Got my rebate9/18/2009 5:17:54 PM

Pros: Rebate is not a scam. I just received it today (09/18/2009). Still like the case, one of the best mid-level cases out there.

Cons: Took just over 4 months. This is about 3 weeks longer than the 12-14 claimed on the rebate form. Case purchased on 05/14/2009.

Overall Review: I was a little worried about the rebate, having read some of the other reviews. I was getting ready to contact them and start making a pain of myself, but that is no longer necessary. Repeat, I did not need to follow-up on the matter, though it DID take longer than it should have. The case itself I am very impressed with. I have posted a full review dated 07/10/2009 below. 4 egg rating is that of the case itself. As for the rebate, it would rate a 2 because I actually received it but it took too long.

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Almost perfect7/26/2009 2:27:12 PM

Pros: -Large, extremely effective cooling. -Wicked fast--mine made consecutive, error-free passes of Memtest86 v3.4 & Memtest86+ v2.11 w/4-4-4-12 timings @2.1v (though I suspect that was pushing it). -Great price & value, I paid $22 & $35 after discounts and rebates for my kits. -OCZ's outstanding customer service (see my other review below).

Cons: -1st kit DOA (forgivable as the occasional dud is inevitable w/any manufacturing process and OCZ took care of it w/aplomb) -Voltage spec on DIMM is 2.2v while website listed (and still does as of this review) it at 2.1v. This cost it the egg. -Very tall, could cause clearance issues w/small cases or large CPU coolers.

Overall Review: This review is based on my 3rd kit. 1st was DOA. Second worked well w/4-4-4-15 @ 2.1v, but I sold the PC before I got a chance to do thorough testing. This one is the DOA replacement. Started w/Memtest86+ v2.11, 4-4-4-15 @ 2.1v. After several error-free passes, I tried 4-4-4-12 @ 2.2v which ran error-free. Switched over to Memtest86 v3.5, but it wouldn't run at all. Tried v3.4 and RAM ran error-free. Bumped voltage back down to 2.1v (still 4-4-4-12). It was a little twitchy on the first couple of tests, but settled-down quickly and ran all passes error-free. Switched back to Memtest86+ for good measure and RAM, again, ran error-free. RAM ran several hours of AMD Overdrive's stability test w/o a hitch. Other than the minor hiccup w/the 1st kit, this RAM has proven fast and reliable. It also runs noticeably cooler than other RAM I've used (though I don't recommend it, I actually touch various parts while the PC is running to assess how hot they run). Highly recommende

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DOA, but...7/14/2009 9:53:10 PM

Pros: Large, effective heatsink. Excellent timing specs. OUTSTANDING customer support from OCZ on all fronts--forums, tech support and RMA depts. Received reply within one business day for every contact I made. Received RMA with no hassles whatsoever. Received prepaid shipping label upon explanation of DOA status and inability to go through Newegg due to UPC missing for rebate.

Cons: DOA. Don't feel overvolting NB should be necessary when MB works fine w/other memory. Very tall heatsink may cause clearance issues w/small cases or large CPU coolers (not the case w/me, but one should always check W/this RAM).

Overall Review: RAM was DOA, which is an automatic 1 egg. OCZ's cust. service rates 5 eggs, so split the difference for 3 eggs. Didn't have all parts at the time, so I had to send UPC off for rebate without testing the RAM. Upon discovering DOA status, went to OCZ support forums (Newegg won't issue an RMA w/o UPC, which is a reasonable anti-fraud measure). Received helpful, timely responses to all my queries. Quickly confirmed RAM was DOA and received instructions for obtaining RMA, which was issued immediately, with no hassles. Requested a prepaid waybill for return, explaining RAM was DOA and nonreturnable through Newegg. OCZ issued said waybill, again, with no hassles. My highest compliments to OCZ, Roy, Ryder, and especially, Josh. I have more of the same RAM that works fine and will write review for it when I have thoroughly tested it. I will also write a review on the RMA RAM when I get it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we are very sorry for the problem, and want to thank you for the kinds words about our support staff. It is our intention to make every customer an OCZ customer for life. Thank you
Darn Nice Case, Great Value7/10/2009 9:23:58 PM

Pros: 1) Attractive gloss black w/ simple, clean elegant front panel feat. lighted trim. Side window & 2 flip-down "stealth" 5.25" bay covers. 2) Above average cooling w/1 rear 120mm fan, 1 side 120mm blue LED fan and spot for 1 up to 120mm front fan. Fans are fairly quiet. Large airflow openings. 3) Mostly tool-less design. Includes enough clips for all drive bays. 4) Spacious enough for larger CPU coolers (120mm Sunbeam cooler doesn't quite clear side fan). Ample drive bays. 5) Solid construction, quality material used, very good fit and finish. 6) USB, audio & ESATA ports mounted on side of front panel. Audio includes HD & AC97 connectors. 7) Many nice details such as rubber bumpers on corners & true rubber feet. Very few sharp edges. 8) Truly exceptional value for the price (once rebate arrives, I will have paid $30 shipped on sale, how does Newegg do it?).

