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Amazing headphones for the price10/8/2014 9:52:27 AM

Pros: The headphones overall have major eye candy they look amazing and I love the red led on the sides, the sound quilaty is amazing you can pick up details while gaming as in hearing footsteps, or little sounds you never heard before while gaming. The mic from my mic test was clear and very audible I never had one person complain to me that they couldn't hear me. The cables are neat and while I am not a big fan of the cloth wrapped cables(I will explain), they keep it from getting beyond tangled, overall I would recommend this to all of my friends. I also love the bag very neat material.

Cons: While I love the headphones they do have flaws, If you love bass please do not buy these the bass is not low nor horribly, it is actually clear and clean but the bass isn't supercharged but it is average and not something it specializes in, but I don't think that was their main concern. Now on to why I don't like the cloth cables, sometimes the velcro gets stuck to the cloth, and when I pull it way some of the fabric has gotten lose and dangles some. But still these cons are really low compared to the pros

Overall Review: I owned a pair before but, the dummy being me plug the cable connected backwards into my headphones and messed (can't say screw ed) up my cable mic, I conntacted newegg about it, but my RMA was up, they then sent me a link to T tesports warranty page never got a response, so this time when I ordered a new pair I got a one year warranty.

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