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Pretty nice Android player9/30/2014 12:27:19 PM

Pros: Love that I can do so much with this. I used to have a WDTV LIVE PLAYER in my bedroom which was fed my MKV collection from my LIVE HUB in the livingroom over a wired network. But that was all I pretty much used it for ( I don't use netflix or any of the services the wdtv live player included). And NOW, with my Minix I can use XBMC which is basically an ALL-in_one for me. I can play my mkv library and use cool streaming content ie: mashup, icefilms etc etc. A winner for me.

Cons: It came with the M! mouse controller wich is AWESOME because it doesn't need to be pointed at the box to controller it ie: navigation and volume BUT I noticed it was making the MINIX box REBOOT occasionally which was bad. The included infrared controller works ok, but I need to press down hard on the buttons, andI think the range isn't that great. Not a deal breaker but wish I could use the M1 again without issues, Hopefully the next official firmware will fix this. ( I'm on the very latest Beta 8 002 btw)

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Love the Space for the price9/30/2014 12:20:05 PM

Pros: Great for storing many MKV files and may other large files. I have 2 of these. One on my pc for a nice vast amount of storage and the other connected to my WDTV live HUB. The 1TB was already used up on my live player so another 3TB is definitely great.

Cons: Would like a dedicated power on/off button , so that it can rest when not needed.

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Supreme PSU!5/9/2014 3:12:35 PM

Pros: This PSU is a beatifully quiet BEAST! Before this I owned a PC Power and Cooling 1200watt 80 plus bronze 83% efficiency. I had for about 4-5 years. The fan was becoming annoyingly loud with a constant high pitched noise. It was basically the only thing making sound in my case. I then installed this new PSU and with ECO mode on..I have absolutely No sound at all now which is impressive. I was used to a loud pc before which was constantly on and annoying. Now my living room feels sooo quiet..I was in total shock when I fired up my pc to find it sounded as if it were off. NO CONS AT ALL.

Cons: None

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