Easy setup, immediate results7/9/2021 4:09:14 PM

Pros: Easy setup, comes with a disk. I like that better than digging around for updated drivers, even though I wind up doing that anyway. In this case, I needed it to work first so that I could then look for new drivers.

Cons: None. Faster than the old defunct card when it was working and much faster than the old card when it stopped.

Overall Review: Recommended based on my experience.

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Dropped them in and they went to town7/9/2021 4:05:51 PM

Pros: As above, no problems with running them immediately after installation.

Cons: No cons. You aren't buying memory like this if you don't know what its supposed to do. Its a little outdated but perfect for buffing an older machine.

Overall Review: Recommend based on my experience.

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Inexpensive, but you knew that7/9/2021 4:02:53 PM

Pros: The structure is sound, but it would not stand a heavy drop or being stumbled over in the dark well. Screwholes and standoffs line up well. Sufficient screws. Since its from the Newegg store, it was shipped quick and packaged well. Good clearance for the cooler. There is a USB3.0 port that is "reserved". Now how do I make THAT work? I like a minor challenge.

Cons: The metal is thin and the plastic is low grade PVC. Paint scratches easily. Some threads are not well tapped. Its TIGHT inside. The PSU backs up very close to the drive bays. A microATX MB has 1mm clearance on 2 sides. No fans are included, and the specs don't say that. But you should not assume at this price that there are. There are limited places for mounting fans. There is no inside view on the advertisement page on Newegg. I cannot for the life of me find HSCGGI anywhere on the internet. I guess support or just a spec sheet is not available. This does not inspire confidence, but I just needed a shell to test out my new HTPC parts while I build an oak case for the display version.

Overall Review: It does what it is supposed to and is not a fail for me. Caveat emptor. The ad leaves sufficient for imagination, if you like shopping that way. I have seen Rosewill cases on sale at the same price of better quality, just not this day when I wanted one.

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Works as advertised4/18/2021 7:11:20 AM

Pros: It was a great sale price and tripled my HDD storage. All the barracuda drives at this size are SMR, which I am trying to avoid.

Cons: None yet. Its young and vigorous though and gravity comes for us all.

Overall Review: In $$ per gigabyte HDD are too inexpensive to ignore.

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Great for this price4/1/2021 12:39:57 PM

Pros: A little less flimsy than anticipated based on rock bottom price.Attachment points well lined up to standard.2 decent fans.

Cons: None (yet)

Overall Review: Using for case mod, so chopped it to pieces. Great set of parts though.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: less than 1 day
Hey, money that always works.4/1/2021 12:36:21 PM

Pros: Loading this allows for just easier payment and can be combined with a secondary payment.Arrived in a few minutes.

Cons: Took a few minutes to arrive. I can be an impatient American consumer.

Overall Review: Great gift (hint)

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Works as advertised4/1/2021 12:33:29 PM

Pros: Repurposing an old PC as a storage device and needed the kids not to refuse to use it because it takes so long to spin up. Much faster startup with OS on this drive.

Cons: Not the drive's fault, migrating was difficult and this case is so old I have to buy brackets. How bout a different shaped drive to fit larger bays? Or a cheap bracket?

Overall Review: 480G more than adequate for this purpose, SATA good enough for this purpose.

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Refund process easy, if slow.5/23/2018 5:14:17 AM

Pros: I just wrapped it up and shipped it back. Everything else happened without a hitch.

Cons: The device was nonfunctional. Not Newegg's fault. I had to pay for the shipping. Someone has to, and I accept that as the risk of buying refurbished. In an age of 2 second credit card charges when they are TAKING my money, why does it take days after deciding to give it back to actually GIVE it back? Don't give me some complex process answer, paying them is fast, them paying is slow.

Overall Review: Overall the process was surprisingly easy. The 2 wasted hours of trying to make it work are just lost, I guess.

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Works great4/13/2018 8:15:43 PM

Pros: I don't find any definite flaws with this product. Been watching some TV with it and I can't see any definite flaws.

Cons: Having trouble with the edges of the graphic, probably a TV problem, affects games and desktop too even without the card.

Overall Review: This hits a sweet spot with older MBs on cost vs quality, but its a sweet spot you have to appreciate. Like all sweet spots. We can't all afford what Donald Trump can afford.

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Nice case.4/13/2018 8:10:48 PM

Pros: - The quality is good. The standoffs line up with the MB, the pieces fit well, and there are plenty of screws and ties for cable management. The edges are folded and I haven't cut myself yet despite plenty of blind wire tucking. - The outside is nice enough to pass the wife test. She still doesn't understand the need for an HTPC, but she doesn't object to the bulk, shape, or look. Its about the size of an old school VCR, like from the 1980s. - It has those grills that are well placed and sized to allow pretty good airflow. 4 x 80mm fans!

Cons: - Not a real con, but the internal wiring is long. Each wire is long enough to reach any spot on the MB. Which is good, but I think realistically it does not have to be quite that long and then has to be wrapped and taped to the siding. Yes, there is a lot of wire tucking as you start to add components.

Overall Review: - Like I read in another critique here, if you get a small form factor, then you can't criticize the size. Its as small as it can be . . . because that's what you wanted. - I have a Corsair 450W PSU and they always have VERY adequate cables. Sheesh. I recommend a modular PSU to cut down on that and careful selection of components. - I think I'll have to get a small SSD for the case and use an external HDD for large storage. There is space for 2 internal drives and a DVD. I need the DVD for a BluRay, and looks like 2 HDD cramp things too much.

