Great Paint Job4/12/2011 10:23:56 AM

Pros: Outside Paint job is very ice, Inside black powdercoat/paint job is very nice. Set up to watercool everything. LOTS OF FANS! Blue LED strips down the front are very cool.

Cons: $$$!! This is really about a $70 case with a $50 paint job. Inside was disappointing, flimsy with some sharp edges. Thumbscrews have PLASTIC grips on them! Cable management was a nightmare for me, fan connectors are capable of mobo connection or Molex but you cant separate the unused connector type. This case is also huge and heavy and loud!!

Overall Review: I guess i just expected something a little nicer for $150. Looks good but was not fun to work on.

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JUST PLAIN AWESOME!!!4/12/2011 10:09:16 AM

Pros: quality inside and out. On the outside this case isn't very flashy, but inside...amazing! Lots of room, set up for liquid cooling, comes with thumbscrews for the mobo and black screws for everything. Fans are big and quiet. rubber grommets for HD and best of all Cable management peices that snap into the case to keep everything nice and neat. Snagged this jewel on sale for sub $100, and is probably the nicest enclosure i have ever had the pleasure to build in.

Cons: The only slight let down was the tool-less optical Drive mounting brackets, seem like they would be easy to break if you didn't read the instructions for use. THey are plastic and kind of thin.

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