Shuffle6/15/2021 8:06:44 AM

Pros: - Strong performance - Unique Color Scheme.

Cons: - 8GB

Overall Review: Pairing it with the Asrock Taichi B550 and Royal gold memory. Landed this for my brother whos retiring from the military and needs a new hobby after 15 years. Im both thankful and happy to have received a chance and won it.

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Paired with the 9900k11/10/2019 10:10:33 AM

Pros: - Works perfectly by enabling the XMP profile. No hiccups, no issues.... just a simple DEL to enter bios and mouse click to enable xmp.

Overall Review: If this works out of box with AMD or Intel at advertised speeds it's top notch and was priced significantly cheaper than other 32gb ddr4 3600 kits.

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10/104/12/2019 5:20:25 PM

Pros: The 1st Ddr4 4000 kit that worked with the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite. Clicked XMP. It loaded 1.35 volts even with the 9900k @ 5ghz. Great ram. Also the cheapest 16gb 4000 kit.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Considering trying another set to see if 32GB work.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear customer, Thank you for your 5-eggs review! And thank you for choosing Team's product! We also have other great products, feel free to check other TEAM products on Newegg! Feel free to contact us directly if you have any question about the products. We will assure that our customer always gets high-quality goods and excellent customer services from us. We would be happy to hear from you Technical support email: RMA email: TEAM GROUP
Day One Review7/19/2017 1:09:32 PM

Pros: - Vibrant Colors out of the box - Vivid image, Can't notice any PPI (Pixel Per Inch) problems. The PPI is better than a 24" 1080p monitor. - Plenty of high end features although I'm pairing the display with a GTX 1080TI - Paid 550$

Cons: - The stand is horrible. I have a Autonomous desk and good thing I didn't get the indented model... there would be no room for a keyboard/mouse. So basically use a VESA mount. My Desk is 29.5" deep and the monitor extenders over half of it. - Windows HDR is garbage after the latest update "Creators Update" out of the box the screen was multi colored lines and off center... I thought the monitor was damaged in shipping but pressed the OSD button and noticed it had no visual problems. This let me know Windows was the problem. I right clicked on the desktop (Barely able to make out any words) and went off my memory of where display settings was. I could see the HDR bar and turned it off. All problems solved. (This was with the DP cable) Did not try the HDMI cable. - Turning the response speed to anything above standard ruins the vibrancy of the monitors colors so I'll be moving forth without messing with that setting.

Overall Review: Anytime you're playing with technology on the fore front of advancing the standard there will be early adopter problems. I prefer a bright screen so I've grown accustomed to leaving certain features off on each monitor. This one is response time on others it was other settings. Something always cripples the color vibrancy and from reading reviews most people use a lower brightness than I do so to you it may be fine... Other than the stand, windows, and that one setting this monitor is so far amazing. Samsung may be falling off to Sony and LG in the T.V. hemisphere they're still pushing the envelope here. Will be putting in some H1Z1 and PU Battlegrounds time in today... if there are any hindering problems I will update and let the public know. Update: I first played with just this monitor and noticed it took a small bit to adjust to the much larger viewing plane over a 27". After breaking my kill records in h1z1 and PUBG, I plugged the ASUS PG279Q up next to it. Off the bat the colors were so much better on the Samsung. The PG279Q actually seemed washed out because I had to add brightness to it. Now the important comparison is input lag... I've never heard of Samsung breaking any records for low input lag but I couldn't notice a difference. I can only assume if someone did a scientific study the PG279Q which is tied with the Acer Predator XB271HU which are both considered the best overall gaming monitors would be a minor amount faster. Again with the monitors side by side I did not notice a difference... it's definitely fast enough for competitive gaming.

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The white light at the end of the Tunnel6/28/2017 3:52:53 AM

Pros: Pros: - Larger than advertised. Fits the MSI Godlike Carbon mobo without an issue which is E-ATX , not advertised as compatible with this case. - They added a single cable cutout in the shroud which helps a lot. I had actually returned the previous iteration for lacking that feature. If you pay 179.99 they should be required to do the small things such as a cable cutout. -Spacious allowing for great air movement and GPU cooling. My EVGA 1080ti SC2 was running hot in the NZXT S340 Elite, changing cases and thermal paste got the temps down 15c. - Enough holes in the front that allowed me to attach a 280mm rad to it while the 3 120mm fans are there. This is exchange allowed me to use the 2 140mm fans that came with the AIO as pull fans for hot air removal.

Cons: Cons: - Not a second cutout in the shroud. - Not enough effort put forth for cable management.

Overall Review: This case is beautiful and it's design actually matches the shroud of the EVGA 1080ti SC cards.

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Great CPU IF...6/13/2017 3:22:26 PM

Pros: Intel so game engines and all games are currently designed around this architecture. In gaming this processor will net you 30+ FPS over a Ryzen 1700 at 4.0 GHZ.