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Ergonomicly perfect4/12/2018 11:11:47 AM

Pros: Holes align, screws fit perfectly. Holds a device that weights a few grams in place.

Cons: None

Overall Review: So many of these things are overdesigned. This is minimalist yet perfectly functional. Shame you gotta pay $5 for basically a reworked soup can. I suppose it could have a little cooling fan. . . . .

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Works great3/29/2018 6:48:36 AM

Pros: - Recognized immediately on Win10 HTPC. I swore at it a few times till I remembered to TURN IT ON. - Its small, light, easy to use, and versatile.

Cons: - The pointing mouse feature takes a little getting used to, which, for my wife, who micromanages the TV, might wind up being a con. She can do a regular mouse, and I am sure I will have to keep one of these available as a backup.

Overall Review: A little touchpad or trackball device might have been a better transition from a straight up mouse. The wife is used to a TV remote and does not like change. But I don't see how a mouse function can really be avoided for some functions.

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Worked great straight out of the box.3/29/2018 6:40:36 AM

Pros: - Good enough transfer rate for video streaming from internet or WiFi drive in a HTPC. - Parts all fit perfectly. - No setup or driver searching required this time. Win10 (which I only care about for the home theater on this build) already had it ready to go, just needed the password.

Cons: None yet. The test is getting the wife to tax it for a few hours. If there is the slightest flaw she will find it.

Overall Review: -Super expensive WiFi has never improved my gaming or video. These PCI cards are inexpensive, increase the range over internal pieces, don't get as hot, and have transfer rates more than good enough to service the needs of one PC. They do take up a slot, but I generally have one or two to spare.

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Super quiet3/29/2018 6:03:29 AM

Pros: Plugged in, started spinning, moves air, and quiet. Holes lined up perfectly, screws fit.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: These are quieter than the CPU fan and the whole device just whispers. I have to try to hear them across the room when it is quiet, and when something is going on in the house I can't.

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Works Great3/23/2018 4:26:52 AM

Pros: Dropped this in and all the cables reached everything easily. There were enough cables, and they fit the plugs perfectly. Turned it all on and the computer booted right up. Its pretty quiet too, or I just haven't gotten it very hot.

Cons: My daughter thought it should be green like the rest of the things in the box. There are ALOT of cables to tuck away. And my phone is too thin and too light. So yeah, no complaints.

Overall Review: Converting an Optiplex 9010 into an HTPC and needed this for the new graphics card.

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Oh geeze, it worked for me1/5/2009 6:39:30 PM

Pros: I'm a physician not a technician, but all my instincts say "turn it off before you plug anything in". The directions I got differ, but I treated it like a woman. The MB blinked off and then the thing didn't work. Oh, the horror. Then I started over and all was well. Only 4 stars for the fright.

Cons: Oh, the horror. The software included doesn't provide a utility (basic, I imagine) to tell you your new, improved connection speed. No government in history has failed to at least try and convince the public of how well they are governed, why do we not rate in the american marketplace?

Overall Review: No, that about covers it, for now. The d**n thing works and I am VERY happy about that.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Good experience12/23/2008 12:59:28 PM

Pros: Can't say enough. Fired up right away. Got hung a few times but took the OS as soon as I had the drive switches organized. Everything fit perfectly - plugs, satndoffs, panel Durable Well organized, considering that the area must remain constant BIOS is not the easiest or most flexible, but far from bad

Cons: Haven't encountered any yet, except that maybe wireless would be nice. I mean they're inexpensive addons, why not just include them on the board? Not really a con.

Overall Review: I would highly recommend this board if you're not going straight to core i7. For the money they want for those, this one will last a year or two at least. If you've got the cash for the next level up, go for the new standard.

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Good processor12/23/2008 12:47:12 PM

Pros: What needs to be said? Intel is the standard. Works as advertised. Before overclocking, the stock fan is perfectly adequate.

Cons: None, see above.

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Omigosh12/23/2008 12:43:49 PM

Pros: Loaded itself without asking loads of stupid questions. Looks cool. Wave of the future. Yadda yadda yadda

Cons: Continuously asks stupid security questions. Looks like I will need to spend some time digging up those posts on how to shut this off. Deranged my optical drive! I mean, it works fine but won't let me run some games that require the disk to be in the drive. I am forced, forced mind you, to apply illegal"no cd" fixes to play my lawfully owned games!

Overall Review: Finding fixes for Vista ought to be somebodys full time job. I know I'd pay 'em.

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Worked great12/23/2008 12:37:29 PM

Pros: Worked perfect first time Recognized by the board as 1066 without resetting the BIOS (probably board pro)

Cons: None yet. We'll see.

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Worked great12/23/2008 12:32:27 PM

Pros: Started up immediately with new Gigabyte UD3P board Graphics run fine, haven't tried high end stuff yet Video cables Half naked girl on the box cover

Cons: Wasn't free I can hear it. Worse, my wife can hear it in the next room. "Is that thing always gonna sound like that?"

Overall Review: The HUD is more showy than useful

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A new screen, wahts not to like?10/18/2008 12:42:09 PM

Pros: Perfect size for 24 inches from your face. Good packaging, worked right out of the box perfectly. Price (with rebate) is right. Neato auto adjust button, but I won't use it.

Cons: Stand is a little jicky. Rebates are tedious, why not an instant rebate? If you're honest about giving me my money back, why take it the first time?

Overall Review: Excellent deal if the rebate comes through. We'll see if I need to repost. Are you listening ASUS?

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