Great Card!!!12/6/2011 3:05:00 PM

Pros: Everything was in the box that was mentioned in the product features and specs. Also came with the free Batman: Arkham City downloadable code from Nvidia! But I already have the game on steam so probably going to sell it or give it away to one of my friends! This card in one word is... AMAZING. Handles BF3, Batman: AC, Deus Ex: HR and Missing link all on the highest settings... I never seen the games running so smoothly on my computer! lol

Cons: Size is a bit large.... 9 inches... however since I have experience dealing with large video cards in my mid-size tower it wasn't so bad installing it.

Overall Review: I really need to upgrade my CPU and that should make my system run even faster with the GTX 560 TI.... especially since its the 2GB version! xD

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VERY NICE!9/13/2009 10:55:20 PM

Pros: This motherboard is very good with lots of extra features built into it for a very generous price! It can overclock your CPU within seconds and the same with ram! I love this motherboard!!!

Cons: I was thinking about giving it 3 eggs since i had to RMA because the board was DOA and it got fried when i tried to turn it on. But I know it's not neweggs fault just that it happens! The RMA process was very easy and fast so I didn't mind it!

Overall Review: My build: Antec 300 case (because of short budget) Intel Wolfdale E8400 3.0 GHz Dual Core 2 Duo PNY Nvidia GeForce9800 GTX+ 512 MB G.Skillz 4 GB 1600 O.C. Ram Rosewill 600 Watt PSU WD 640 GB GreenHD Cheap Sony optidrive dvd-rw

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PS3 COMPATIBLE!8/2/2008 10:16:56 PM

Pros: This is an amazing HDD because I bought a seagate one and it didn't work at all and I thought there was something wrong with my ps3 but when I got this HDD it worked like a charm! and it costed like 30 dollars less than I paid for with the seagate!

Cons: NONE

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