Solid Rig thus far5/4/2021 9:45:53 AM

Pros: Ships quickly, was wall packaged and the cabling was done reasonably well though I went back in and rewired it myself to make it a bit cleaner after I added the GPU Brace. One of the only sure ways you're gonna get your hands on a 3080 right now, especially considering people are selling the darn things for nearly as much as this computer cost. Case looks very nice and it was easy to add in the parts that I wanted to (upgraded RAM to 32GB, added another M.2 and a 3TB Mechanical Drive)

Cons: The drive bay for adding a mechanical drives kinda sucks but that's not gonna matter to most as they will only use SSD/m.2. They could have done a bit cleaner job with the cables but I'm probably just being nitpicky cause I'm bummed I didn't get to build a new rig myself.

Overall Review: I've now been on it for about a week so here are my initial impressions. Visually I think it looks great, the RGB was easy to configure using RGBFusion which came preinstalled and I installed EVGA Precision X1 to control the RGB on the video card. Mine came with the EVGA FTW3 instead of the ASUS TUF I was hoping for but honestly EVGA has been good to me over the years so I'm still very happy with it. I've seen some others concerned with the types of Power Supply in here but mine came with the EVGA GA 750W which has fantastic reviews. I adjusted the Fans to keep the rig cooled- don't forget to look at the GPU fans and make sure they are actually running. For some reason the fans were set to manual and all set at 0% so my GPU was cooking when I first unboxed. Make sure you have something to monitor your gear running until you have it tuned to the way you like it and KNOW that it's running at good temps. I have a Samsung Odyssey G9 (49in ultrawide // GSync 240hz 1440p Monitor) hooked to this beast and playing games on it is absolutely gorgeous. Playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider @ completely maxed settings with no lag whatsoever at 100+ FPS so performance is great and temps stay at around 70-74 degrees Celsius (well within safe ranges). I've not overclocked at all as I see no reason with the computer is smashing all games at max settings with tons of resources to spare in terms of CPU/GPU/Memory usage. I think if you are going to pick this up it'd be worth getting the extra two sticks of G-Skill Trident Z to bump yourself to 32GB for around 100$. This thing is more than adequate out of the box to make any gamer happy. If you want to add any components/upgrades it's surprisingly roomy and easy to do. I would highly recommend you pick up a GPU Brace to support the weight of the card as it visibly sags which is a new one on me coming from the GTX1080. The thing is a bit of space heater in my office but to my understanding that's just the 3080 and 10 series Intel processors and not much I can do about that. Components are running at good temperatures so cooling is doing it's job. I bought the extended warranty so in a few years when that expires (assuming it's all still running) I'll probably bump the processor to an 11th Gen i7 and a different CPU cooler rather than the Coolermaster AIO that it comes with. Very happy with my purchase as of now and would absolutely recommend this for anyone that wants a 3080 and prefers not enrich the scalpers or compete with the miners.

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