7/28/2021 5:37:04 AM

Pros: It's an alright value. It stays pretty cool with two fans in the front and one in the rear.

Cons: My only real issue is that this case doesn't support the taller CPU heatsinks. 155mm limits your choices.

Overall Review: It's a good case, but you may want check out some other Cougar models if you want larger CPU heatsinks.

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The real deal!7/28/2021 5:31:04 AM

Pros: - 4000Hz polling - Real mechanical goodness - It's heavy enough and doesn't move around. - I like this lighting a lot, but only use a solid color - The software is good - The volume wheel is great

Cons: - The EVGA silver logo bit looks a little dorky - Mechanical goodness is a little loud, but it seems to be getting quieter over time

Overall Review: This thing is fast, and I haven't been able to notice any extra processor use while cranking up the polling rate (I'm using a 5600x and B450 setup). One review site tested the latency and it's very low. I've tried some other gaming keyboards, but I like this one the best. This is faster than the membrane ones, and the higher polling is so sweet. The lighting is tasteful in my opinion. I was able to get this for $69.99 which is one hell of a deal. Both thumbs up!

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It works.7/28/2021 5:08:09 AM

Pros: The instructions were no help, but I got it alright. I used the blue strip on top of my 970 Pro SSD and the red strip under it. It's important to remove the plastic protective layers from those, first. Also, I put a little pressure on the heatsink while tightening down the screws. I think if I would do it again, I'd have used a couple of the little blue squares on the bottom, and that blue strip on the top. Temps were reaching 80C in HWInfo on drive temperature 2 with no heatsink and the label removed, now the highest I have seen is 66C. It depends on your airflow of course, but this little bugger works alright. It seems like my drive is operating a little faster, too....

Cons: Figuring out the installation is a little tricky, which is why only 4 eggs.

Overall Review: I definitely recommend this for all M.2 SSD's. It shipped out alright. Thumbs up.

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Edit3/5/2012 3:10:59 PM

Pros: I posted that review that mentioned RAM timings of CL 2, it turns out this was an error in CPU-Z the program I was looking at for timings. The actual timings I have are 7-7-7-20 at 4.1GHz CPU and 1.15Ghz memory. Don't know what I was thinking, but still this memory feels fast to me even with more reasonable numbers for latency.

Cons: none

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3/5/2012 5:28:42 AM

Pros: This board is excellent bang for the buck. It only handles a single x16 videocard but that's fine with me. Not too many additions that raise the price but all the performance. More USB ports than I know what to do with and the SATA III allows my Corsair Force GT SSD drive to hit about 480 MB/s. I wasn't able to drive get speeds near this using an adapter card on my older mobo. This board really unlocks the power of an SSD drive. Its very stable overclocking a Zambezi 3.6 quad core to over 4GHz. With the Corsair XMS 3 memory I have for it this board has a lot of headroom for overclocking and speed upgrades. I should be able to upgrade the processor for it a few times, I think. I plan to get an 8 core CPU for it once the speed for them ramps up enough.

Cons: I forgot to get a SATA DVD drive for this board, so I ended up getting a cheap external USB DVD drive at a local store to do the Windows install. Don't make the same mistake I did with that. lol > <

Overall Review: I wasn't a huge fan of Gigabyte before this board although I thought they were ok. This board makes me like them a bunch. Almost all the features of more expensive versions of the 900 chipset, reasonable price, top notch performance and good craftsmanship make for a great board.

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3/5/2012 5:17:07 AM

Pros: I have it doing over 4GHz stable with stock heatsink and no voltage increase. The heatsink it comes with is a little light but seems to perform alright even with overclocking. Runs my games and multitasking without getting bogged down, the smoothness is pretty nice.

Cons: Well it's not as good as the better Intel stuff in sheer numbers but it does fine in a moderate gaming system.

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Flippin' sweet7/23/2011 8:07:48 PM

Pros: This stuff works flawlessly for me at a great price. I was having some issues with older Corsair Value Select sticks in my rig (had them in there 3+ years), I'm pretty sure it was due to this recent heatwave and my fans and everything having some dust on them. These XMS sticks have heatspreaders which do make a difference, the Value Select didn't. Timings are way better now with these and this rig feels very fast again.

Cons: No gripes at all about this product. Good packaging, works as advertised.

Overall Review: Just popped them in, made sure I had them in the correct slots for dual channel activation, then proceeded to kill kill kill in my online gaming. It's nice to know that XMS quality is still amazing. I've tried other sticks of memory before but I keep coming back to Corsair XMS when I want no hassle excellence. Thank you Newegg and Corsair!

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Death Adder rocks12/20/2007 10:38:04 AM

Pros: This mouse is fast, accurate, and the perfect size for my big hands. It has reduced some wrist pain I was having using a smaller mouse. Did I mention it's fast and accurate?