Cons: 1) Finish doesn't hide scratches. Virtually impossible to find gloss black drives, readers, etc. to match. 2) Front-most ATX holes don't line-up w/motherboard, had to use cut-down nylon standoffs. 3) Would have liked front FireWire port. 4) Two more "stealth" and one more plain 5.25" covers would be fantastic. 5) Removable MB tray would be nice. 6) Feet attached w/adhesive, would have preferred mechanical attachment. 7) One of the rubber corner bumpers kept falling off & was eventually lost. 8) Not personally a fan of lights & windows, but whatever--it won't be mine for long.

Overall Review: I was putting together a gaming build to sell & jumped at this case when I saw the sale on it. Great case for this type of build. Per the norm w/Newegg, it arrived quickly & in good condition. With it's spaciousness & (mostly) tool-less design, things proceeded quickly. The only hiccup (& the one thing that kept it from getting 5 eggs) was the front-most ATX standoff holes not lining-up w/ the MB. I believe this to be a defect w/the case or it's design, as opposed to the MB. Luckily, I had some spare nylon standoffs, so I cut the mounting tabs off the bottoms & just have them rest against the MB tray. I doubt most people would be so lucky. Once completed, it looked great--tasteful & elegant (despite the window & lights). The clear acrylic trim around the front panel is a nice accent & also serves as the power & HDD LEDS. Overall, I'm very impressed w/this case. It's rugged, well designed, attractive, easy to work with & affordable. Recommended, even at full pri

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
So far so good7/7/2009 11:30:44 PM

Pros: Functions satisfactorily. Ample connectors overall (especially Molex) for a budget PSU, including a 6-pin PCI-E. Even w/2 fans, it's yet whisper quiet (CPU fan makes far more noise). Super inexpensive (I paid $16 after rebate, which contrary to my initial review on 6/15/09, probably took more like 3 weeks to arrive--still the fastest rebate I've ever received). Wires are long enough to reach anywhere needed in an average-sized case, but thin (also a con) enough as to be not bulky and easily tucked-away out of sight. Thin wires are also very flexible and easy to work with. Lightweight (not a con itself, but indicator of a possible con) just makes it that much less a pain-in-the-posterior to install. Wow, that was a fast rebate! Seriously. I placed the order on 5/14 and had a check in my hands on 6/15. Figure in shipping and USPS times and my lallygagging about mailing it in and you come up with a rebate house that's ON THE BALL!! OUTSTANDING!!! OCZ should check these guys.

Cons: Lightweight due to cheap construction. Fans are small & don't move a lot of air. Needs more SATA connectors (only 2? c'mon, SATA connectors should at least outnumber floppy connectors on a modern PSU), but I have so many SATA adapters laying around nowadays, I really don't see it being an issue. It does emit a faint ozone smell, but I'm not worried about it yet, though I guess I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the thing died suddenly. Ummm..not heavy enough to be a doorstop? (HA! check out the 1 egg reviews, classic)

Overall Review: There are 2 caveats about my 5 egg rating: 1) It's based on this being a budget PSU. If it were a mid- or high-end unit it would probably score only 3, maybe 2 eggs. 2) Due to confirmed RAM issues with the build, I haven't been able to perform any proper extended or stress testing on it, so there's still plenty of opportunity for it to die. Still, my overall experience with it thus far has been quite positive, and given the extremely low price I paid, I currently see no reason not to give it 5 eggs. Qualified recommended. Oh yeah, did I mention the timely rebate?

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I'm pleased6/27/2009 2:16:09 PM

Pros: *3 antennae. *Better than different brand card that uses same chipset. *No problem w/64-bit OS (didn't even try included drivers--went straight to Ralink website). *Low-profile card. *Good signal strength after antennae upgrade. *Very affordable.

Cons: *Upgrading 3 antennae more expensive than card itself. *Poor-fair signal strength w/stock (2dB?) antennae. *Initial difficulty connecting to network (suspect was my fault). *No low-profile bracket included.

