Great system for the money11/6/2020 9:24:43 AM

Pros: Modern, up to date Nicely packaged Great Documentation

Overall Review: This is a much better system overall and for the price than Dell now sells on their refurb site. I have purchased many of those over the years, but with prices the way they are now, I am looking for great value. I found it here from NewEgg and the system by "Joy"

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Don't Bother8/12/2015 5:00:40 AM

Pros: Came with a SATA to Molex connector (not indicated). Also a low profile bracket.

Cons: Came with a SATA to Molex connector (I ordered one separately because it was not indicated; a waste of money). Does not work. Worked once in a PCI-e x16 slot when it (finally) detected and installed the Root Hub, but otherwise showed "Device would not start" error when installing the latest driver. Tried installing with a USB 3.0 ext. HDD attached, and that got the Root Hub installed, but the drive was not detected. Moved back to the PCI-e x1 and got the same driver error.

Overall Review: Time to RMA this piece of trash and get another brand. This was all in a Dell OptiPlex 780 system, so beware.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Gary, Thank you very much for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice. We are terribly sorry for all the inconvenience our products caused to you. Please kindly replug the express card to solve the problem you mentioned. Or please kindly try the card at another computer. If it still doesn't work, can you give us a chance to send you a replacement? We really appreciate it if you can contact us via or Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. Best Regards ORICO customer care team
Dead as a doornail6/25/2013 5:16:54 AM

Pros: Nice looking unit for its age (5 years, according to Service Tag info). Appeared to have a replacement HDD (2012 date). Refurbished Win7 HP COA sticker and install disc included.

Cons: Did not POST. No signs of life other than a hiccup by the optical drive and three LEDs (maybe to indicate an error code). Based on lack of fan activity, no CPU and therefore a dead mobo.

Overall Review: Now I have to wait for RMA to arrive back and be tested before getting another (if available). This is a long turnaround and I have a customer who will need to be patient!

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Legacy only...for spare parts4/20/2013 10:09:47 AM

Pros: Made use of my IEEE 1394 port on my older Dell Laptop. I can use an old 2.5" IDE drive to make a System Recovery backup and drive image. Works great on a Mac with no additional power required beyond the FireWire cable.

Cons: IDE interface: do you have an old laptop hard drive laying around that would be good for a backup? Comes with a PS/2-style interface for the power adapter; does not work with PS/2-to-USB adapter.

Overall Review: I tried two other ways to connect this via USB. Either would not power up, or freaked out with too much v/mA. Once I connected the PS/2 adapter to my unused connector on a desktop, it finally powered up properly. Then I connect the full-size 1394 on the drive to the mini-1394 on my Dell laptop, and it saw the drive. I am running a backup and then putting it away, so it is not a terrible inconvenience. If you have an older drive and want to connect it to a Mac for Time Machine, etc., it is a MUCH BETTER DEAL!

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Works like a charm2/28/2013 12:54:35 PM

Pros: Powered up, connected to a laptop and the web interface came right up. Configured it in a few minutes. The included USB power cable let me plug it right into the back of my TV. Connected my older ROKU box to it and am now streaming Netflix over WiFi with better than expected video quality. It also came with a standard AC adapter too, so very versatile.

Cons: None, really. The device is kind of small, but not small enough to easily hide. Not heavy enough to sit still with both cables connected.

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Great Budget Board for Upgrading1/8/2010 3:20:44 PM

Pros: I used this to replace the stock board in a Gateway. Fit perfectly in the case. The AMD II quad core I bought as a combo with this installed easily, and the whole rig came back up without a hitch. I was able to add two more 2GB chips for a total of 8GB and loaded it back with Windows 7 Ultimate problems (just make sure to load all the current drivers from the included disk). I decided to use the built-in HD video (HDMI out!) for now instead of re-installing my PCI-e (gets 4.1 Aero an 5.3 business graphics from the Win HW assessment).

Cons: My old case has a 1394 port on the front, and this board is lacking support for that. That's a big loss, because I use this primarily for a media box. Also, it does not have a 15-pin VGA (DVI/HDMI only).

Overall Review: Would make for a perfect HTPC board if only for the absence of1394. I like the "quiet and cool" feature to control fan speeds if needed.

