Mold rot lights.3/17/2021 8:07:26 PM

Pros: none

Cons: light ring doesnt work from corrosion on led strip, fan fails at rated speeds due to rust in the motor.

Overall Review: Don't buy from this person unless you want flood items.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We are sorry to hear about this, if there's anything we can do, we can be reached by email, From your review, maybe it's the motherboard not compatible? Please email and maybe we can help you from there. Once our department have received your email, they will reply with instructions as soon as possible. On your email, if available, please remember to attach a copy of your invoice/receipt where you purchased from. Thank you -Raidmax Support Team
Amazingly silent.3/4/2020 3:24:02 PM

Overall Review: First time buying arctic fans. Got them because of the PWM PST piggy back plug. Will only be buying arctic fans for the future.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Was sent chinese fans with wrong 4 pin molex and not a 3 pin fan header.3/4/2020 3:22:54 PM

Overall Review: Trash

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Good price for a solid case but ..... Shipping damage seems very common...1/22/2020 6:13:21 PM

Pros: Solid case. Looks great. TONS of room. ton's of options to customize.

Cons: HDD tray blocks the bottom fan mounts, not a huge issue, but keep in mind ifyou want hdd's and bottom fans.

Overall Review: Ordered one, got here pretty banged up ( front bezel was snapped off and the metal back panel was deformed badly and things clunking around inside...), the foam they use is extremely hard and has no play in it at all, doesnt offer much protection from shipping bangs. did the RMA, replacement got here a week later, with an open opan ( the tape had split ) . Amazingly the case was mint.

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Decent.4/1/2014 5:59:01 PM

Pros: Cheap. HDMI out. Dual link DVI. Sinngle card slot and has a fan.

Cons: -

Overall Review: Used it in a T410 server to have an hdmi out. Seems to be working great. Drivers provided installed fine with windows server 08.

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Great!3/4/2014 7:30:51 PM

Pros: Cheap! Works great. Easy to apply.

Cons: No con's.

Overall Review: Brought new life to my laptop. a 18 month old laptop with an I7 and a 650m was overheating on basic tasks and couldn't play newer games anymore due to reaching thermal max. Went from a blistering 75c idle, to a 35c idle. Even running the gpu and cpu both at max, Now it will only get to 72c where as before it was hitting 100c

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Slammin8/19/2012 8:33:48 AM

Pros: Not going to waste space. Everyone's 100% right about this laptop. It's a beast and is priced to sell.

Cons: AS FOR THE ONLY CONS. These are the few to me. #1: The touchpad for the mouse is HUGE and is very easily touched while typing, and the drivers for it suck. Not a huge deal though. #2: No 2nd HDD bracket. #3: After a few weeks of use. Right where the webcam is, the bezel/frame of the monitor, easily comes apart when just closing the laptop. Could have used better clips there, or an extra screw.

Overall Review: For the $830, + $85 for an ssd. This thing replaced my desktop. I do heavy video encoding for cinema(theater) servers and this laptop is literally 3 times faster than my desktop. Encoding job's that used to take 30 minutes take 10 now. Plus I can play games or chat while waiting for the files to be ready!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: less than 1 day
Too Cheap.10/7/2010 3:50:16 PM

Pros: Driver less, Low cost....

Cons: Doesn't work, On multiple systems shows picture for 2-5 seconds, then pauses, shows a single frame about 10 seconds later. After trying it on 3 different systems, now it only displays a white screen, no image, nothing.

Overall Review: Too cheap. Way too cheap.

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Good for the price9/24/2010 8:11:57 AM

Pros: Good cheap case with a decent power supply for entry systems.

Cons: Power supply was very badly installed, and the bracket on mounting plate was very bent. Along with one of the screw hole's being completely stripped out on the power supply itself. So the power supply is just a bit loose.

Overall Review: Power supply works, but there is no 6pin connector for extra videocard, case airflow isn't too great even with an extra front fan. Still overall its a good case for the price! Because of the damage to the case i can only give it two stars, otherwise it would be a solid four. Keep in mind I didn't RMA or not use it!

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Works!9/24/2010 8:06:39 AM

Pros: Has SPD tables for 400-740mhz : Works at rated SPD's fine, this motherboard likes to run them at 1.59volts instead of the 1.50 rated, but they also run at tighter timings than the spd's.

Cons: Lots of people complain about them... But I've had great results with them.

Overall Review: Strange SPD tables. Auto setting's do not set the same timings as the SPD, but worked fine, and used tighter timing's than rated. Mobo overvolts them a bit. And they run fine at manual settings 9-9-9-24 upto ~720mhz 1.590volts. Have SPD entries for cas5-10 and incremental speeds from 400mhz to 740mhz speeds between.