Overall Review: This was my first experience w/wireless networking, so I really can't comment about where it rates in the overall spectrum. PC is approx. 40ft, 2 walls from router. Connection speed was acceptable for internet, but CRC errors were slowing things down considerably (2-10 bad packets for every good). RaUI (Ralink's utility) was reporting link quality at 55-65% and signal quality at 39-60%. Upgraded antennae to Rosewill RNX-A5-EX (5dB) and things improved across the board. Link quality is now 95-100%, signal quality is 85-100%, and CRC errors have reduced by 80-90%. I still prefer wired networking (faster, more secure), but being that my situation requires wireless, I must say, given the relative reliability and ease of setup, I am pleased with this product. Recommended.

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D'oh6/17/2009 3:22:03 AM

Pros: 1) Works as advertised. 2) Affordable. 3) USB connection. 4) Standard size coax connector (F-type?). 5) Up and running w/included software in less than 10 min. 6) WAAAY less obtrusive and complicated than stupid converter box that still only leaves you with a standard-def. picture (I know, apples and oranges, but still, suckers). 7) Record/time-shifting (Tivo) function. 8) Simple setup instructions.

Cons: 1) No remote. 2) No apparent hot-keys (at least that I've found)=unnecessarily complicated channel-changing. 3) No instructions on use. 4) Non-hardware solution=heavier use of system resources. 5) Software rarely crashes w/erratic signal, but doesn't take anything else w/it. Simply end task from task manager and restart, and everything's fine. 6) Some programming isn't truly full-screen (though I imagine this is true for most solutions). 7) A second tuner would be nice. 8) If I had waited 5 days, I could have gotten it during a 24hr sale and saved the shipping ($30 vs. $36)

Overall Review: Like most people, I needed an ATSC tuner. Since my monitor is my TV, I could choose between a converter box and a PC tuner. The choice wasn't difficult. Looking around, I couldn't find one that fit all my wishes (dual ATSC tuners, FM tuner, good reviews, w/remote, hardware-based) and needs (low-profile, PCI). Since compromise was inevitable, I decided to go for something cheap. This unit was fairly well rated, met my basic needs and was cheaper than even those pointless converter boxes (man, do I wish I had waited--$6 is like 20% more). Newegg delivered as-promised and on-time, and I was up and running in no time. Unit works well, and delivers stations that I was missing with analog. Other than the channel-changing, it's pretty hassle-free (I'm hoping there are hot-keys I can find). Overall, I pretty happy with it a give qualified recommendation.

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Undenaible performance6/17/2009 2:29:48 AM

Pros: 1) Per Ralink's utility, link quality went from 55-65% w/stock (2dB?) antennae to 95-100%. 2) Packets w/CRC errors vs. good packets ratio went from 2-10:1 to 1.5:1. 3) Internet speed improved noticeably. 4) Almost doubled number of visible networks. 5) Magnetic base works and is useful. 6) Seems solidly constructed. 7) Cable ends appear to be gold-plated and are hex shaped for wrench-tightening. 8) Cable allows good positioning flexibility. 9) So far as wi-fi antennae go, unit is very affordable (on sale, I paid $25 shipped) and actually cost less than similar direct-attach antennae.

Cons: 1) Would like cable to be at least 50% longer. 2) Though described as "low loss", the cable(s) seems thin and could probably stand to be a little thicker/higher quality. 3) Base is a little bulky. 4) Wanted higher-gain, but wi-fi antennae are outrageously expensive, and this was by far the best value.

Overall Review: I share my neighbor's DSL via wireless (he gave me the PSK), approx. 40ft, 2 walls. Link quality was poor to moderate and CRC errors were slowing things down to dial-up speeds or worse. Hoping to find an affordable 10+dB antenna, I did a lot of looking around. Boy was I in for a wake-up. I found this unit to be the most affordable one to meet my needs, and made the purchase. As usual, Newegg delivered as-promised in a time fashion. I hooked-up the unit and immediately saw major improvement in link quality and internet speed. I like the positioning options the remote-mount and magnetic base give--I believe it's contributed to the overall signal improvement, plus it eliminates limitations direct-attach antennae suffer from. Overall, I am VERY pleased with the unit and give it high recommendation. For those who insist on more gain, be prepared to pay for it.

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FAST Rebate!!!6/15/2009 4:18:29 PM

Pros: N/A

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: This is not a review of the PSU itself. I just wanted to let everyone know that it took maybe 2 WEEKS for the rebate to arrive. I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with this. I've never had a rebate arrive this fast before. Ever. Not even close. Great job to whomever is handling this rebate program!!!

