Works as Advertised7/22/2017 1:25:04 PM

Pros: Have two of these and they work great and are able to detect the power needs of the device plugged in and adjust and charge them correctly. Don't have any Apple products but have charged Samsung phones and tablets without issue, as well as a number of other devices without any problems

Cons: None, works well.

Overall Review: The only thing that keeps me wondering about this and practically every other consumer electronic device out there now is that they're made in China where true quality control takes a back seat to producing something cheaply for a quick sale. Also don't know if their claims to have passed certain standards are true or not. Being suspicious of most Chinese made products isn't paranoia given their track record, and I never leave anything plugged in while I am sleeping.

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Work Great in Dell Precision M66007/22/2017 12:35:14 PM

Pros: These work great in my Dell as this older laptop will only support up to 1600 at CAS 11. There are some faster chipsets available, but they weren't assured to work in this Dell. I have used G.Skill before and have never had any problems whatsoever. I bought 16 GB Simms rated at 1866 for a desktop and have them running at 2400 without any overheating or hiccups. I must have lucked out and got some chips with a lot more headroom than they were advertised as, and have been running stable for a year now. These are well made and did the job, and the Dell proprietary BIOS picked them up and configured them on first boot without and problems. Haven't had any crashes or anything. Even though memory is expensive now, these will get the job done and tests have shown there isn't very much difference between CAS 11 and CAS 9 so why take a chance with compatibility if your system doesn't say it is compatible.

Cons: None, work great.

Overall Review: Sometimes the manufacturer won't specify a faster chipset as being compatible, yet folks try a faster kit and they'll work. In my case this older Dell is pretty much locked down and though I read somewhere else that someone claimed they put some CAS 9 1866 memory in one of these and it worked, I am skeptical and didn't feel it was worth the potential hassle to find it wouldn't work in mine.

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Fast, Stable, and Very Easy Setup3/4/2017 12:05:09 PM

Pros: Update 3/4/17: I have had this router for a year and a half and it has performed flawlessly for all of this time. The signal stays strong even when going through a floor and walls. I have this sitting on top of an old laptop cooler and that keeps it nice and cool and I think I have only rebooted it twice in all of this time. Stable and trouble free, just they way I like my equipment. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again if I needed one, but mine is running fine with no indication that it won't continue to do so for some time into the future. I feel having it on top of the cooler has helped to extend its lifespan along with its reliability, and if the cooler dies I will get another one just for the router. =================================================================================== Just got this, but wanted to say that I am impressed with it so far. It took a couple of on/off cycles with the modem and router to get them to sync up, but once they did everything was so easy to set up as their interface is quite user friendly. It checked and then asked if I wanted to download the latest firmware and also the Genie app and ReadShare app and everything downloaded and updated without a hitch. I changed the SSID and passwords on both frequencies to match my previous router and checked and adjusted a few other settings and saved it. It could have been even more simple if I had wanted to accept their predefined SSID's and passwords for both bands. This is definitely aimed at making it very easy for folks with a wide range of technical abilities The Genie app makes it easy to get up and running and is well suited for most folks except perhaps someone who wants to have the ability to modify every possible setting which is fine as this router is aimed at the home user looking for very good performance teamed with ease of use, and NetGear has achieved that with the R6400. This appears to be very well made and signal strength is very high even in the second floor bedroom on both bands. Haven't taken a walk outside with the laptop to see how far outside it extends yet. A powerful wireless AC router with an number of contemporary features helps to make this a winner.

Cons: None so far as it is still new, but seems very stable.

