Amazing monitor; flaws are hugely exaggeraged7/27/2014 9:37:55 PM

Pros: Ridiculous amount of screen real estate. It honestly eliminates the need for multiple monitors (for me). Bezels have always bothered me, which is why I shied away from multiple monitors in the past. Being able to have two things open side-by-side, while also fitting VLC player in the corner and have it be large enough to view easily is just awesome. And if you really need to get stuff done, you can have 3-4 windows open side-by-side-by-side-by-side and still be able to read everything clearly without everything being smashed down into a tiny window. A real boost to someone who cares about productivity. Stuff that supports 21:9 -- video and gaming -- is absolutely breathtaking. I feel so immersed in games such as WoW and Civ. 5. I haven't tried other games with it just yet, but I'm going to. Stuff that's in BluRay... good lord. Seeing something take up the entire 34" screen is just insane. It's also an IPS, which is a huge plus. I've never been big on 120/144 Hz monitors, as I care more about colors and viewing angles. There's a variety of connections on the back as well. HDMI will drive the resolution @ 50 Hz, and Displayport will drive the resolution @ 60 Hz. There's also Thunderbolt ports, and even some USB ports and a headphone jack. I'd also consider the design to be pretty sleek and nice-looking. Very appealing to the eyes. Being 3440x1440, this is easier to drive than 4K resolution, and while that's quite a few less pixels than 4K, the screen real estate more than makes up for it by being so immersive. Finally, I have to seriously commend LG on their matte screen. I have a light-controlled area, so I much prefer glossy screens. However, LG seems to have gotten the matte screen just right on this monitor. It blocks out reflections just enough, without making it overbearing and drowning out the contrast/color reproduction. A seriously good job.

Cons: The only real con to me is the price (paid $999). While I do feel it's worth the price, I do wish it was a bit cheaper. There is apparently a 34UM94 version coming out in a month that should have a starting price around $800. I personally would not pay anything more than $999 for this monitor, even considering how much I love this thing. I was worried that the backlight bleed would be horrid for this monitor, as I've seen a few people mention that it's bad. However, I feel like these people are just looking for something to complain about. YES, there is backlight bleed, but it's so minimal that it's not even noticeable unless it's in extreme conditions. The bottom left and bottom right corners are the only noticeable areas of backlight bleed, BUT that's on a completely black screen in a completely darkened room. The odds of that happening in day-to-day use are extremely slim, for me at least. Of course, there will be exceptions to this -- as some people have had REALLY bad backlight bleed -- but I'd wager that they are very few and far between. For 99% of people, you don't really have anything to worry about. I'd say it's more likely for the monitor to arrive damaged, thanks to UPS and relatively poor packing (see comments), than it is for this thing to have unbearable -- let alone noticeable -- backlight bleed. Not everything supports 21:9. Netflix, for example, does not. Some games don't (generally they're older games, though). If it doesn't support it, then you'll have black bars on the sides. Not worth knocking an egg off, as I knew this going in since it comes with the territory. Not to mention, that's just a minor annoyance, whereas 4K monitors have significantly more problems right now. Finally, it does have some motion lag, but that is to be expected as this is an IPS monitor. I'm not a pro FPS player, nor do I play many games where blur is really a factor or even noticeable, but figured I'd mention it anyway. Anyone buying an IPS monitor already knows that there will be some motion lag anyway.

Overall Review: As I mentioned in my cons section, this monitor is more likely to arrive damaged by UPS than it is to have really bad backlight bleed. The packing was better than what I had read about on message boards, but I think it could have been packed better to ensure nothing gets damaged. UPS has a tendency to toss their boxes around, so I could see how this monitor could be damaged if it suffered even a reasonable fall. Mine arrived undamaged, and most of the ones I've seen also arrived undamaged. Just be aware that the packing is a bit light. All in all, this is a truly amazing monitor. I have no desire to move to 4K until all of the problems are fixed, which will be at least another year, maybe two. Even then, the screen real estate is so crazy on this monitor, that I probably wouldn't even move to 4K until I could get something like 4K 21:9. The price is high, but I promise you that you will not be disappointed by this monitor.

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Great drive, but...3/23/2011 2:10:17 PM

Pros: Speeds are as advertised. Everything is blazing fast once again (had a SSD before, but had to get rid of it due to BSOD problems). 34nm and much higher IOPS than the new 25nm drives. Mushkin actually advertises what nm size their drives are, unlike trying to quietly change it behind the customer's back like another company Newegg sells.

Cons: Seriously, the packaging is garbage. A little plastic package that has the drive in it and a little Mushkin card that has its name on it. Really? I had to actually buy a 2.5" -> 3.5" bracket to fit in my case. Most every other SSD I've seen on Newegg actually comes with one. Hell, this thing didn't even come with screws. Luckily, I had some laying around.

Overall Review: Don't let the cons fool you, it was only a minor annoyance. This drive is super solid, super fast, and I would very much recommend it. Just understand it doesn't come with a 2.5 -> 3.5 bracket or screws.

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Simply superb3/16/2011 9:49:04 PM

Pros: This thing is simply beautiful. Everything looks so much more colorful, rich... grabbing an IPS panel over a 3D monitor was so worth it. Games look great. Lots of different options and customizing of options, including a nifty on-screen grid. The card reader and USB slots are a nice bonus too.

Cons: Standard mode can be a real retina burner. This sucker is BRIGHT. REALLY BRIGHT. Even in the other modes (sans theater), it's still pretty bright. Going to my homepage (Google) nearly blinded me when I first hooked it up. However, spend 10-15min calibrating it (adjusting the brightness, mostly; mine was perfectly calibrated short of that), and you'll be golden.

Overall Review: UPS will require you to sign for this in person should you choose it. This bothered me since I wasn't home the 1st time they delivered it, and I was unaware there was an option to have to sign it in person (and be over 21yrs old). Imagine my surprise when I signed the back of the slip and was left another slip. Anyway, as worried as I was about my monitor bouncing around at the truck, and people playing with it at the warehouse, I am happy to say there were ZERO dead pixels. Just wanted to give a heads up to people who order this.

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