It SCREAMS!1/8/2020 2:25:32 PM

Pros: Fast read speeds, getting a few MB away from 5,000MB/sec reads in Crystal Disk Mark.

Cons: Not sure of any cons yet, except the model I got was only 500GB.

Overall Review: I would recommend this to others in a heartbeat. Speeds are incredible. The drive is no longer the bottleneck it's waiting for the CPU to process what it reads. It's installed in an ASUS TUF 570 PLUS motherboard with a Ryzen 3950X. Very happy with my purchase of this. PCIE 4.0 speeds are as advertised. Very Very close to 5,000MB/sec. Talking like 4,995MB/SEC. Love it. Get one, you'll be happy. I really hope it lasts well now. I've only had it running for a week. Don't expect any problems but I will update the review if there are any.

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Good nice riser9/30/2019 8:35:53 AM

Pros: Easy hookup, works well

Cons: Cables are a little short

Overall Review: I hooked these up to a 1x extra slot on an HP machine in order to add a second cruncher to it. After playing with power saving settings for the GPU and for the PCIe slot I was able to get these working at normal speeds. I only installed a 1650 in them which needed no additional power connectors and draws all power from the PCIe slot and when using the SATA adapter it seems to get decent power and runs normally. The 1x bus is the limiting factor with how fast you can transfer data so that all depends on your applications. Applications that need to move data to and from the card will notice a slow down but that is due to the 1x slot not due to the make or design of this riser card. It is what it is. You can power the riser with either the supplied SATA - 6pin adapter or with a separate 6pin VGA power adapter. I did notice that with certain PSU"s you cannot power your card with it's SATA or PCIe 6pin connectors if it's connected to other stuff... So I simply hooked up a secondary PSU for the cards and had them running fine on their own power. A bad PSU can be an issue for using extra cards and extra power. In addition, if you want to use some high end cards you can hookup the extra PSU as mentioned above and run whatever you want to run. Just remember the 1x slot is your limiting factor. These risers are well made. They come with a nice foam footing underneath so yo can lay them down and have you cards standing upright. I wish the cables were a little longer, but they do the job.

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Runs great, incredible performance for a xx50 series Nvidia Card9/10/2019 8:16:14 AM

Pros: It runs very cool. It's very quiet. Performance on apps for is incredible. Significantly faster than a 10xx series card on the same level. No issues yet and i have these maxed out running 24/7. No 6 pin PCIe power connector needed!

Cons: None that I've seen.

Overall Review: This is a nice card. I also have a Gigabyte 1650. This MSI one runs slightly cooler but only by a few degrees. It's a quiet powerfull card at the xx50 level of cards. Yes is does 4k but don't expect to max your settings. There is NO extra 6pin power connector. All power comes direct from the PCIe slot.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Brian, Thank you for sharing your experience with the GTX 1650 Ventus XS OC! If you ever require technical assistance or warranty support, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Way better than a 1050 Ti7/6/2019 10:14:40 PM

Pros: It performs well, runs cool, uses 75W or less power, doesn't need an extra VGA power connector, puts the old 1050 series to shame.

Cons: None really for this card. I did however have to tell Windows 10 not to use the power saving modes on the PCIe slot. Before doing this, both this card, another brand card both performed at base clocks only and boost clocks would not work and they both showed a 20% performance reduction... But after turning off the power saving features in Windows they performed terrific.

Overall Review: I am loving this card. It's in a similar machine as a 1050 Ti and it outperforms it on all levels. It's a good value for the performance you get. This particular card is just slightly slower (around 2%) than the more expensive MSI Ventus. If you like Gigabyte, and need a 1650, this is a nice card. It runs cool, performance is great for this level card, and it's a good price. It uses less than 75W and is a fine fit for a 300 watt PSU where power only comes from the PCIe slot.

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High quality cable, very worth the money!6/17/2019 6:31:43 PM

Pros: It's very well made and the USB C connector does not bend easily as with the lower priced cables I've used in the past. That bending has made other cables unusable but with this cable, you get what you pay for, one that will last. Came lightning quick too even tho shipping was supposed to take over 10 days I got it in 2 days!

Cons: I really don't see any cons to it. It's a very high quality USB A to USB C cable.

