Great performing Laptop3/13/2021 12:20:03 PM

Pros: - It feels light on the hand. - Impressive performance in modern games - Price to performance, Laptops with 32 GBs of RAM and 1 TB SSD are more expensive than this one especially with the 3080 GPU

Cons: - Control software could be more polished. - The webcam sucks, but I don't really use it so it's not a concern for me. - Its and Intel CPU. Could have been an AMD one but for me it's a minor gripe. The CPU performs decently in gaming. - Fans are noisy but that is a minor gripe and expected from gaming laptops

Overall Review: Overall, the cheapest 3080 laptops with decent ram and CPU, it's a great deal during this time where high end tech is scarce. EDIT: 3-13-2021 I removed the bluetooth as a con from this review because I troubleshooted the system and after opening the bottom cover (where you can access and upgrade the memory, M.2 SSD and the WIFI/Bluetooth card) I found that one of the internal antennas on the WIFI card was disconnected. I presume that it disconnected during shipping or that it was an error at the factory. Nonetheless the performance of the bluetooth has been flawless after the fix. I'm Updating this review in hopes that if someone has a similar problem, just check if the internal antenna is disconnected before returning the unit.

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