Could be better11/7/2012 12:19:50 PM

Pros: Good wireless range.

Cons: Blue backlight was pointless as the printing on the keys were too small to read, red lighting may help. Section of the keyboard was dark due to a burned out led anyway. Trackball moved with the slightest touch, very sensitive. Thumb needed to be kept on the ball to guarantee cursor positioning on screen. Having to hit esc as a secondary key was a mistake in design.

Overall Review: Small, good range, but a cheap feel and design flaws leave a lot to be desired.

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Manufacturer Response:
First, thank you for choosing IOGEAR and we apologize for your experience. The product should not behave as you described. Since the unit is backed by IOGEAR's 3 year warranty feel free to contact our customer support at 1-866-946-4327 or email us: I will forward your comments to the product manager for review. Again, thank you for choosing IOGEAR.
Very freakin nice!!!2/19/2010 2:25:30 PM

Pros: Deep, rich sound, switches perfectly in Ubuntu 9.10

Cons: absolutely none

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Do NOT Expect Support from Zalman!8/22/2008 9:38:31 AM

Pros: Looks pretty

Cons: The touch screen on the first revision model I bought did not work with Vista even though Zalman said it would. Also, the IR receiver that is built into the case doesn't work with Vista Media Center. I spent weeks trying to get someone from Zalman to respond but received nothing. Their forums were filled with irate customers who had the same issues and same lack of response or help. To this day they have still not supported their first revision of this hardware and I have all but given up on making the touch screen work.

Overall Review: If you are going to buy a $500+ case be sure to research the tech support first. Zalman should stick to cooling fans if they are not going to provide proper support for any of their other products. Hopefully this post will keep at least one person from making the same mistake that I did. Look elseware for a HTPC case.

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