High powered desktop replacement suitable for pretty much any computing task9/23/2016 7:04:24 AM

Pros: - FAST - Excellent storage capacity, including an expansion bay (can I get more cages available for sale, Newegg?). - 4K graphics powered by enough of a card to handle it. - Really nice big screen. - Very solid feeling case.

Cons: - It's big and heavy, which is to be expected but I like to imagine this level of power in something that weighs about half a kilo... Of course this is simply not possible today. - Heat generation is pretty fierce when running high-CPU and high-GPU usage games. You won't want it on your lap for Star Citizen. - Price is pretty high. This is understandable, but I'm not going to drop 10 grand to equip my family of four with these.

Overall Review: If you need or want a gaming laptop that is up to current standards and you can afford it, this machine will do it for you. None of the 'cons' I listed are surprising or deal breakers, and the 'pros' definitely win out. From gaming to video editing to software development deploying services to multiple virtual machines, this computer has the guts I need.

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Decent card, troublesome install4/21/2014 9:28:00 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, functional

Cons: Prevents standard Windows 8.1 installation

Overall Review: See Cory L.'s review for the driver you need to get this card working with Windows 8.1. I was unable to get Windows to install, let alone run, with the card attached. The Asus driver fixes everything. Install WIndows, install the driver, and then put the card in. If you find the network stuttering a bit don't forget to try reorienting the antennas. That actually made a big difference for me. I used this because I was too lazy to run an ethernet line to a room with limited access.

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Top notch motherboard11/3/2005 4:01:21 AM

Comments: Not much else to say, really. I got this as an upgrade to a slightly flaky Soyo motherboard, and went from sealed boxes to perfectly running system (RedHat Fedora Core 3) within about 2 and a half hours. The specs page here at Newegg is slightly off, the IDE ports (if you choose to use them) do support DMA/133. This hardly even seems important, though, considering the eight SATA ports and ten USB 2.0 ports. By the way, the motherboard does not come with enough connectors for all the USB headers, so you will need one additional USB set, either purchased separately or built into your case.

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Excellent card, only minor install issues3/5/2003 12:05:46 PM

Comments: My old ATI TVWonder finally gave up the ghost a few months ago, and so I started research. Lucky old me, the Leadtek that sounded so good went on sale here at Newegg, so I ordered it. If I'd never had a video capture card before, I suppose my install would have been flawless and immediate. As it was, it took several blue screens of death to convince me to go and properly clean out my old devices (Show Hidden Devices is a lifesaver). With the trouble out of the way, I hooked up the card to a satellite receiver and my camcorder, and all was well. The PVR function is a treat, the remote control works very well, and I couldn't be happier. Recommendation: Get an A/V breakout box (newegg is selling one for about 35 bucks that I bought) and your life will be a lot easier. Having the SVideo, composite and audio jacks on the front of your computer is worth the annoyance of snaking the ribbon cable.

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