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Stable when timed right.8/7/2010 8:37:38 PM

Pros: Functions, doesn't overheat, has cas5 for 400mhz mode.

Cons: Strange SPD tables, and doesnt like to OC without lots of tweaking.

Overall Review: Great memory, I'm not sure why others complain so much, it works at rated speeds with rated timings. If you wanted more than 1333-cas9, Get it. Doesn't OC very easily, low voltage, has extremely tight cas5 timing for lowest speed mode. During testing of ram and cpu OC'ing I found the stepping between the SPD table entries(and what most all mobo's use to set the timing) is offset a bit from what the motherboards like to use. Looser timing as always made the memory more stable, but functionally slower than the tighter rated timings/speeds.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for choosing GeIL. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. For this spec. 1333 C9, it really doesn't OC much, since it's standard value product, if you are looking for OC, we would suggest you to get 1333 C7 or above or our Ultra series which will give you better OC performance. If you ever come across any issues, please write to us at with your system configuration (mainboard make/model, BIOS version and CPU) and we will help you right away. Thank you for your time and effort. GeIL Tech Support Team
Best router ever.9/13/2008 4:20:19 PM

Pros: This is hands down the best series of router's I've ever owned or used period. I have multiple routers here at my house, ALL of them are a wrt54g(x). They are easy to install almost any custom firmware and or linux onto, even if you are using the default firmwares from linksys these are wonderful routers. I use one with linksys firmware connected to my cable modem, and another (or 3) as repeater's and wifi bridges, They are VERY user friendly, and VERY customizible.

Cons: What con's?

Overall Review: This is the best router series ever. Linksys (Cisco) actually loses money because of these routers! they are so easy to install custom firmwares on, and then do what $1000++ routers do! Beat that Belkin! If you're willing to take the risks(and handly with a soldering iron), there are even way's to add memory card slots and other hardware to these routers!

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Nice cam.1/8/2008 8:56:06 PM

Pros: Uses drivers fully supported and working on Vista and are continually updated. Crystal clear images and built in directional mic (doesn't pickup asmuch background noise, but you do have to speak facing the cam).

Cons: No auto focus, and "night vision" led's are useless, you will get more light off your moniter.

Overall Review: For the price, Love the cam, i use it every day, there are 3 dead pixels that i can see when i've got it set to the highest size, but they're unnoticable. the mic is nice as i don't have to worry about echo's even with the mic sitting ontop of the speaker.

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Rocking!4/25/2007 9:58:07 AM

Pros: Small, Simple, Does the job PERFECTLY. properly handles the temp/smart readings from the ide drives.

Cons: Most people don't understand the need to properly setup the bios to use these. Requires extra power in addition to the hdd's power. (2 power plugs for 1 hdd)

Overall Review: Make sure you have "enhanced mode" enabled for "p-ata + s-ata" in the bios IDE/sata options! Also, not because of these adapters, just a side effect of having a single hdd on each channel insteead of 2 on 1 ide, Takes about 60 seconds to copy 1.2gb's(one "sata" drive to the next), where as it used to take 3-5 with both of the hdd's being on the same ide cable.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Huge Heatsink4/25/2007 7:40:01 AM

Pros: Huge airflow, cool led's adjustable speeds, Awesome cooling!

Cons: The heatsink/fan is so huge!! Wiring could have been abit better (the plugs tend to be pretty loose so much movement in the case and you have to make sure they are still plugged in, all the time..)

Overall Review: Used ArcticSilver Ceramique instead of the supplied thermal gel. with stock cooler was at 58c during full load, with the new heatsink and at lowest fan speed it only gets to 47-49c at full load and 42-44c with the fan turned up all the way. idle's at 26-30c depending on room temp. (3.40 p4EE, asus p4p800-mx, random memory pc2700) !! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ROOM FOR THIS !! BECAREFUL WHILE INSTALLING !! IT IS HARD TO SEE UNDER IT DUE TO SHEER MASSIVE SIZE !!

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ST3160825A4/25/2007 6:18:19 AM

Pros: AH! Wonderful drives!! Have been using 2 of these with Ide2sata connectors(so each has its own sata channel), Smart works, temp readings are grand(the hd's could run abit cooler but they arent any hotter then other drives). After about 20+ months of 24/7 use they still read 96-97% efficiency with pc wizard.

Cons: NONE!, only 160 gigs? only ata100?

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