death adder3/11/2010 6:09:48 PM

Pros: Great mouse, very responsive and tracks on any non glossy surface: it even tracks on some mildly shiny surfaces. seems to track best on mono colored textured surfaces such as fine thread cloth. only buy if you need to accurately move the mouse all the way across the screen with less than a half inch of movement, people that lack a steady hand will find this mouse very frustrating to maneuver: however it's a perfect fit for me...speaking of which this is without a doubt the most comfortable right hand mouse you will ever have the honor of caressing but only for people with small to medium hands.

Cons: almost none to mention other than finger gunk sticks to the side like crazy on the thumb side and maybe that for some reason my mouse on the left click side will double click when not intended about 1 out of every 200-500 clicks. i know that this is not typical of the death adder though because i owned it's previous model so must have just gotten a sweet lemon.

Overall Review: if you play first person shooters or have a hi-res screen this this will be the best purchase you ever make... you know except for food and stuff. :)

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Not bad3/6/2009 6:23:58 AM

Pros: booted 1st time basically, it acted funny when it booted into windows but then i reset cmos and it worked perfect. just remember to reset cmos 1st

Cons: it comes in the wrong box. comes in 730a 8300 box

Overall Review: evga113-m2-e113, 7750 kuma, 4gb kingston ddr2 800 6400 low profile mem, 8800gts 320mb 320bit,500gb sata westerndigital 250gb ide westerndigital,

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