Overall Review: I was a bit wary of buying from NetGear as I did not have a good experience with them in the past. Everything so far indicates that this is a well made and executed device. The router runs warm, but not hot like many others which is a real plus. I don't want to risk anything so I have it now on an old USB laptop cooler and now you can hardly feel any heat coming from it, but I think it could have run fine without this as it was only warm without the cooler. I know I am taking some risk given my past experience with NetGear, but the initial impression is that they got it right with this model. There are a number of positive reviews on other sites, however I don't put much credence in most of them as many of them are from folks who received their devices through the Friends and Family program. The router is a bit large at 7.5 x 7.75 x 2.5 inches and wedge shaped and lies horizontally, but I have the space so that isn't a problem. In one respect that size allows for some extra space inside to help with air circulation rather than cramming everything into a case barely large enough. I also have an Arris SB6183 16 channel cable modem and together with this router I am getting 60 - 62mbps on a hard wired PC and 60+ (5GHz) on a PC upstairs using and older 450/450 adapter card. My service is only 50/10 so the bonding of channels has allowed for me to get a little extra than I am paying for. Previously the best I could get whether hard wired or wireless was about 18 - 21mbps. Nice boost, but then the components weren't free either. Unless something unforeseen should happen, it looks like NetGear has hit a home run with this router.

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Looks and Works Great and Very Well Made10/19/2016 7:48:02 AM

Pros: A very sturdy design that is capable of standing up to everything short of a hammer. Transfer speeds are close to those stated, but it is not the fastest drive and that's OK considering the price is reasonable and this should last a long time. It will warm up during heavy activity and because it is metal it is more noticeable which is a good thing in that the metal casing is acting like a heat sink and is helping to dissipate heat more readily than a standard plastic case. Represents a good value for a drive that you can carry around without fear that you might damage it or lose the cap.

Cons: None to report.

Overall Review: As long as you aren't expecting this to be the fastest flash drive out there then you should like this as it will last a long time and not suddenly corrupt all of your files. This is very rugged and I just attached it to my key ring and toss it around with my keys without worry, and though the keys have scratched the surface some I don't care as long as I have it with me whenever I need it. It always works which I can't say for some other brands that I have owned that just stopped working at some point without warning.

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Works Great and Over Clocks Well9/19/2016 10:44:38 AM

Pros: Inserted these into a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H board and it booted up immediately, though only at 1600 because anything above that is considered over clocked. All I had to do was change the frequency since the stock timings were already recognized by my BIOS. i have it running comfortably at 2133 now and don't want to go any higher, though it probably would go higher. My temps are about 38 - 40C and only go up to about 44 - 45C when its being exercised and then drop right back. Normally I am not into over clocking as it usually stresses the equipment leading to premature failure. This pair of modules are working very well and do not appear to show any signs of being pushed too far at 2133 so I will keep them at that speed for now and monitor their behavior and temperatures and drop it back if there is any indication that they aren't able to handle it.

Cons: None to report, my BIOS picked them up immediately

Overall Review: This is my first pair of G.Skill memory modules, and so far they have performed very well and are stable with moderate over clocking. I have a Crucial SSD running Momentum Cache and they're holding up well. It is weird how they will run one color of the same modules on sale one time and a different color the next. If you don't care what color they are then watch for them as they do go on sale fairly often.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Not Up to Expected Asics Gel Quality, Cheapo Cushioning Materials Used9/3/2016 1:20:46 PM

Pros: Hard to say much good about shoes that lost most of their springiness within the first few wearings. The uppers still look new but they already feel like an old pair and they are just over a month old.

Cons: I have been rotating these with a couple of other Asics and have noticed that the "spring" in the cushioning has diminished markedly in just a few wearings. I no longer run so these are used for everyday wear along with low impact walking, and it is apparent that these are not of the same quality as my other Asics Gels. I only paid 27, and at that these are just passable for everyday wear if you don't have any foot problems which I do. To put it plainly the "newness" went away after just the first few wearings. The uppers are holding out fine, but the reason why I get Asics Gels is for that extra padding and support for my well worn dogs, and this model simply is not anywhere close to the expected Asics Gel quality. After owning them for a bit over a month and wearing them less than 10 times I would now say don't spend more than $25, and expect that they are really low end shoes and meant for general wear at best and wouldn't be suitable for running unless you like pounding your feet and knees into submission. These are about the same quality as I would expect from no-name shoes at a discount retailer, definitely not up to the Asics quality that I have become accustomed to.

