Fast and reliable.2/1/2016 8:24:52 PM

Pros: Lasted for 3 years. Doesn't look like much but it was non-stop use in bad conditions (temperature, dust). Gave ample warning for about 1 week before dying. Gave me enough time to order a new HDD, make sure all my data is backed up and make a Windows 10 installation USB flash drive. Once it died I was back in business in a few short hours. Compare that to the two SSDs I had installed on other machines at home, that died suddenly and catastrophically, leaving me somewhat unprepared and very frustrated. The perceived performance when compared to cheap SSDs on similar i7 machines, was more than honorable.

Cons: Lasted for 3 years only. I was hoping for more but I can't really complain.

Overall Review: I would buy this again perhaps, on the other hand one year from now I may decide to buy one of the high end PCI Experess internal SSDs if people keep being happy about them.

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So far so good.3/29/2015 9:38:16 PM

Pros: It's a power supply. It's doing exactly what a power supply it's supposed to do. (Almost) everything about it screams high quality engineering. Nothing less than what I'd come to expect from EVGA. Several cables of different lengths for each power cable category.

Cons: One of the 24 pin power connectors pins was not properly positioned and would not make a solid contact, I had to use a screwdriver to push it in place. I wouldn't have deducted anything had it been on a spare cable; since it happened on the unique 24 pin power connector cable I'll have to deduct one egg.

Overall Review: My previous power supply, a 450W Thermaltake served faithfully for 6 years. Sadly their current offering didn't satisfy my requirements / constraints, so I reluctantly decided to jump boat.

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Not bad... while it lasted.3/26/2015 10:34:43 PM

Pros: I had 2 of these, they both lasted more than 1 year, they worked well while they worked. On an old system with little RAM they helped a lot.

Cons: One lasted a little more than one year, the other lasted a little less than 2 years. They both died messy deaths, with days of confusing error messages and overall system instability. Wasted time trying to figure out what's wrong and with reinstalling software. Lost some data too. On a very fast system (i7 cpu and 16 GB of RAM) there was little (if any) gain in perceived performance over a fast HDD.

Overall Review: Went back to 15,000 rpm HDDs. Never been happier.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, We apologize for the inconsisent quality experienced with the HyperX 3K SSDs. We perform 100% testing on all of our products to ensure quality and reliablility, detailed here: . Although, all electronic devices have a small chance of failing. It is odd for anyone to have multiple failed drives. We may need to further investigate to see what occurred with these drives and of course replace them for you under their three year warranty. So we can resolve this for you, please call us at 1-800-435-0640 (USA and Canada only) M - F 6am - 6pm PT and an available technician will assist you. Thank you for using the HyperX 3K SSD, -Jewel, Kingston US Technical Support
Great PSU - 3 years old3/14/2015 1:54:56 PM

Pros: I bought this thing in 2012, it's been working non stop since then in a rather dusty environment. Silent and the noise level stayed the same. Nothing more to say, it's a PSU. You just put it in there and then forget about it, it's supposed to keep working. This one does just that.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: One of the few original components still inside the box. Since 2012 I replaced the graphics card twice (both killed by dust) and several fans including the CPU fan (again because of the dust). I also replaced the original HDD with a SSD and another HDD of higher capacity. Still there: the CPU (i7-3770) and 2 sticks (8G each) of G.SKILL Trident X memory

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Back for more2/27/2015 12:15:40 AM

Pros: I have another pair of these in a 3 years old computer, always performed flawlessly. Now that I'm building another computer I came back for more of the same. High quality, high performance.

Cons: Motherboards seem to be unable to recognize them. I had to manually set the frequency and timing.

Overall Review: Once inside the computer you can forget about them. They just keep working, like the energizer bunny - or better.

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Good board for the money2/23/2015 12:24:58 AM

Pros: Works. Actually pretty nice board for the price. Significantly cheaper than the price I got at the unmentionable online store whose name was deemed to be obscene and/or offensive.

