Works, but sometimes have to wiggle or unplug/replug1/15/2019 7:47:11 AM

Pros: Small and can fit behind my pc easily Cheap compared to other converters

Cons: Only works sometimes

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Great quality for the price11/1/2018 3:23:53 PM

Pros: -the metal case and glass side are high quality -Plenty of room for a mid-tower -cable "hiding" area -Programmable rgb strip on front -Built in "risers" for motherboard

Cons: -Graphics card IO slots need to be snapped off to fit GPU - Front fans are hard to install

Overall Review: Would highly recommend for a budget PC build

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11/1/2018 3:19:15 PM

Pros: -Works without issue

Cons: -Adhesive is pretty cheap and will not support the weight of the strip. -The connector doesn't stay on very well -not much slack cord to help position the LED strip

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Great!11/1/2018 3:13:26 PM

Pros: -Fast, my windows home screen from boot takes 12 seconds. -Easy to install windows on.

Cons: Didn't come with screw to hold it down on motherboard

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Works great11/1/2018 3:09:05 PM

Pros: Easy to install, works great!

Cons: Wish the cables were a bit longer

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Amazing performance for the cost11/1/2018 3:07:53 PM

Pros: - So far, flawless 144hz refresh rate (no flickering) -Built in speakers in the back (though, not the highest quality, still nice to have) -The stand that it comes with is pretty high quality and allows for tilting and swiveling) -Pretty decent picture, though I had to adjust some color settings -Very bright

Cons: -Not super high end color depth -not the sharpest picture, but good enough!

Overall Review: Switching from 60hz to 144hz was a game changer for me. Smooth as butter and has helped my aim/reaction times significantly.

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