Overall Review: I hope that the quality of these shoes is not going to be a predictor of the rest of their lineup in the future. I know this color probably wasn't their most favorable and thought that is probably why I got them on a deal, but now am wondering that Asics is aware that these were made with inferior materials and they're just trying to move them out. Buyer beware, and unless they would have paid for shipping them back, it wouldn't be worth it. Asics Gels have been what I have been buying for years, but this pair has me thinking that they're now going with the cheapest Chinese manufacturer that they can find. This might provide additional profits in the beginning, but over the long haul their loyal customers will start to go with alternatives and they'll just become an "also ran" instead of a preferred brand, rather short sighted economics.

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Good Solid Design8/30/2016 1:52:03 PM

Pros: Update 8-30: Liked this so much that I ordered a second one for another case. It is a very basic design that does the job and even better when it is on sale for under 5 bucks. Even if the fan dies, the SSD will still be mounted and working, and most any other adapter even without a fan costs more, and it doesn't have to be made of super heavy duty materials since the SSD weighs so little. It is made from metal which means it should be trouble free. The fan is quiet, and I hope that it stays that way. In general light usage most SSD's won't get very warm, however any sustained activity that is accessing the drive often and over a period of time like large file transfers can cause them to get quite warm and that is where having a small cooling fan pays off. The price of this adapter is very low considering what you may have paid for your SSD, so why wouldn't you want to do whatever you can to help maintain it and extend its lifespan?

Cons: None, works well and provides good value.

Overall Review: Another reviewer mentioned that you really don't need a fan to cool your SSD as they don't get hot. In light duty web browsing this is a true statement, however anything that you do that is accessing the drive continuously for a period of time is going to cause it to get warm, possibly even hot and it will remain so for a period of time after that activity stops. It is at these times that having a fan can help out, especially considering that you bought your SSD to get high speed access to everything. What happens with most modern SSD's when they start to warm up is that the thermal protection scheme that the manufacturer has implemented will kick in where it starts slowing everything down to help protect the drive, lower the temperature, and extend its lifespan. By not keeping you drive as cool as possible you may be potentially shortening its life along with causing it to slow down when the thermal protection kicks in which sort of defeats one of the main reasons for getting a SSD -- high speed.

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Great Replacement for Stock Fan8/9/2016 7:28:07 AM

Pros: This is a very good replacement for the cheap original equipment fan that comes on the Intel 1150 processors. What is especially nice is that it has about twice the size cooling fins and the fan runs very smoothly and quietly. I recently replaced my motherboard and the cheap push pins on the stock fan didn't fare so well being removed and used again so I got this and am very happy with it as it dropped my idle temperature by about 4 - 5 degrees. The mounting system with the spring loaded screws and backplate make for a very secure mount that will never loosen up. The only downside might be if you already have your mother board installed in your case and if it doesn't allow access to the CPU backplate then you will need to remove the motherboard in order to mount the fan and its backplate. The trade off is that you end up with a fan that moves more air and dissipates more heat while making less noise. I was going to scrape off the thermal paste that comes with it and replace it with some Arctic Silver, but after trying their thermal paste I don't see the need for it.

Cons: None, this is an inexpensive alternative to the original fan that works better and is quieter.

Overall Review: The only inconvenience is if your case doesn't allow access to the CPU backplate area then you will need to pull the board in order to install this. It is very well made and is a great alternative to a stock fan and is rated to provide sufficient cooling for processors up to 95W, though if you are a heavy gamer you probably will want something more robust than this, perhaps even water cooling, but for everyday browsing, streaming, and light to medium gaming this one should suffice.

