Best midrange DVR/NVR I've been able to find in a long while!4/17/2016 8:03:50 PM

Pros: 100% 1080p 30FPS recording on all channels, app and email notification works... Enough said! ;) Actually the video quality is superb, so I took it all the way to max recording resolution at a reduction to 12fps on all channels, quality seemed more important than quantity in this case, and it is very good indeed! Interface setup is typical and convoluted, high learning curve, and no built-in hover-over bullets to explain what an option is, but still doable nonetheless.

Cons: The app is great, having more features than one would expect, like changing motion sensitivity, blocking/screening areas/etc., but the interface is far more convoluted and confusing to navigate than it should be. For instance, if you want to turn off the motion sensing when you get home, you have to click menu, device manager, the connection, then an icon with a gear on it, then video detect menu, channel, slide motion on/off, click save, then change channel and repeat... that is like 8 or so steps that could be simply combined in a far simpler interface... but it works!

Overall Review: Some people report losing settings, well, kinda... if you just get into a habit of hitting that apply and save button on every change, on every window, and even hit apply/save if you aren't sure if you made a change, then you really are good! It really is easy to forget to hit apply and save, and I think this really is the only issue people are having!

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Email does not work, and only 2 channels record at 720p! DEAL BREAKER!2/1/2016 8:01:47 AM

Pros: Easy setup, I like the unit over-all compared to many other brands, and most of the menus are pretty straight forward and self explanatory - good work!

Cons: Now the bad! Apparently Zmodo products are known to have alarm snapshot emailing issues. I tried all troubleshooting tips online, and the usual tip that works for some people did not work for this unit (tip about using a foreign yahoo server: - does not work). Also, the manufacturer is misleading customers about the 720p recording resolutions. They claim that the unit records at 720p resolutions, but only 2 channels record at 720p 20fps, the rest record at VGA (640x480) 25fps. Also, they claim that the cameras send at 720p, although I'm not so sure that they really are native 720p since they seem a bit too grainy for this resolution, to me they seem like they are scaled up to 720p. I could be wrong, but i'm not impressed. Plus the saturation/contrasts adjustments in the interface do not seem to be sent to the individual cameras as the manf says they are. when adjusted, I still have an over contrasted picture , so i can't fine tune the fine details in the faces like i should be able to!

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a little tacky to the touch10/29/2015 9:51:01 PM

Pros: Works

Cons: Seems to be acrylic instead of typical harder and smoother shields, but works ok! a little on the smaller size too.

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Upgrading my previous review from 7/10/201410/29/2015 9:48:55 PM

Pros: I have since ordered 4 total refurb units. The first batch had missing materials, cables, or a broken power adapters, but the second batch was perfect manf refurb! i have found that each time you buy one of these units, and each time you upgrade the ASUS firmware, you must go into the web gui and do a factory reset, and re-enter everything manually... especially if you are having issues. If you do this, they work without a hitch, and no more flaky days! Of course, some people will complain about wifi dropouts, if so, download wifi analyzer app from android, or some other wifi detector app. Then pick a channel that isn't being used in your neighborhood/facility! Stop using channel 6 in auto mode and you should be fine. I can cover my whole block on an unused channel with a beautiful signal, but i can barely leave my house on channel 6, since everyone in the neighborhood uses it! I have also converted a couple units to Tomato - Shibby firmware, and they run beautifully! HIGHLY RECOMMEND ASUS!

Cons: Cons have been upgraded from one semi-faulty unit to all 4 units working 100%, due to regular software factory resets.

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Nice10/29/2015 9:28:33 PM

Pros: Superb low light vision, wide fisheye lens, mirrored (corrected) reverse imaging!

Cons: But, unfortunately I did not notice what it meant by ruler lines in the description. Basically it is going to have static colored backup alignment bars overlaid on the image. My radio already has customizable alignment bars, the bars in this camera are permanent! :(

Overall Review: Gave a 5 star, because con was my fault, and it really is a decent product!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works10/29/2015 9:20:48 PM

Pros: Superb low light vision, super wide fisheye lens, mirrored (corrected) reverse imaging!

Cons: But, unfortunately I did not know it was going to have static colored backup alignment bars overlaid on the image. My radio already has customizable alignment bars, these are permanent, and no mention of this was in the listing description! :(

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What a royal pain!10/29/2015 9:11:28 PM

Pros: Seem water tight, nice mounting design, love the appearance. Good signal! Settings save even when you change to different modes, so whatever you previously set will come back up without reentering the data when switching operating modes. Web interface functional, slightly limited features, and that is about it!

Cons: Spent a total of 8+ painful hours getting these to work properly (somewhat). First, tried to make a trial run connection between two units in bridge mode, they didnt connect right, so went straight to latest firmware upgrade. Finally got a connection in WDS bridge mode, came back next day and connection was down. Found out by using my wifi channel finder app on my phone, that the receiver bridge decided to change frequencies overnight, even though the settings in both units claimed they were set to same frequency. It worked fine the previous day, so.... REALLY, what the heck? Decided to change from WDS to standard bridge access point/client mode, kinda worked, but it wouldn't let client devices with static ip addresses (issued from a dhcp router that the bridge access point was connected to) connect to the internet or even gain access to the internal lan. Remove staic ip settings in primary DHCP router and everything was fine. Switched back to WDS bridge mode and set both routers to the frequency the receiver changed to overnight. So far so good, even static ip's work now. Interface needs a huge face-lift! Mode changes are excruciatingly timely to implement, reboots the whole unit (instead of restarting a particular service), web interface lets you into the units in a little over a minute, but it still takes another minute or so for radios to turn on and connect. Wish it had more configuration options for both rj45 ethernet ports. Both ports acted purely in switch mode, so no load balancing/QOS/etc assignments for the different ports. I would have liked it if i could let one port be public, and the other be private with separate ip ranges, and bandwidth limited. Working for now, so i really don't care, but next time i plan to use a Tomato-shibby firmware compatible device instead of these.

