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Works as Expected. Band Poor6/11/2021 3:16:04 AM

Pros: Can easily read watch face in bright sunlight Many apps available Don't know how accurate the sleep function is but appears to work well Many free watch face options to choose from

Cons: Band is rubber that pulls on skin & arm hairs making it difficult to adjust

Overall Review: I would recommend this when it's on sale for under $100

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Returned5/29/2021 6:40:30 AM

Pros: When working, easy to use BIOS Flash with an average user friendly BIOS/UEFI. Has the average amount of M.2 & PCIe slots. Subtle RGB lets you know board is getting power though I had a difficult time removing the Power Supply 24 Pin cable. Nice solid feel and a good looking board that I liked enough to have replaced rather than a refund.

Cons: Had to perform a BIOS update to get it to work on a Ryzen 5000 series CPU. The most current BIOS did not work but an earlier one did. After getting Windows 10 loaded I attempted to enable the XMP setting. Computer failed to POST so I called MSI technical support & they said the board was no good and should be returned. Since it was past 30 days (building a computer in todays environment takes time) I was referred to seller where it was a simple process to explain the problem and ask for a replacement. Shipped bad board back using the pre-paid shipping label and received new board within a week and it has the sticker that its Ryzen 5000 ready.

Overall Review: I would recommend this board with the Ryzen 5000 ready sticker

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No Problems3/7/2021 3:12:17 PM

Pros: Nice RGB though that's not important BIOS Update not as user friendly as it could be Has worked flawlessly for three years, since March 2018

Cons: Software programming for RGB, status, specs not very user friendly

Overall Review: I would recommend this. Mine is coupled with an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X

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