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Works Great, Improved Signal, Simple Installation2/27/2016 11:00:32 AM

Pros: 2/27/16 Update: Have had this adapter going on 3 years and never had any problems with it. In an upstairs bedroom through a couple of walls and a floor my connection stays pegged at 450mbps on the 5GHz band and never drops. I pay for a 60/10 service and Speedtest shows that I consistently get from 58.5 - 62.3 Mbps download. A while back I bought a NetGear AC1750 router and decided to upgrade this card to a TP-Link T8E and boy was I disappointed with that card. Within about 5 weeks it could never connect any better than about 230 and it would just start throttling back down sometimes to about 3.5Mbps! On a good day it might hang out most of the time at 87, though the minute I would do anything like go to a new page from my browser it would dip down to teens and below. I finally pulled the card and reinstalled this one and am back at a solid 450Mbps that doesn't throttle back. TP-Link support said they would RMA it, but I am still waiting on that. The reason why I got the T8E was to get higher speeds and also that this card is at the end of its life cycle and may not be supported with Win 10. I am currently at Win 7 but will be upgrading before the July cutoff. I have bought several TP-Link adapters over the years and the T8E was the only one that didn't perform well and I am hoping that the replacement will work as it should. This is an excellent card and if there are drivers for Windows 10 then the only reason to replace it would be for a faster card, hopefully one that works as good as this one. Bought this to replace an older card that would never get me more than 3 bars on the second floor and was causing periodic delays. Installation couldn't have been easier in Window 7 64bit. I loaded the driver and set up the security and now it connects with 5 bars and those "delays" have cleared up. <br><br>It has been less than a week but it has worked extremely well. The newest driver for this card on their website is from 2011, though that doesn't matter since it works. Overall it seems well worth the price.

Cons: None, this card is still going strong after almost 3 years in service.

Overall Review: So far it has been great and has worked perfectly without a hitch. Re-ccnnection to the network whenever the PC is waking up is less than half the time that my old card was taking. <br><br>I don't have a Dual Band N router so I cannot say anything about that, but it is working fine with my old trusty WRT-54GL.

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Good Medium Duty Top Mount PSU12/21/2015 7:02:10 AM

Pros: This is a solid no frills PSU for any low/medium build system in a case that takes a top mounted power supply. This is not meant to handle a high powered system as evidenced by a single rail with 4 SATA connections and no PCI-E connection. If this fits your needs, then this is a well built unit designed to supply clean power with a fan that is very quiet. It is made by a reputable company and top mounted PSU's are becoming more difficult to find as many of the remaining ones are no name bottom of the line cheap ones that may end up harming your equipment.

Cons: No cons, but understand that this is an OEM PSU which means it comes in bubble wrap and doesn't have a cord or any mounting screws. If you need any of those, then look for a full Retail packaged PSU.

Overall Review: As long as you understand what you are getting (and not getting) then this is an excellent choice for a low/medium build that doesn't require a lot of connections. I got this to replace an Antec "Green" power conserving PSU that went south exactly at the two year mark which matched its warranty. That's the second Antec that didn't last very long and the last I will buy from them as I have had no-name PSU's that have lasted longer. I don't want to have to buy a new case just because the majority of name brand PSU's are now designed for bottom mounting. The hope is that the traditional Seasonic quality is also applied to this lower level PSU, and only time will tell.

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Need Correct Driver for Windows 1010/26/2015 8:48:44 AM

Pros: This adapter will work under Windows 10, however TP-Link hasn't supplied the driver for it. You will need to load it yourself. This needs the Realtek RTL8821AU wireless USB LAN driver. There is one in Windows 10 if you want to find it and load it. You can also go to the Realtek website and get the driver or online at driverscape. Once you get it running it works very well in AC mode.

Cons: It is shameful that TP-Link has not updated their drivers to include the one that works with Windows 10 since so many folks are upgrading to the new free operating system, and will continue to.