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Great Value for Budget System9/24/2008 2:12:13 PM

Pros: Has everything needed for a basic Home, Home Office or Business system. Not everyone is a gamer or multi-tasker, and this is the foundation for a system that can fit the bill. Especially good if you are rebuilding a system with older parts and want to make use of those AGP video cards and PATA drives.

Cons: 2 DIMM slots, 2 SATA slots, 2 PCI slots; Limited upgradability and CPU compatibility, so be sure you know what you are getting into here. Documentation for connecting case cables is good enough, but not great. It took a little studying to be sure, but it fired up and and ran the first time.

Overall Review: The board is pretty small. The shipping box surprised me; I thought the mobo had been forgotten. However, everything works great, I am really please with the combo deal I got on this and the AMD Athlon X2 BE-2400 CPU.

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Beautiful, Quiet, Cheap9/24/2008 1:55:48 PM

Pros: For the money, does its job and does it smoothly and quietly. I would only think about spending more if I knew I was buying a really fast CPU that requires more cooling

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Just be sure you are buying the right fan/heatsink combo for the CPU/mobo. It gets a bit confusing.

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Great Value, Looks, Performance6/26/2007 7:40:22 AM

Pros: Beautiful Display, functional keyboard/access buttons. Lightweight. Allows Video RAM allocation in BIOS. Not filled with Bloatware!! I am completely satisfied with this for the price over anything from Dell, Toshiba or HPQ.

Cons: 512 MB insufficient for Vista. Battery life seems short (1:30-2 hrs w/Vista using Aero Glass). Acer provides good documentation for XP Drivers, but installing the HD Audio Bus + Sound + Modem was a bit tricky.

Overall Review: This unit is too nice to run only Vista Basic. Find a Home Premium or Business Upgrade and add another 0.5-1.0 GB RAM (cheap on NewEgg!). OR Runs great and well supported with XP, including most of the Acer Accessory applications. This is a great "travel unit". As a secondary PC I don't need anything more. If you are a Power User, find the equivalent model with dedicated GPU and a dual core CPU. 'nuff said!

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Outstanding for Budget Systems1/21/2007 6:43:50 AM

Pros: Great all in one system for non-gaming PCs. I have built 3 home/business systems in the last month and have not had any hardware related issues with this barebones system. Once you source a specific CPU, RAM, HD and Optical Drive, this is ready to build and perform! Built-in video, LAN and sound help to keep costs down.

Cons: Non-removable Floppy Drive bezel. FD is not included, so there is no way to hide the empty slot if you choose not not to install one. 2 on-board SATA connectors; one cable provided. Mobo power connector interferes with one 3.5" bay. If you are installing two optical drives, clearance from PSU wiring will be tight. Chassis fan is noisy; consider replacing if you want a quiet system.

Overall Review: You will need to flash the BIOS if you are using any current processor (I have used two P4 HT 3GHz and one Celeron D). Download the current BIOS from ASUS site, rename to P5S800VM.ROM (all caps), copy to floppy and use Alt-F2 at boot to flash. CD included is useful for BIOS info and all necessary drivers. PCI-e 16x slot is available if you want to improve graphics and eliminate shared memory used by on-board GPU

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Best Value for Price5/20/2006 3:39:12 PM

Pros: Very well designed for a single H/D, dual Optical drive. Pleased that a Floppy is included. If you have worked with a Shuttle or other Mini/Cube, you can work on this. Space is tighter than full towers but easy enough. Integrated Sound and Video good enough for most.

Cons: Fan noise may annoy some, lacks 1394 on front panel. Only one PCI, AGP slot each (no PCI Express). Not for those who want "state of the art" architecture but don't want to pay for it.

Overall Review: If you have a bunch of spare parts and want to build a simple, cheap and fast system, this is the ticket! Socket 478 accomodates a wide variety of CPUs and DDR RAM.

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Great Value!!10/26/2005 7:08:12 AM

Comments: This board worked great on a system re-build using a two-year old Athlon XP processor! It has limited features (No 1394, AGP 2x), but can use an older power supply. Booted up perfectly the first time; only issue was the built-in C-Media AC97 sound, which is not working correctly

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