Amazing little computer10/30/2015 3:34:38 AM

Pros: I bought this on impulse fron Newegg about 2 hours after seeing the product announcement; we have 3 Macs and a gaming PC, so it's not like I needed another computer. It just looked too cool to pass up. Setup was very easy. It drives 2 megapixels on the monitor smoothly. I've used it to edit a doc in Word online, stream video, and browse online, and my son started up Minecraft and Binding of Isaac. Minecraft works surprisingly well on low settings, far better than an ancient MacBook we have, but obviously far less well than our high-end PC. Binding of Isaac was smooth, good gameplay. Son wants a Kangaroo of his own so he can play Binding on his iPad. This is amazingly high value for the price. It's a real Windows 10 PC with decent performance for simple tasks. I could see this used as a PC for people who mainly use phones and tablets, or in office settings, or in place of a Raspberry pi. Think of it as a Windows 10 phone without a screen, it's about the same size. Microsoft: You are on the right path with the dock for your new Windows phones; but Kangaroo is selling an entire computer for the price of your dock (or less?). I hope this product is successful, and wish I could see what a gen 3 version would look like!

Cons: These are more "notes" than cons. The device is amazing value for the price! I wish it had more RAM. 4 GB would have been better; heck, with more RAM this could almost be a very low-end Steam Machine. Making a restore flash drive took 3+ hours on a USB3 thumbdrive. You need to download a video server before you can use the Kangaroo with an iPad. IPad video seemed to have low frame rateand a bit of lag, and at 1024x768 was not a great experience, but perhaps improved software will come in the future. While Bluetooth allows use of wireless peripherals, you may want a USB hub for initial setup, but then it's wire madness. Once you pair things, it should be fine.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Jeffrey, Thanks for sharing your notes with us on the new platform. We hear you on the memory request and will be bringing that in the coming roadmap. A couple of other areas I wanted to touch on: We're still working on the encoding performance with OSLinx and hope to be releasing a newer version with performance enhancements soon. Also, Intel and Synaptics have released new drivers in the last few days (for Bluetooth, Wireless and the Fingerprint Reader) that will greatly improve the overall usability experience with your device. Please see below for the step by step procedures. Synaptics Fingerprint Reader: 1. Right click on the Windows Start menu 2. Select Device Manager 3. Click to open the Biometric Devices subsystem category 4. Double-click on the "Synaptics WBDI" component 5. Select the Driver tab, and click Update Driver 6. Click 'Search automatically for updated driver software. Intel Bluetooth: 17.1.1532.1814 1~2 (same as above) 3. Click to open the Bluetooth subsystem category 4. Double-click on the "Intel Wireless Bluetooth" component 5~6 (same as above) Intel Wireless: 1~2 (same as above) 3. Click to open the Network Adapters subsystem category 4. Double-click on the Intel Wireless "Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265" component 5~6 (same as above) Carl Giardina Product Development Core Team