Board failed after 4 weeks (fixed)9/28/2020 9:01:01 PM

Pros: Great VRM, solid build.

Cons: Stopped working after a month.

Overall Review: Ok, so like many of these boards it failed after just a few weeks. I had put the pc into hibernation and it died. It was on f4 bios. If this happens to you, remove the CMOS battery (clearing CMOS won’t work) and reinstall it. The computer will start right up. Flash the bios to f10 and do not use hibernation. We don’t know what is causing the issue, but it is present on a couple other Gigabyte models. I would still recommend this motherboard.

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Excellent Condition, needs new battery.10/3/2013 5:38:36 AM

Pros: The E6410 has many features I needed for work on the road, TPM 1.2, Smart Card reader, Mobile Cell card, i5 processor. Mine shipped with Windows Home Premium 64 bit and 4 GB RAM, as well as a 250 GB Hard Drive (though your experience may differ, see other thoughts below). There are plenty of other reviews of this unit elsewhere, but this refurbished unit from Newegg is in excellent condition and works like new! I paid for overnight shipping on Monday afternoon, received it Wednesday afternoon,and as always, Newegg, you rock!

Cons: The battery needs to be replaced out of the box. This is very common with refurbished laptops, Newegg sells both 9 cell and 6 cell batteries, I recommend buying one when you order this unit. Internet Explorer did not work and I found an add on installed that prevented IE 10 from working. If you find this is the case, do the following: go to the START menu and clicking RUN. Type “iexplore -extoff” and then click OK. From there, disable the add ons that came with the laptop, and you are good to go.

Overall Review: The description of the computer on the webpage is a little light as these laptops can come configured in many different options. This is perhaps intentional as a refurbished unit, they may have listed the least common denominator amongst the series and you may get something configured slightly different than what I received. This is definitely a case of YMMV, but at least you know what one person received and I am very happy with the purchase!

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