stopped working after two months1/8/2013 1:14:29 PM

Pros: It's a nice little tablet. Works well enough on most applications when it's not broken.

Cons: For some reason, it's always seeing a touch. This means that any time you touch it, it sees it as 2 touches. I tried: 1. Static wipes 2. Rolling back updated video drivers 3. Previous restore point 4. Screen calibration through Windows 5. Mouse/Keyboard (Cotrol was improved, but cursor still flickered and wasn't accurate) All returned the same results after a reboot.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I apologize for the issues that you are having with your VivoTab. Are you still having issues with the touch screen? If so, there are some troubleshooting steps that you could try. And if those do not work, you do have a warranty on the tablet and we can have it sent in to be checked out. Please e-mail me at for further assistance. I’ll be happy to help. Best Regards, Tien ASUS Customer Loyalty
Budget Box Champion11/14/2011 3:19:16 AM

Pros: This is the best processor for the money hands down. After hours of research, this processor seems too good to be true. If you checkout the passmark CPU ratings or do comparisons with the Anandtech Processor Benchmark you'll find one thing over and over again: There is no way to get more processing for less money than this processor, and you could easily spend 2x 4x 6x as much money for a slower processor.

Cons: The FM1 socket is pretty obscure, so the selection of compatible Motherboards is thinner than it is for most other types of CPUs. This is not a huge problem, and there are plenty of good MBs to choose from, but it does make it more challenging to find a bargain Mother Board to accompany this CPU. The GPU is just good enough to make you feel a bit wasteful when you replace it with a PCI-E card.

Overall Review: This is not the fastest Processor on the Market. It's not the cheapest processor on the market. I do believe that this is the best value on the market. I'll use Beer for an example. On one side, you've got a 24-pack of Beer for $24. On the other side, you've got a 6-pack of beer for $6. These are you high and low end processors. The more you pay, the more you get. This processor ends up being something along the lines of an 18-pack of beer for $8. You're still going to get drunk... about as drunk as you'd have gotten for the 24-pack, but you're going to pay hardly more than you did for the 6-pack. Now, if money is no object to you, go ahead and spend 3x the money on the 24 pack. If you're are really desperately broke, go ahead and save 25% on the 6 pack. Just know, if you go with either of those options, you're not getting the same value for your money.

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Longer post lost to the internets4/21/2010 11:35:22 AM

Pros: Cool Dual-pane polarized-light Good price

Cons: ghosting

Overall Review: Dual-pane polarized-light is better than Single-pane alternating.

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