Amazing Value10/4/2014 9:33:12 PM

Pros: Amazing performance for the cost! This card performs just as good if not better than cards that cost hundreds of dollars more. There is a reason this card is sold out everywhere.. I was lucky enough to snipe one within the few minutes it was in stock. Runs BF4 on Ultra settings and 4x AA @ 1920x1080 144hz in the 60-100+ fps range. It has the 3x Display Port which is great if you are running multiple monitors using 120/144 hz. The OC is an added bonus. Will add another down the road for SLI. Lower power consumption is also a nice feature as you don't need an insane PSU to run SLI setups.

Cons: None so far... eats everything I throw at it.

Overall Review: Overall this is an amazing card. Check the benchmarks in comparison to the 780ti, 980, 290, Titan, etc. and you will see that the 970 is right there with them in performance and costs hundreds less. Should be a no brainer.

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First Mechanical Keyboard2/15/2012 1:18:13 PM

Pros: *Enclosed surface to prevent junk buildup underneath your keys. *Mechanical keys feel great and the noise is minimal (a hair louder than membrane keys, I was really shocked by how quiet they are still) *Blue glow just makes this keyboard pop! *54 macro keys (18 x 3 macro modes) as well as on the fly macro programming! *Solid construction.

Cons: Uses two USB ports (2x USB connectors) but not much of an issue. Not all keys are mechanical but personally I won't lose any sleep over it. Price is a little higher than I wanted to go but overall I am happy I purchased it anyway

Overall Review: Being my first mechanical keyboard I am quite impressed. At first, I didn't understand what all the hype was about but once you start using this keyboard, it's hard to go back to anything else.

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