Cons: - It's the weak silicon chip and you should just get the 6850k.

Overall Review: It's a great CPU if a mid 300's is the max of your budget but the aspect that needs to be considered is the 6800k was considered a weaker silicon chip than the 6850k and most of the golden chips are most likely off the market by this point so get this only if your expectation is stock or 4.0-4.1 OC at most. I received a chip was blue screened with any even pre-set OC. Replaced it with a 6850k and now I'm at 4.5 GHZ stable. 369$ vs 479$ and combo deals make them even cheaper. Enjoy.

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When it's under 500$ It's amazing6/13/2017 5:51:30 AM

Pros: 4.3 @ 1.275 4.4 @ 1.325 4.5 @ 1.375 This processor is a beast. I bought it after receiving a gimped 6800k and decided to stop playing the lottery and spend the extra to go up the silicon ladder. It worked perfectly.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought this after buying into Ryzen. I had a 1700 that could achieve 4.0 therefore considered "Golden" but didn't like how a majority of gaming engines and released games gave the Ryzen chip about 30 FPS less when paired with a GTX 1080ti compared to a friends 6700k (Not OCed) with a GTX 1080. Well I have eliminated that gap and still have the multi-tasking power.

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Everything it should be. 71c under full load running benchmarks.5/6/2017 11:07:44 AM

Pros: - The FE version hits 85+c under load... in the NZXT S340Elite case ... This one struggles to hit 72. - Powerful out of the box... Pairing this with Ryzen 1700 (3.9Ghz OC) I score around a I7 6700k 4.8ghz OC with EVGA SC 1070 SLI numbers. The 1070's were OC'd to the max but I do not remember what those clocks were. - It's so quiet compared to other cards.

Cons: - Pascal limits OCability but to play devils advocate it's amazing for anyone who doesn't want to OC. 125mhz base and 250-300 memory isn't a big gain so people can jump on this and get amazing performance out of the box.

Overall Review: EVGA is a brand I trust and will continue to spend money on. If you bought a EVGA card in the last 90 days feel free to use the EVGA stepup program to swap for a 1080ti.

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Amazing4/12/2017 11:52:53 AM

Pros: - Price to performance is top notch - There are detailed claw marks/ ripped metal on the IO shield. Looks absolutely beautiful - White LEDs on the back of the mobo giving it a nice edge glow. - Samsung 960 Evo M.2 works at full speed. - OC'd 1700 to 3.9 at 3.5 no questions asked. - G.SKILL TridentZ Series Black/White ran at 3200 speeds no problems. - Pairs with NZXT Kraken x62 without any ram slot interference.

Cons: - No debug LED - The mobo LED on the left side is suppose to be white, looks yellowish and can't be turned off without turning all LEDs off.

Overall Review: MSI is updating their bios which should open the way for DDR4 3600 ram. Based on release dates it would seem this will be one of the last boards to receive the update. On a positive note you can get any of the compatible ram sticks at 3600 and just down clock it to 3200.

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EVGA, The only path for FE3/27/2017 7:58:03 PM

Pros: - It's a 699$ Titan XP - EVGA Trade up allows me to swap this for an aftermarket card for the price difference + shipping. - Bought this for the 699$ retail the moment it showed up in stock.

Cons: Temps? but there are no cons to me. I knew what I was getting.

Overall Review: It's a shame other companies are trying to price gouge so heavily. There are so many units being sold for 200-400$ markups it's almost like everyone who wanted one would have got one if there weren't these companies buying out the stocks to over charge everyone.

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Functional but no value over the SC 3.011/28/2016 12:08:54 AM

Pros: - 1 of 2 cards did a little better overall than the minor step down of the SC version. - Blues look good - GTX 1070 overall is an amazing card and EVGA's card do perform

Cons: - Colors are washed out, whites are blue - 1 card performed substantially crappier than the GTX 1070 SC. EVGA experts on their forum said it's the silicon lottery... Just get the SC version if you're set on EVGA... amazing card. - Uses 2 8 pins compared to 1 8 pin for power of the SC version... minor performance gain? Not worth the extra power. - Heat issues, another lottery to play and I lost.