Overall Review: Difficult to understand why they don't mention the brand chipset they use and that even though they are lax in updating their software support, you can obtain the driver yourself and install it. Not everyone is able to do that, and this is why they should have supplied an installation script with the correct driver(s) for whatever version of Windows you had so this adapter would appeal to a broader audience.

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Great 16 Channel Modem8/31/2015 12:33:47 PM

Pros: This is a great cable modem with the ability to bond multiple channel to enable full utilization of the Docsis 3.0 specification to maximize throughput. The Arris/Motorola lineup of modems is the de facto standard and are compatible with most all cable vendor's equipment. This costs more than a 4 or 8 channel model, but the difference is that you will get the full speed you are paying for and for the time being it is "future proof" though that is a moving target with a fairly short interval before newer technology surpasses it.

Cons: None, wish it cost less but it is a high demand item so they don't need to lower the price now.

Overall Review: Works very well with my Cox cable service and all I had to do was register the device with Cox and they provisioned it and it was up and running without needing anything else. As with most modems it does run on the warm but not quite hot side which is always a bit troublesome from a longevity standpoint so I hooked up a very small USB fan off my PC and it is enough to keep it nice and cool to the touch. Wonder why they didn't build it with a small laptop fan to help with circulation. Buy this with confidence that it will work correctly as the cable company sells this same model as their recommended high end modem for their fastest service plans.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Chicken or Egg8/24/2015 8:31:47 PM

Pros: This is probably the closest thing to the defacto standard for cable modems there is out there. It just works as advertised and was simple to set up and configure and for the first 10 months I think it rebooted once when we lost power.

Cons: None at the moment. By the way this runs quite warm, borderline hot might be a closer description, and the sides and top are a wide open mesh that gives good passive ventilation as there is no fan.

Overall Review: Here's where the chicken and egg thing comes in. Lately my network has been slowing down or hanging connections. If I try just rebooting my router alone it often doesn't make much difference, however if I also reboot the modem and the router then things will return to normal for some indeterminate time. The problem is I no longer have a spare router to toss in there to see if the problem is with the router or the modem. Since the router is an older dual band I may just go ahead and upgrade that, though it may still not solve anything if my real problem is with the modem. I also run an Ooma phone over IP on this and it breaks up from time to time and I'll have to hang up and reestablish a new connection. The Ooma and the modem were bought 10 months ago. I have a 50Mbs connection through Cox which was a brand new install so all cabling is new from the box to the house and its the latest spec. They also would like to sell me their version of phone over IP so who knows if they are doing anything to cause interference. Hard to trust any corporation these days. Regardless, I don't have an extra router or modem so I am left flipping a coin as to which one may the culpret and I am leaning toward my older dual band being on the way out. Wish new equipment like routers were built like my old WRT54 which never failed in 6 years, but just got old technologically. It also doesn't seem to hold true that if you buy an expensive feature laden router that it will last any longer. If you get 1 - 2 years that seems to be about it for a lot of the routers built today in China but with a brand name on the outside.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Good Basic Keyboard/Mouse7/16/2015 12:30:25 PM

Pros: Have had this combination for a long time on one of my computers and though this is just a no-frills basic keyboard and mouse, it has worked perfectly since day one. There are better keyboards/mice with more functions, but they won't come in at this price level. Just depends on what your expectations are.

Cons: None, does exactly what it was designed for.

Overall Review: I know some folks have complained about the paint on the keys wearing off quickly, and I have seen that before on other inexpensive keyboards. What I have done for some time is to carefully paint all of the keys on a new keyboard with a thin coat of clear polyurethane. Granted this will take some time and attention to detail, but the paint won't come off the keys when you're finished. If you apply it with a thin artist brush very lightly and slightly thinned then you won't even notice that it is there except that your keys will look like new for years. Don't rush the drying process, give it a solid 24 hrs to completely dry and harden.

