So far so good12/14/2020 11:30:39 AM

Pros: Price to performance ratio Speed is good Pretty light weight Screen resolution is fantastic

Cons: When overclocked very loud

Overall Review: So far so good. I hope that it lives up to expectations.

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Almost burned my whole system down8/12/2011 11:02:51 AM

Pros: Looks cool. Has three fans. Few very useful features like rotating HDD bay and both sides of the computer open up for easy motherboard install.

Cons: No Joke. The day I got it and installed everything it went up in smoke. Before anyone is going to comment I specifically made sure that all the cords were safely away from parts that tend to overheat. Weirdly enough the wires that went literally on fire were the ones connecting the side fan to Power Supply Unit. In general the quality of all the wiring is below satisfactory. Wires are too short and very poor quality. Powers supply LED and Reset LED constantly pop out and had to be squeezed between HDDs and GPU. Great looking case that is designed inside extremely poorly. I don't recommend getting it unless you want to take a chance at having your system catch on fire. I know I will avoid products from RaidMax from now on.

1 out of 2 people found this review helpful. Did you?