Dead after 4 months!3/1/2015 7:11:40 PM

Pros: Worked great when I first got it, performed great compared to my old Radeon X1950's in crossfire.

Cons: Was playing Sniper Elite 3 for an hour and it shutdown everything, had to turn off the PSU, and turn back on to get computer to even turn back on. Since that first incident it kept doing the same after, and now it will not even respond to the monitor, the fan on the card turns, but that's it. I also tried the DVI outputs to no avail.

Overall Review: I tried a lot to ensure it was truly the card (i.e. new psu, new hdmi cable, etc.) when I swapped my old card back in, it fired right up. I contacted support as noted in response to other reviews. I'll update my post with their response, as well as my rating if it's favorable. I've got a good case (TT) with lots of fans, it it always runs cool.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We are sorry for your situation and suggest you try to check following steps. 1. If possible verify the HIS graphics card on another working system or verify another working card on your motherboard. Need to ensure that the platform is no problem. 2. If you need further assistant, please feel free to contact our customer service department directly. Best Regards HIS Customer Service (