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Great Sound and Solid Construction7/7/2015 1:59:08 PM

Pros: I have had a pair of these for two years and use them as the rear speakers in a home surround system where there was limited space and they sound great. These are very well made and provide excellent clarity and sound at a reasonable cost. The cabinetry isn't bad but it isn't furniture grade wood either, but for the money these speakers are likely to please as they can throw out decent volume and considering their size they go fairly low as well.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: If you are looking for some speakers that sound pretty good and don't have a lot of space or money, then these speakers provide better sound than you might expect for a bit more than a hundred bucks. I have a BIC F12 subwoofer as well and it too preforms better than you would expect for the money. The cabinets aren't bad, just your basic laminate fake dark wood that is expected in this price range as the money spent is more for the sound than the looks. Bic may not be a household name but they have been building speakers for decades and maintain a good price to value ratio.

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One Year and Still Going Strong2/10/2015 8:58:26 AM

Pros: I just wanted to provide some feedback on this router as I have had it for a year now and am still very satisfied with it. I have only had to reboot it a few times and most all of them were related to my DSL provider. I have since switch over to high speed cable and it has been rock solid and was reboot only once when I accidentally knocked the power off.

Cons: None, has been very reliable with a consistently strong signal on both bands.

Overall Review: I like equipment that just does what it is supposed to do without problems, and this router sure fits the bill. I was able to configure the front switch to allow for me to turn off the wireless when I am not using it which is a good security practice. Haven't had any problems with it keeping up with several computers hooked up, and two TV's streaming different HD movies.

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Very Capable and Works Great2/7/2015 9:15:02 AM

Pros: This multifunction printer works very well and though it is a little tall, its footprint is only a bit larger that the compact Brother laser printer it replaced. Print quality has been very good and you can adjust the dpi if you prefer to have something as a "draft" and it is still pretty good and saves toner. Being able to print duplex is a real plus. You can connect this via USB, ethernet, or wireless depending on what you prefer, those cables are not included. Haven't had any problems with it in its first month of use and it warms up and prints quickly, and goes back to sleep drawing a mere trickle. Many have mentioned the LED display and they're right it isn't very bright, but I am willing to live with it for the few times I need to look at it especially considering I got this very capable MFC for 129 shipped.

Cons: None to report at this time.

Overall Review: Really don't have any complaints at all. It does everything that it is designed to do without any problems. There are other models that provide a few more features, however you may want to weigh how important those extra features may be for you as there often is a considerable bump in the price. Quality third party high capacity toner cartridges are available at reasonable prices, and I have used several brands over the years without incidence in 3 other Brother Laser printers that I've had. Brother printers hold up well and represent a very good value. Check out the price of consumables for a Samsung or Cannon MFC to get an idea. If you are interested in this MFC, then check around for a while as I have seen fluctuations of as much as $45 in a single day. As with the other Brother laser printers I have owned, they all have worked well and though the models I have bought may not have had the highest specs in their category, all have continued working for years without problems and consumables were a lot less than competitors. A lot of value and utility is packed into this economical package.

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Very Pretty, Well Made1/8/2015 6:40:48 PM

Pros: Bought these on sale and wasn't certain what to expect, but they were very pretty with a good deep color and the cut with the white gold backing made them sparkle from almost any angle. My wife loved them and has worn them since, and has received several compliments. They weren't as big as I had thought and I am glad as they're just the right size.

Cons: None, they are as advertised

Overall Review: Hard to tell buying something like this from just a picture, and I think the number of favorable reviews helped me to decide. The only thing that they didn't do which was a small surprise but didn't diminish the value is they didn't come in a presentation box. Not a biggie since the first thing you do is pull them out and throw the box away. Would buy again from this seller.

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Makes a Great Center Channel Speaker12/17/2014 8:00:14 AM

Pros: I have had this for over a year and it has been a wonderful addition to a 7.1 home theater. This really projects the dialogue out from a movie well enough to be heard despite various explosions coming out of the other speakers and the sub woofer rumbling out the low end. I am a big fan of the horn tweeter and the overall sensitivity and clarity of this speaker. Hard to believe it sounds as good as it does for the price.