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Oh yeah, it works.5/13/2009 3:49:07 PM

Pros: Installed w/some old A.S.5 I had laying around, dropped temps around 20C. Mounts securely enough. Includes pot switch to control fan speed.

Cons: A little too large, sticks out of full ATX case. Mounting is somewhat difficult and a little unnerving. Pot switch mounts in expansion slot in back. Would rather have had PWM fan anyway. Fan's kinda noisy.

Overall Review: If your case has enough clearance, and with a fan upgrade, this cooler would be perfect.

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Worth it at $305/8/2009 6:44:58 PM

Pros: Reasonably attractive (not ugly, at least); thin metal=light weight; tool-less drive clips & expansion slot retainer; quiet; 400W p/s included; 80mm fan included; thin metal=easy "massaging";reasonably well constructed for budget case; arrived w/out damage (not true of different case ordered @ same time); easy enough to work with; laterally adjustable eject button extension block for 5.25" drive cover plate; cost $30 after shipping and rebate (which I haven't received yet); p/s hasn't fried anything yet

Cons: Advertised w/485W p/s when I purchased; thin metal=flimsy; not enough tool-less clips for all drive bays, plus it seems only 1 clip per 5.25" (still not enough included); cheap construction overall; p/s seems extremely cheap (it is NOT an Enermax); above mentioned eject button extension block was too long (a little sanding took care of that)

Overall Review: If you can get it for $30 like I did then go for it, otherwise don't bother. It doesn't scream cheapness, and is solid enough when assembled, but there's no denying it when you're working on it. Fan and p/s are pretty reliable and quiet right now, we'll see how long that lasts. I'm not overly ecstatic about the p/s not being what was advertised, but it's a budget build, so it shouldn't matter.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Value Customer, Where did you get the information that is a 485W PSU? I believe we advertised as 400W PSU on both title and specification on Did you misread the model Pandora 185 as 485watts? But if we did made some typo please let us know @ toll free 888-778-7878. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Team Enermax USA
Best Yet6/23/2003 1:11:25 PM

Comments: I have owned several other compact wireless KB/mouse combos, all of which befell an untimely demise due tho the frequent and rough handling they recieved in our hardwood-floored living room. In the two years I have owned this unit it has been spilled on more than once and hit the floor more times than I can count. Combine that on being bent, twisted, tossed-around, pounded, sat-on and just generally abused, and you can well imagine what state the keyboard's in. Well, you're wrong. Other than a few small blemishes and a bit of gloss where it recieves the most contact, it still looks great. All the keys still function firmly and positively, despite several of them being removed through abuse (with some care, they go right back on), the mouse buttons retain their crisp function, the mouse D-pad does not function any worse than when new, even having been replaced with one from one of the dead keyboards. Battery life continues to please as I can't remember when I installed these and they are only recently starting to give spotty function, I've got at least a couple weeks before they'll actually die. Although the layout of some of the keys is unusual and somewhat akward, it represents a good compromise to the keyboard's compact nature. Whereas there is room for improvment, it's not a whole lot. The real problem, the one keeping from a perfect 5, is the inaccuracy of the mouse. Although actually no worse than any other D-pad mouse, the design's analog emulation has proved limited leaving the feature practically useless for time-critical applications (read: games). Chicony would be well-advised to switch to an optical trackball (a USB option wouldn't hurt either). All in all, given the price and overall quality, I would wholeheartedly recommend this unit to anyone looking for a compact keyboard they can use from the couch and pass around without having to worry about a seperate mouse. Four stars.

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Nice Unit5/3/2003 10:30:30 PM

Comments: Blazing-fast rips, impressive burn speeds (26-28x with 16x media)with no coasters yet, relativly silent operation, and attractive styling make for a worthwhile purchase (although a 52x model is currently available).

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Well Engineered5/3/2003 10:18:49 PM

Comments: This is probably the best case I've ever owned. Well laid-out and easy to work with, this case has proved to be a sturdy and robust platform. With it's attractive styling, quality fit and finish and whisper silent operation, it is the perfect foundation for multi-media, home theater or LAN party PCs. The P/S lists P4 compatibility, but has run my 1800 XP for months without incident. The areas the case is lacking are few. Having only 1 each internal/external 3.5" drives leave those wanting RAID arrays or additional front ports out in the cold. Furthermore, although designed with a front 1394 port, this model does not include it.

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