excellent keyboard and it sounds amazing4/21/2021 10:10:47 AM

Pros: great lighting schemes durable responsive sounds perfect not overly sensitive

Cons: nothing that i can really think of

Overall Review: absolutely. the thing is exactly what i was hoping to get

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amazing4/8/2021 3:25:09 AM

Pros: prebuiltalready set up to gohas a 3070 graphics cardseemed like an appropriately priced product for getting a prebuilt

Cons: the fact that i didnt buy it sooner? :D :D :Dah, the wifi on it kind of sucks.. so im looking at running a hardline to the router to improve my internet connection -- not that i get bad connection via wifi.. just kind of slow download speeds thats the only complaint i have about it everything else is amazing

Overall Review: keep in mind i havent owned a computer in about 10 years..but i would recommend this computer to anyone looking to get something that is up to date and 'future proof'being as its my first computer in 10 years it meets my current needs for what i want to be able to do (actually exceeds them) the rgb is nice, it comes out of the box ready to go -- although you do need to contact newegg for the windows activation key; which was painless and simple, i had mine in a matter of minutes. its fun to use and im completely satisfied with my purchase.

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It's an alright desk..4/2/2021 7:46:18 PM

Pros: It's a desk and it's finally here so I can set up my computer finally

Cons: 1. Could have sworn the image showed a different color mouse pad than what I ended up getting2. The controller rack looks as though it has usb ports on the bottom of it so you can just plug your controller in there, well, you can't. It's just a piece of foam in the bottom of it. Even the pictures on the instructions show usb ports in the bottom of it.3. Instructions were a little confusing on like 2 of the steps but I got it figured out pretty quick.4. It's not carbon fiber, it's wood made to look like carbon fiber (which I'm okay with, but it was misleading in the title5. I'm really upset about the controller stand NOT having usb ports in the bottom of it like the images make it look like. I can't even find anything that I can buy to put into the bottom of the stand to make it have ports. I have no idea why they did this

Overall Review: If you need a desk it's not a bad buy for what it costs. But then again, you do get what you pay for

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