Cons: None, but do be aware that it isn't small

Overall Review: This speaker is designed so that it can also be used as front speakers and has both horizontal and vertical mounting clips on the back. From an appearance standpoint with the cover on this is rather spartan, though that doesn't bother me as I got for its performance and not for its looks. Taking off the grille does give it an aggressive look with the horn surrounded by two large speakers. There are better looking speakers that cost considerably more, but this speaker delivers where it counts with its clean sound along with the ability to project through all of the cacophony that movies tend to blend in today passing it off as "special effects". At this price its in a class by itself and I would buy it again if I needed one.

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Good Reliable Portable Drive11/24/2014 7:47:55 AM

Pros: Had one of these for over a year and it has worked fine without and problems. I had been a bit shy with buying Seagate again as I had been burned on a couple of their drive and found their "customer service" to be less than stellar. This drive works well and its speed is about average for a USB 2 drive. The cable is short, but none of them come with a long cable.

Cons: None to report.

Overall Review: I just wanted to clarify something that a previous reviewer said about the "click of death" and the drive being power hungry. This drive isn't any more power hungry than my Passport terabyte drive and both with do the "click of death" when connected to unpowered hub, but this has to do with the actual power available along with the drive requirements. The USB 2.0 spec says that it should supply "up to" 500ma and the USB 3.0 spec says "up to" 900ma. Most but not all modern USB controllers will provide this amount. The manufacturers are hard pressed to provide a mechanical hard drive that can operate with so little power and that's why the cord is always short to cut down on loss as they're so close to the limit that doubling the cord length can be enough to prevent it from working. Unless you are going to buy a powered USB hub, adding a longer cable usually will drop the power threshold down to "click of death" level. There are external drives that come with a power supply, but the tradeoff is the extra bulk of carrying that around. I like the convenience of a physically small drive and can live with the short cord.

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Excellent Budget Mid-Tower Case11/8/2014 5:02:15 PM

Pros: A very practical and well made case for this price range. There is plenty of room for several drives, and my full ATX motherboard dropped right in without any problems. The front panel wiring easily reached everything. There isn't any provision for cable management, but it isn't anything that a couple of tie wraps can't fix. The front panel USB is 2.0 rather than 3.0, though that's not unusual for a budget case. Some have complained about the metal being too thin, though it isn't as hefty as some it is certainly adequate for the task of mounting the hardware and I don't intend to sit or stand on it so it should be fine. One thing that they did do was to provide quality Power and Reset switches that have a nice firm feel and a distinctive click when pushed leaving the impression that they will be long lived. This is a no frills case that simply does all of the basics without the fancy colors and blinking lights. The rear fan is large and quiet.

Cons: None, represents a very good value

Overall Review: At 35 bucks this is a good case that will provide good service and should be fine for most builds, it just does it without any flashy lights or color schemes which is fine for me as it sits under my desk. I like the top mounting for the PSU, as I already had a couple of them and don't see the point of buying a new one that can be mounted at the bottom. I've never knocked one over because of it supposedly being top heavy, but then again its on the floor under the desk. Just a good basic black Mid-Tower case that should be sufficient for most situations as long as you don't care about it being fancy.

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Nice Low Cost Chip11/8/2014 10:30:11 AM

Pros: Bought this on sale for 55 bucks and it is a great little chip for all around use, and low - medium gaming especially with an external graphics card, but that wasn't why I got it. The built in graphics are OK, but with a separate graphics card it all works a lot better. If you want, this will easily overclock to 4.0 and remain stable, though you'd be pushing both the chip and the stock fan-heatsink to the limits, and it doesn't make much sense to invest in an after market cooler for a chip at this end of the spectrum. For the price it offers a lot of value for a general purpose PC. It also uses very little power and has a very low heat signature.