Overall Review: For a point to point, long range bridge, I would suggest trying if you have patience with poor User Interfaces, and flaky modes that may not work as expected. If you expect a 100% what-you-see-is-what-you-get setup, i would not recommend!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Jason F, We thank you for your time in posting your comments and feedback. We are sorry to hear that you experienced some difficulty setting up your EnStation5 AP/Bridges. As to the units changing channels, did you set them on a channel within the UNI-II DFS range? The FCC required devices to change stop broadcasting or switch channels if any other activity is detected in this range which is used for weather radar. Common best practice for outdoor 5 Ghz Wi-Fi is to use the UNIII-3 range, 149 – 165. If you need assistance configuring EnGenius devices, please call our customer support team through our toll free number at 1-888-735-7888 (Monday –Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm PST). Our support team would be glad to be of service to you. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience. Sincerely, Mike EnGenius Customer Support
lied, not usb 3.0 on both ends!7/10/2014 6:57:58 PM

Pros: Looks nice...

Cons: ...but it is not a usb 3.0 female port!

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Acts more like Class 610/18/2013 2:19:38 PM

Pros: Functional...

Cons: ...but, don't expect anything higher than 10-11MB/s Write, 22MB/s Read! Speed tests reveal that continuous single file write streams (like from a camcorder) get about 10.2MB/s (W), 22MB/s (R), anything less than continuous write will drop down to class 6 averages! For instance, 10MB file samples (your average RAW, or super megapixel camera file size) will drop this down to 6.9 MB/s (W), 22MB/s (R), or a class 6 device. This card is ok for a camcorder, not so good for a continuous shoot camera. Not at all what I expected, my older class 6 performs better with smaller files than this class 10! They are definitely pushing a thin line calling this a class 10!

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Practical and ingenious9/26/2013 7:47:52 AM

Pros: Absolutely brilliant little device! Android: app works great, always room for improvement on interface, but it provides all I need to get to my photos What isn't mentioned anywhere that I could find on the product is that this device can be accessed via a web browser on any other connected device, such as a computer, laptop, etc.! Yes, this little gizmo is absolutely ingenious because it is running a mini server on that little card! All you need to do is connect to the Gateway IP of the card which by default is type that in any connected browser and you gain access to the card settings and all your photos! Brilliant! This card really doesn't get enough credit and seems to be phasing out, so grab one quickly! It also has a Micro SD slot, so swap it with a number of extra micro sd cards and you won't need to buy more wifi air cards! No one else seems to be doing this. Versatile wifi configuration: ch#, SSID, wifi pass, 3 hotspot connections.

Cons: The device was supposed to be plug and play. But, when I popped it into my camera and hit power, a message on my Canon G10 said "card error." Somewhere between a failed attempt to format, and turning off and back on, the device finally registered and I haven't had a problem since. I'm guessing the device had some first-time initialization to do, so I guess it wasn't quite ready when my camera was. Also I wasn't able to figure out the connection to hotspots mode. Maybe it isn't what I thought it was, or it doesn't like connecting to my hidden wifi router.

Overall Review: Buy this wifi card before they obsolete them! They are the only WIFI SD card maker that I could find that has an microSD slot for extra cards, and it works great!

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Hmm... speeds not quite as expected.9/12/2013 7:38:29 AM

Pros: Works out of box.

Cons: Scary statement on box says "Please do not use any microSD adapter" yet one microSD-to-USB adapter is supplied along side the shipment. Website says there is a slim chance of device failure if used with an adapter ("because of high speeds"). Speaking of speeds, not one of my many tests reveal even close to Max listed speeds. Tested with android microSD slot (in HTC EVO 3D and Samsung Note 2), tested with supplied usb adapter, and tested with microSD adapter... results were nearly same across the board: Linux box - gnome-disks: Min R:17.9MB/s Max R:19.5MB/s Avg R:18.4MB/s Min W:3.4MB/s Max W:10.8MB/s Avg W: 8.5MB/s Avg Access time:1ms Android - A1 SD Bench: didn't record results, but was no better :( I think I remember getting 11+/- MB/s with it. a whopping 1MB/s gain. Guess I'm returning it!

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Not Impressed - actually, disappointed!9/6/2013 1:09:57 PM

Pros: Item looks like product shown and is functional...

Cons: ...but, it is not performing as described! I have benchmarked this card three different ways, first via the SD slot on the laptop, second in a micro-SD to usb converter placed into a USB3.0 slot, and in my android phone. I also used dd, gnome-disks, and hdparm on linux, and a couple android apps. Not one of these methods gave me results higher than 7.6MB/s write speed, and read speed was only 22MB/s max. I actually receive better write speed results from a class 10 SD card that I already own, with it I get an average 11.3MB/s write, but only 20.5MB/s read. It looks like I may end up returning this unit :(

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