Cons: I wasn't able to flash this mouse using Vista 64 and following the instructions on the Razer website. I spent an hour dorking with it and restarting over and over to no avail. I finally got mad and broke out my XP backup computer and it flashed on there the first time; now it works great on my Vista 64 box with latest drivers. The lights will not turn off with the latest firmware, and the snakes do a weird sort of slow flashing on and off constantly. You can see vids of it on YouTube and such.

Overall Review: This mouse is great and I love the IR instead of an LED light. But what the heck is the deal with them not having good support for Vista people and why did they disable the ability to turn off the lights in the latest firmware??

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10/30/2007 4:59:24 AM

Pros: Being factory overclock is nice, you can just plug it in and go at better than the usual 8600GT speeds. I just downloaded the latest drivers from the Nvidia site and started gaming. I haven't had any issues or artifacting with it at all, and it doesn't seem to get too hot. I think it idles about 42C in my case and goes into the 50's C during gaming (motherboard temp about 35C). I haven't had any troubles with it at all.

Cons: None that I can think of. Maybe the cooler could be better, but this card seems cold compared to how hot the high end vidcards run (like 85c for the 8800GTX). This cooler does it's job but I would rather have things running in the 40's C or lower all the time.

Overall Review: I replaced an 8500 GT with this card and there was a big difference in framerate in Two Worlds for me. It went from sort of laggy with the 8500GT to smooth with this one. Not as good as the 8800's, but it is a very solid video card for gaming at moderate levels.

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10/30/2007 4:44:41 AM

Pros: I was able to slap this memory in my motherboard and go, no hassles at stock settings. I liked it so much I even bought two more sticks to increase my total to 4GB. No problems or errors reported in Memtest x86.

Cons: I did try some light overclocking, and this memory stopped working pretty quick. Works fine at stock settings, but is not overclocker friendly.

Overall Review: Since this isn't advertised as anything special, it's not a huge deal that I wasn't able to boost FSB speeds much with it. It works great for stock systems and the price is sweet.

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6000+9/8/2007 8:47:29 AM

Pros: I purchased this as an upgrade in an already built machine. The higher clock speed and larger cache mean that this CPU is a big step up from the 4200+ I was using. Installation into my Abit Nvidia chipset AM2 Motherboard was no-hassle I just had to enter the BIOS once to confirm. Vista had me restart once to update the driver, and that was all. The included fan/heatsink seems very high quality with heatpipes. Great bang for the buck.

Cons: The only con I can think of is that maybe the included fan/heatsink unit could be a little better. While it keeps this CPU plenty cool in my hot case (in a hot room), I just expected a bit lower temps after seeing the neat heatpipes.

Overall Review: Overall I'm in love. The processor is great and the fan/heatsink unit does its job and doesn't seem to be loud at all.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Two Worlds - PC9/8/2007 8:41:21 AM

Pros: A very pretty game on my 8500GT vidcard/Windows Vista/AMD 6000+ system. Some of the effects are really good looking. The art design for weapons and armor is top notch. The combat is fairly automatic which means not having to work too hard to have fun. A lot of quests and places to roam around as well as freedom to do what I want in game. The game utilizes different types of physical damage (piercing, blunt, etc.) along with magical, which I love.

Cons: The controls are not exactly what I would prefer. I would rather have the mouse controlled camera be seperate from character movement, but I can adjust to it. Having enemies auto selected is a bit annoying when it switches from a lower health enemy to a higher health one. I had some trouble setting up the quick bar; I would have preferred drag and drop to it. The cast spells do not follow terrain so I often end up shooting the ground with a spell when trying to hit an enemy on a hill.

Overall Review: Overall it's a very good RPG game. I am happy with it, and somewhat addicted.

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Not bad12/8/2006 1:28:07 PM

Pros: The price can't be beat. Good packaging, no dead pixels, and a very bright picture with vibrant color. This monitor comes with both a VGA cable and a DVI cable.

Cons: The only problem I have with this monitor is that there aren't many supported resolutions and refresh rates. I would have preferred 1280 x 1024 (or something in the 1200 range since it is a widescreen), but if you like 1024 x 768 this monitor is a great choice.

Overall Review: It's a great basic monitor and an ok replacement for a CRT. Using <50 watts of power with this monitor compared to my 19" CRT using >240 watts will save on my electric bill for sure.

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Not too bad4/11/2006 9:52:56 PM

Pros: Fast drive, and no installation hassles once I found the SATA driver floppy for my motherboard and hooked up a floppy drive. The bearings work great at keeping the spinning quiet.

Cons: The drive is mostly quiet, but it chirps during certain activities under heavy use. I figure most do not chirp like this one, and it's not bad enough for me to RMA. No constant whining like my last drive, so I am happy.

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