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Great Mouse Thus Far1/12/2013 1:36:04 AM

Pros: [Looks]: The mouse has an interesting style to it. The lights are very nice. [Controls]: I found that the controls are a lot easier than some are stating them to be. Comes with a few adjustments if the default pad is not good enough. All but 2 of the buttons are very well placed and make using them a breeze. [Options]: The software is nice. Comes with lot of options to do what you want with the mouse.

Cons: Glossy: This mouse is slippery at some points and can be a distraction. Software: You must log-in to use. So no good if you don't have an internet connection temporarily.

Overall Review: I noticed a few people stated that you can't program the 1-6 but that is false; You can do this using the software and applying the macro to the button. Takes a game or two to get used this mouse.

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Perfect Card4/1/2012 11:43:37 AM

Pros: This card has very good performance by far. For the price this card can play Crysis 2 a Max setting; hitting average frame-rate of 60. Borderlands had no issue at high settings either. This card does output a good amount for using only on 6-pin PCI-e connector. Windows gives it a 6.8 WEI in both the Desktop and Gaming section. Now, using a good cooling method in my PC, this will average 35C on idle. However, when playing Crysis 2 for a few hours it will reach 58C, which is not bad for a graphics card. So, ----> it doesn't use much power it has a great output for the amout of Watts it consumes Stays relatively cool ( Just don't have it to close to another card, and try to not have it really close to your CPU if you have a standard heatsink with fan, as the fan blows air toward the cpu and will escape via one of the 4 ways to the GPU, heating it up during gameplay.)

Cons: I had to type something here... so.... It doesn't burn a hole in your desk. Don't get this if you were hoping for it to burn your computer and eat 600W per hour.

Overall Review: For those looking for direct info on this card, this is what I have for it: The default clock for this is 775 MHz, and can easily be increased to 800MHz with no voltage modification. This has 32 ROP's Pixel Fillrate: 24.8 GPixel/s 960 Shaders DirectX 11.0 with shader 5.0

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So far3/16/2012 4:23:36 PM

Pros: This card does indeed raise my current WEI score to about 7.3.... It was 7.4 on the first test... So I will write another review on that later when I get another one for my new PC.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I noticed some mentioned it has no crossfire, or that you cannot put 2 in... Well, from what I've seen so far (Because my new Mobo doesn't have PCI e 3.0) you can put 2 in the computer and the communicate through the PCI e bus.

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Awesome3/1/2012 2:01:19 AM

Pros: Didn't think much of this; seeing as it is a free gift. However I have been using it for a few days now, and I am very impressed. It is really quick for a USB2.0. Also, mine had an aqua colored light. Nice touch

Cons: none

Overall Review: Fast + nice light.

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Great card1/5/2012 10:49:52 PM

Pros: Perfect card for the price. At first I wasn't expecting really anything too amazing from it; It surprised me when I went to play my games I have and it ran them all at max settings . No lag nor hiccups. Got full frames on Fallout 3, Portal 2, and rendering on detailed objects.

Cons: Doesn't cook toast.

Overall Review: For a smaller budget this is really an ideal card. Definitely recommend it to everyone.

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Great buy1/5/2012 10:45:09 PM

Pros: This is a very good deal. So far I have written 4 images and all came out very well. Plays DVDs very well and the write speed is far better than my previous drive. Plus it's a great color for my current case.

Cons: Not really any except a minor issue in other thoughts....

Overall Review: I am aware that it's a S-ATA drive and takes a little more juice to run than a PATA/Molex... but I underestimated how many amps it would draw. It drew too many and my old power supply died. But I needed a new one anyways, it was only 300W. Other than that awesome deal.

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