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Love it! Works, Connects, Good Signal6/14/2019 5:34:52 AM

Pros: It connects to all my routers and devices in both 2.4ghz and 5ghz including ones that 3 other USB Wi-Fi adapters could not. It also works fine with Windows 10 where many other adapters did not. The signal strength is great and it works at a good speed at 5ghz. I like the cable it comes with because you can set the stand up a littler higher or away from your laptop or PC.

Cons: Didn't find any yet. The installation software is slightly odd, but nothing really difficult or crazy. Really not even a con.

Overall Review: It works. Works with all the routers and extenders that I tried it with and connects fast. It works with Windows 10 where many other adapters would get stuck at low transfer speeds. This one just works great. You can move the antenna extra USB stand around and get a better signal. I'm using this on an old Sabertooth 990fx r1 MB with Windows 10 because there was no Wi-FI support.

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Love it5/9/2019 2:22:29 PM

Pros: Connects to 2.4ghz and 5ghz devices very nicely. Gigabit LAN. Simply plug into your cable modem router LAN and you can have your own WiFi network. Antenna's move so you can get the best coverage and pickup. I like the software in the router. Very smooth, simplistic, has some nice features. So far fast connections on everything wireless and wired.

Cons: One adapter failed to connect to 5ghz, but, another adapter did connect to 5g that would not on other routers. So win lose. Only that one adapter though, works flawlessly on 2.4gz.

Overall Review: This is a nice device if you want to create your own home LAN / Wifi network. Stronger signals then using Altice's modem/TV/router combo box. Would recomend.

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A nice device4/20/2019 7:24:05 AM

Pros: It works nicely as advertised. I was able to put two older 3.5" HDDs in it and it powered them both without any problems. Works great with Windows 10, both drives show up and work at USB 3.0 speeds. One was working over 100 MB/s and it was an older drive. Reasonable price.

Cons: None that I see.

Overall Review: Yes I would recommend... this is a very nice docking station that allows you to connect 2 additional drives to a USB port. You can also clone two drives of the same size tho I did not try it. You put in the two drives, press the button on the front a couple times and it clones away. I'm happy with it. It was also a fairly reasonable price.

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Very easy to setup and configre and connects to 5ghz without trouble!4/10/2019 6:52:25 AM

Pros: This was very easy to setup. It works with the Altice One brand router and connects to 5g properly where some other extenders would not. It runs nice and cool where another repeater was running quite hot.

Cons: 5ghz download speed does not reach peak speeds but I think this is do to the fact it is middling the signal the router. On a 100 Mbps connection I was getting about 80 Mbps which is still quite acceptable to me. Upload speeds remained the same which is nice.

Overall Review: I would recommend this product. I had it up and running in about 10 min and it works with 5g on my Altice One router where some other Wi-Fi extenders and repeaters would not. Although it does not reach total peak speeds the connection is smooth and acceptable by far. Upload speeds remained constant with our without the extender so that was a plus. It was a breeze to configure and although I did not check out many options it does what I need it to do and that is extending my Wi-Fi 5ghz and 2.4ghz ranges with little effort on my part. It also runs cooler than another repeater I tried. Cool to the touch where the other one was quite hot. Nice device to extend your Wi-Fi range.

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Good product, easy setup, runs slightly hot4/1/2019 6:03:50 AM

Pros: It was a breeze to set this up as a repeater and extend my Wi-Fi range. Durable construction, those antenna are built well. Easy to reset and reconfigure. Strong signal.

Cons: The only things I didn't like about it were the documentation and the fact is generates some heat.

Overall Review: I had to reset the extender and did not know I had to do so till I contacted support. They gave the right answer 1st try. Wavlink always has great support for their products. This is easy to setup once you reset it if needed. I had it up and running extending and doubling my Wi-Fi range in my parents home in less than 15 min. 5 ghz doesn't seem to work with Altice cable modem / routers but neither does a few of my Linux boxes. 2.4ghz works fine but once I brought it to my parents with a different cable modem / router 5 ghz connected without issue. It seems to get pretty warm when it's plugged in and running but it hasn't melted yet. The signal is good and you only lose one bar approx 40 ft away or it if has to go through a wall or appliance it loses one bar also. Direct line of site full strength signal for 2.5 ghz and 5 ghz across two big rooms in the house. I like the wired access point (AP) feature though I didn't use it yet. The documentation is ok for a quick start, but to configure it you need some basic knowledge or routers/Wi-FI/DNS/IP configuration and settings. But it's nothing complex. But, even if you are a noob, contacting their "aftersales" or tech support department will get you great support.

