Dell QC not what it used to be11/14/2018 11:23:37 AM

Pros: Screen looked comparable to my older 2015 model of this same monitor. Sharp, bright, vivid colors, well calibrated out of the box...

Cons: ...problem is this monitor is plagued by uniformity issues in both color and backlight, read reviews here and other places to see. My unit came with the left side, particularly the bottom left corner being noticeably yellow and warm compared to the right side being cool and white, something my 2015 model didn't suffer from. This is incredibly noticeable and distracting on any white, gray or black background. Not only that, the bezel as dented and dinged along the bottom of the monitor, leading to only two conclusions. Either it was damaged in shipping or it was a returned item that was repackaged and sold as new, I'm hoping it was the former. The uniformity issue is a known problem with this model though, I guess it is just cheaply made which is how they got the cost down from the 2015 model.

Overall Review: If you win the panel lottery and don't have the common uniformity issues this is a great monitor, otherwise be ready for an exchange/RMA.

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Solid for the price8/3/2014 3:02:32 PM

Pros: Understated and classy design that belies it's price point. Looks better in person than in any of the photos online.

Cons: Included rear fan is loud, and if noise is bothersome to you than you will want to swap out the fans for low noise models. Blue power LED is way, way too bright, easily solved by not plugging it in, but tone it down Rosewill.

Overall Review: Keep your expectations realistic for a $30 case, less with a good promo code, I paid $21.99. For that price point I feel it's a fantastic value.

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