So far so good. Big slow hard drive.8/25/2017 9:08:23 AM

Pros: -Very quiet - can't really hear it inside my PC -4TB of space -Read/writes are not unreasonably slow -Worked out of the box -Cheap at under $100

Cons: -Not for storing games -Doesn't come with a SATA cable

Overall Review: -I use this for video storage so my PC can also work as a media server. It's faster than the external hard drive I was using, and it's among the cheapest 4TB internal drives I could find. -I will update if I have any reliability concerns.

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Decent budget motherboard. Consider spending more if you plan on overclocking.5/11/2017 1:34:20 PM

Pros: Easy to use, and everything worked properly out of the box. Cheap motherboard with new features. Has an M2 slot and pretty much every connector you'd expect on a new motherboard.

Cons: It advertises USB 3.1, but it's Gen 1 instead of Gen 2 (which means it's regular USB 3 speeds, not the faster kind). Does not fit all of the screws to mount on my S340 case so it hangs on the right side. There is no option for loadline calibration (I contacted MSI and they told me to buy a new board). Audio quality isn't great. Would benefit from an extra M2 slot.

Overall Review: It's a good, cheap motherboard if you aren't planning on overclocking and aren't super concerned with audio quality.

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