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Runs non stop 24/7 at full load without issues1/9/2019 4:43:10 PM

Pros: It's quiet compared to my EVGA 1070. It runs apps often 24/7 at or near max load and hasn't crapped out yet. I've pushed it to the limit. Gamewise it runs Battlefront pretty well but haven't played to to much. CPU is a limiting factor with this card. Make sure you have a good one.

Cons: Even with 3 fans at max load is gets hot around 79-80C. It does not seems to affect performance however. I haven't had an issues with it I would consider cons. The only other con is their software is terrible and I can't get it working, but afterburner works just fine to adjust settings like voltage, clock and memory speeds, and custom fan cooling curves.

Overall Review: At the time of writing this I've owned this card for almost 2 months. This is a great card aside from running hot but all new CPUs and GPUs seem to be cranking out the heat now under full worse case scenario loads. I would recommend this card for sure. Just don't expect Gigabytes software to work well or at all. I use Afterburner instead and have it overclocked slightly with zero issues. I use it mainly as a number crunching card and it is FAST, beats out 1080 ti's. For games I have not had any issues with artifacts or not being able to play anything. I ran the latest Battlefront game in 4k on a 55" TV with HDR as well as Madden 19. Graphics are amazing. It does use about 100 watts more than my older GTX 1060 but performance per watt is MUCH better with this RTX 2080 card from Gigabyte. Well worth the money and right now as I'm writing this review the prices seem to be dropping on the RTX cards while the GTX 1080 and 1080 ti cards are going for much much more.

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Works very well and is inexpensive7/16/2018 4:09:35 AM

Pros: It was inexpensive. It works great.

Cons: It was tricky to configure in windows 10 to get the proper speeds. There was an issue with low download speeds which upload speeds were normal. But, this was not the adapters fault. It is a common issue with windows 10 and many different usb adapters. I still give this adapter 5 stars.

Overall Review: With the issues with the download/upload speeds I thought it was the adapter. With googling, I found many many many people were having the same issue of fast upload speeds, while having poor download speeds with other adapters and window 10. The wavlink customer service team was great. They offered me a refund but I refused that once I got the adapter working properly because there was really nothing at all wrong with the adapter itself. If anyone experiences the problem with slow downloads and fast normal uploads, it's not the adapter, it's an issue with some configuration settings in windows 10. Exactly what I am not sure. Updating the drivers fixed it finally but it took some effort.

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Excellent product, superior shipping8/21/2009 1:49:54 PM

Pros: This unit works great to keep power steady when the air conditioners kick on sending power surges. Last APC I had died out and I had to replace it with a new one. Tried several differnt places and forgot out Newegg. What a mistake! Newegg had the product just as cheap, and was in stock unlike other companys. They litterly shipped the product to me for free, in nearly 30 hrs... just over 1 day. I was amazed. Ordered at 9:30am day 1, got it at around 1pm next day via UPS ground. Simply amazing. I'm sorry I did not try Newegg first. As stated, this unit supplys constant power when my air conditioners kick on and drop the voltage and power in my room. No beeps, no issues, simply works great. A very good product from APC. Small, lightweight, does the job. I used to have a 500 unit but went for this 750 one to bump it up a bit. Not at all disappointed. Again, a wonderful working product.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Newegg clearly has the fastest shipping of any company on the internet I have ordered from. Not even 30 hrs I had this product in my hands. AND, Free Shipping at that. Thank you Newegg. I will not forget you.

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8/24/2005 10:30:42 PM

Comments: It's inexpensive, soft touch quiet keys. It's nearly perfect except for the wire. It was shorter than the one on the KB I replaced and it BARELY makes it to my closest USB connection.

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8/24/2005 12:17:45 PM

Comments: They burn great on my NEC 3520, but my xbox won't read them which is mainly why I got them. :( So guess these will just be for PC use only :(

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