Cons: None, excellent value and Intel reliable.

Overall Review: If you're looking for putting together an inexpensive build that can do most anything short of heavy duty gaming or CAD this chip might just fit the bill at a rock bottom price. I wouldn't recommend running it at maximum overclocked speed, though I'd say the same for any chip. Given what it is, this processor is a pleasant surprise.

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Black Good as Gold11/6/2014 7:37:33 PM

Pros: I bought my first Black drive in 2009 and it is still running without a glitch. I have 6 now and have never had a single problem with any of them. They just run and run, and never corrupt my data. They might not measure up as the fastest hard drive out there, but their durability certainly makes them a winner.

Cons: None, never had a lick of problems with any of them.

Overall Review: Considering that they don't cost much more than other drives, they represent a good bet for something that will last a long time without crapping out or losing your data. As best I can tell they are still making them as well as ever, though 3 of these drives are a bit less than 2 years old, but don't show any signs of getting ready to bite the dust. My first Black drive was a 640 GB drive and it is still running and not causing any problems. I've been burned by a few Seagates and now stick with WD, and even have a pair of Blues that are over 6 years old and still running.

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Great Stable Memory11/5/2014 12:48:18 PM

Pros: Bought this pair on sale and dropped it into an MSI Z87-G41 PC Mate board and enabled XMP and it was running at full speed. I have overclocked it just to 1866 for a while and it ran without any issues. This is my second purchase of Team memory as I bought 8 GB of Vulcan memory last year and never have had a lick of trouble with it and both of these modules run cool to the touch. Not expecting any problems as they're 100% compatible and have shown to be reliable and appear well built.

Cons: None to report.

Overall Review: This is my second purchase of Team memory and they work perfectly without any problems. I am often skeptical when hearing about memory problems some folks report as some will overclock the heck out of them and then complain if they fail. I tested the ability to overclock, but have since put them back to standard setting and voltage to ensure longer life. If I wanted memory to run at a high overclock, then I would have spent more and bought some that had been tested by the manufacturer to run at that speed rather than pushing something that hadn't been certified to run at such a high speed. My experience with Team memory has been that they run great and are reliable..

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Great No Frills Z87 Board11/3/2014 8:57:01 PM

Pros: Bought this on sale plus it had a 30% coupon and a rebate which for a full sized board like this is hard to beat. Dropped in a G3258 and 8 GB of memory all for under 180 bucks and completed the build with some spare parts. Possibly the easiest build I have ever had as it was up and running in no time. There were no hitches and it has run great since. The G3258 will overclock easily to 4 GHz and be completely stable and I bumped the Team Zeus memory to 1866 without any problems. The CPU remained around 60C most of the time with a stock cooler and a couple of case fans moving some air. through For the money, this board works very good and provides a lot of value. I like the logical MCI bios and their LiveUpdate utility made updating to the latest bios a breeze since the board I got had V1.5 and the latest version was V1.8. It also will check and update any other drivers if you choose to do so.

Cons: None to report.

Overall Review: The board is very stable which is a nice attribute, and I might buy another one and drop in a faster processor. There are two things that I have noticed. First, the heatsink on Z87 chip is pretty wimpy and it runs on the hot side, though not out of spec. The second thing is a design flaw where the engineers placed the onboard USB 3.0 connection virtually bumping up against the 24 Pin Main Power connection making it impossible to plug in a normal case USB 3.0 plug. Given that this is a full sized board with a lot of real estate available, they could have found a much better placement. Good air movement will keep the Z87 from overheating, but short of cutting most of the USB 3.0 plug away and probably destroying it, there isn't any way to plug it in. If there is any kind of narrow adapter out there, then I'd sure like to know. Despite this minor drawback, the pluses of this board especially at this price level are unbeatable. This board is probably going to be discontinued in the future since the Z97 is becoming mainstream. Nothing to worry about with most of the current Haswells.

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