Overall Review: GTX 1070 is an amazing card and a far better value than the GTX 1080 at 1080p and 1440p. GTX 1080 shines at 3440x1440 and 4k. If you want 100+ fps on the crazily demanding titles at higher resolutions tweak a few settings like shadows which is pointless in difference from ultra to High and boom. Amazing overall card but I'd recommend the SC Version from EVGA over this unless you need the LEDs for a specific look. Less power and overall more efficient.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I would like to thank you for your feedback about your EVGA GTX 1070 graphics card. If the RGB LED colors do seem off then I would encourage you to contact our 24 hour Support team by phone 1.888.881.3842 and pressing option 1 or by email: so that we can further assist you. Sincerely, EVGA Customer Support
Superior Cooling & Quiet11/27/2016 11:59:22 PM

Pros: I have a Thermaltake Core P3 Open Chassis case. I have these set to run at 70% and I can barely hear them. What kind of witchcraft is this?? I have a GTX 1080 SeaHawk which is an AIO... I have it at it's maximum OC and use this to cool it... it doesn't go above 40c in Benchmarks??? WOW! Buy it. Also it's LED are better than prior generations.

Cons: They should just be RGB but whatevs

Overall Review: Thermaltake also released new fans for 29.99 which superior LEDs which I haven't tested but I see no fathomable way they compete with the low noise. The performance these offer are light years beyond prior generations.

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Winter is Coming11/27/2016 11:50:10 PM

Pros: Current OC: Core Clock +180 Memory Clock +750 Power Limit 105 the temp tops at 40c in Firestrike (I bought the new Magnetic Corsair Pro LED fan to power it) running at a set 70% and it's quiet as F. The black and white scheme match my build. There is no point in OCing the memory to 750... you get the same results as 650.

Cons: - The picture clearly shows a black connector plate... mine is silver. WTF - Can't seem to hit 20,000 in FireStrike 19700 is the highest.

Overall Review: The new corsair fans(ML120 Pro) are a must... the LEDs are better(Have non-LED ones if you require) they are QUIET at a set 70% load... my GPU doesn't go over 40c in benchmarks.

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A lot of comfort for less in this genre11/14/2016 9:24:06 AM

Pros: 6 foot 200 lbs and this chair works great, right now I'm sitting indian style in it. It's important because I read this model was for 5'9 people. I fit perfectly. Bought it for 204 and I find it light years more comfortable than my GTOmega that I paid 270-280 for.

Cons: No way of leaning back and locking it like the far more expensive models.

Overall Review: 3d arms in other models (GTOmega from my experience) are just annoying.

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Bought it for the beauty10/12/2016 5:40:12 AM

Pros: - LED Front Panel - Tempered Glass Look - Innovative

Cons: - Feels like a small mid-tower, things are a tight fit and cable management is challenging.

Overall Review: The instructions for the LED front panel are vague so here's how you hook it up to a non-RGB Aura mobo. Connect the USB end to the top row of your USB 2.0 slot and also connect the SATA end to a SATA connector. Both are required to power it (I find this weird) You will then connect the 4 pin male to the 4 pin female from the front panel. Make sure the HALO software is downloaded from the InWin 805i page. To connect the second LED strip you will need to remove the adapters additional 4 pens; turning it into a female; for it to hook up to the second LED strip.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Michael , Thank you for your feedback on our 805i chassis. We hope the case continues to serve you well and it is nice of you to share your insight with others. Thank you for choosing In Win. Best regards, In Win Development Inc.
wtf...3/30/2016 9:08:52 AM

Pros: Its RMAable

Cons: This is the only motherboard I've had this level of trouble with... It doesn't recognize anything, it's own wifi, my GPU, I've used a 5.25 less frame for over a year, never had a motherboard that forced me to use the discs... Ironically I've never paid a premium for a "high quality" motherboard either I usually stick to the 150-200$ range. The only pro is the ROG ram that came with this item for free. The LEDs are perfectly placed to be hidden by the GPU because... Logic... After Windows 10 downloaded a fresh install update the mobo crashed with 4 blue screens and my GPU once again isn't recognized... MSI Tomahawk, Gigabyte Gaming 7 z170x, gigabyte gaming 5 z97x all worked without all of these problems, all cost significantly less.

Overall Review: I'm really disappointed, I looked forward to using this setup... But whatever just hours of my life I'll never get back and never be reimbursed for not including the time to RMA and wait for a refund.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for taking the time to share your review. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience in regards to your memory. Which BIOS version are you currently operating on? What is the part number to the DIMM kits you are using? Are you using 1 or 2 pairs of DIMM kits? Please make sure all your GPU connectors are firmly installed. If you haven’t already please Download UEFI buid 1504 and extract the file to a fat formatted usb stick. Then navigate in bios to the tools menu and use the EZflash utility to do the flash. Let your system update the firmware as needed. Do not power down even if your system sits with a blank screen for 10 minutes or so. When updating your UEFI please make sure to wait for the firmware to update after the board restarts following the flash. This can take a couple of minutes after the board restarts. The board should be left alone during this process. If there is no POST following this process, then it would be best for you to provide us with your full list of parts for further analysis on QVL parts. If you need a help with any technical questions or general inquiries you can reach me at using N160395518 as reference to this case. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best Regards, -Nestor ASUS Customer Loyalty - US Support