Cons: Not perfect, I have to deduct one egg. There is no LED to indicate status, when it works it works, otherwise you have to count the beeps to figure out what's going on. It didn't recognize the RAM and just assumed it was 1333. I had to manually adjust to 1600 and set up the correct timing. No biggie though. In the end you get what you pay for.

Overall Review: Shipped from California, by horse (I suppose). It took ONE WEEK to get it. The package looked like the Space Shuttle had crashed on it. I was one inch away from refusing delivery.

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Six Years2/21/2015 12:44:57 AM

Pros: The equivalent of this model served faithfully for six years. It died gracefully a few days ago, without frying anything else around.

Cons: Somewhat noisy towards the end.

Overall Review: It paid for itself several times over.

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Success!2/25/2013 1:09:16 AM

Pros: This card oozes confidence, the technology is mature and all the glitches fixed. Extremely stable, runs well any game I tried.

Cons: Not the fastest kid on the block but you know that already. Great performance for the money nevertheless.

Overall Review: This was an attempt to bring back to life a 5-years old computer on a very tight budget - less than $300. For the money I bought this card and a SSD. I also doubled the RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB (which I had laying around in the house, no money spent on that). After a fresh install of Win7 Pro 64 on the SSD I can say that the upgrade was a success, the subjective increase in performance is huge. The 500W PSU seems to be doing just fine despite being below the minimal specifications of this card. Special appreciation for the old EVGA mobo which worked flawlessly for years despite being choked in dust, and still going strong - pity they don't do them like that anymore.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Excellent2/18/2013 2:16:03 AM

Pros: Now that Windows 8 is out I decided that it may be time to upgrade my system from XP to Windows 7. A clean install on a SSD worked flawlessly, all my games, old and new run great, all my hardware was recognized properly - I didn't have to go to any of the manufacturer sites for drivers, it had them all.

Cons: Some funky issues when switching from speakers to headphones and viceversa, but I suspect it's Realtek's problem. I didn't need to adjust to it since I've been using it at work for years... but I remember that in the early days I had to google a lot to find out how to do things - which means it is not as intuitive as some claim.

Overall Review: XP was perfect for my home needs, I only upgraded because the 4GB memory limitation slowed it down a lot.

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all is well1/17/2013 1:27:16 AM

Pros: it does exactly what it's supposed to do - store information and give it back to the cpu when needed once you put it inside the computer you can forget about its existence

Cons: the motherboard didn't recognize it, I had to set it up manually perhaps i should underclock the system a bit, as it is it is too fast

Overall Review: the heatsink is there for a reason

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Very nice motherboard1/4/2013 1:31:21 AM

Pros: Usually I buy EVGA motherboards, I tried ASUS because I wanted to diversify a bit and because of the dust shielding. For now I'm very happy with my purchase, it's been running non-stop for a week.

Cons: There is a tiny label covering some ports. Better take it out before you install the motherboard inside the case. You'll be very sorry indeed if you drop a screw underneath the shielding. Getting it back is a pain. One of the screws used for one of the motherboard small fans was bad. The bios failed to recognize my memory, I had to set it up manually. Each item inside my shipment (CPU, motherboard, power supply, memory) had their packaging bent, opened, torn or otherwise messed with. Badly. I am surprised that everything worked.

Overall Review: If you don't see me coming back with complains it means that I'm still happy about this motherboard.

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works, surprisingly12/28/2012 9:21:50 PM

Pros: Runs, performance matches expectations - given the price.

Cons: Surprisingly, it works. The box was torn up and the seal was broken. There was a fingerprint on the thermal paste on the stock cooler. Three of the four pins of the cooler were in the "latched" position. All the other items in my shipment were torn, broken or otherwise messed with. Never seen such a mess in the 8 years since I'm a loyal newegg customer. I don't know how this happened and I don't care, consider yourself on probation, if this ever happens again I'll go elsewhere, money is not an issue, quality of service is.

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