So much for Never Obsolete1/12/2011 9:31:21 PM

Pros: Nice cost. Decent array of features built in. Streams video fine. Fends well against similar Atom based products.

Cons: I have deployed over 100 similar Mini ITX Nettops like these by over a dozen manufacturers and this has to be the most difficult to disassemble and upgrade. Opening these units is nearly impossible without breaking the plastic retainer tabs. Those of you who wish to upgrade memory and harddrives are in for a very frustrating process. Once you manage to remove the plastic cover you have to unscrew the shielding (very flimsy and SHARP). It must then be pried out without bending it beyond its tolerance. Remove the CPU/Chipset Heatsink fan assembly (have your Arctic Silver handy because you may need to reapply compound). To access the memory or remove harddrive you will need access to the backside of the board so it must be removed. Disconnect the wireless antennae and remove the stand-offs from the D-sub. Then TRY and maneuver the board from the casing. Good Luck...You'll Need it! The entire process is more challenging/time consuming than a complete laptop tear down.

Overall Review: Dont get me wrong but upgrading and replacement of any internal components on these things is not for the feint of heart. I service and repair laptops and this sort of thing for a living and I had a very tough time. eMachines are usually very consumer friendly units that is not the case here. They run great and many would be very happy to own one of these. The bloatware that comes preinstalled is fairly minimal compared to other units. It has a somewhat challenging shape but still fits nicely on a desk or entertainment center.

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Hit or miss with these9/29/2010 2:59:39 PM

Pros: Cost is significantly lower than the OEM Units. Well packaged units with easy to follow instructions. Units that work are comparable to the OEM units in performance. They dont appear to be re-manufactured

Cons: As other reviewers have stated before. Print quality is terrible on roughly 50% of the units we ordered. As other reviewers have stated "Blotching and Faded prints immediately, worse than the old drum". The Manufacturer backs these statements by stating THEY ARE defective units. Evidently 50% of these units ARE defective, they are aware of the problem and yet continue to sell the units regardless. The recourse is the RMA process at the customers expense (many people will not waste their time and money but instead never purchase from that manufacturer again).

Overall Review: We have nearly twenty printers that use these and as a result he have ordered these several times. Retrospectively speaking it would have been about the same cost if we had to RMA all of the DEFECTIVE UNITS we received. To those ordering these for personal/occasional use this is probably not an ideal alternative to OEM products. To small offices like ours they are probably not the best choice either as they cost valuable productivity (something no amount of money can reimburse). Rosewill makes alot of really great products for the budget minded shopper, unfortunately this is not one of them. Hopefully they will fix the defects and provide a product with better reliability.

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Excellent Product @ Bargain Price2/19/2010 12:31:05 PM

Pros: Evidently Rosewill makes their own variation of the cartridge. These are not remanufactured units. We have had terrible luck with remanufactured products in the past and even destroyed two printers as a result. These cartridges are excellent on the other hand. The print quality is right on par with the ones made by Brother. Packaging was quality. And the price was about half that of the Brother units.

Cons: They were not eligible for free shipping at the time of purchase as we would have bought a whole lot more of them had they offered it. On a couple of the units we received the toner seal was somewhat irregular and allowed toner to seep out and make a mess inside the printer. Quality didnt suffer but toner leaks are toner loss. We have even experienced this on brother cartridges a few times so Im not going to count this against Rosewill unless it becomes a recurrant issue. I will update the review after the 100th cartridge to post our findings.

Overall Review: All in all they are good units for an excellent price. They go hand in hand with the brother printers we use considering the printers only cost 90.00 in the first place. I couldnt justify spending 50-60 dollars on consumables for them when we would be doing the same thing with ink. These are an obvious choice.

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Proof you can sell an Icebox to an Eskimo2/17/2010 11:22:23 AM

Pros: We bought this and loaded it with the most insane hardware money can buy to display in the store. Occasionally someone really stupid will see it and ask how much.... Its made of Aluminum. Thermaltake supposedly spent a mint developing this thing (Riiiight.)

Cons: Cost of this abomination. Does not even include liquid cooling for the cost (Thermaltake liquid cooling suxx so thats understandable). Perhaps if they instead spent the time money and effort on developing more effective liquid cooling this case might have been more successful/worth it. Owning this thing doesn't give you bragging rights, it instead makes you subject to ridicule by flamers everywhere. They're all going to laugh at you.

Overall Review: Thermaltake has made some nice products over the years (of which I own many), unfortunately this is not one of them. If you are looking for effective air cooling in a freaky design than I would suggest the Antec Skeleton (yet another abomination that doesn't sell). At least it wont cost you 8 bills. Or go for good construction and get Lian Li and spend the rest on good watercooling or vapochill. I would rate this case for the 200-300 dollar market at best. Save your money, keep your dignity and get something else.

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Get em while theyre hot12/30/2009 2:24:45 PM

Pros: You get an ION platform for roughly 150.00 less than the Intel coupled with all the others going for 250-350. By comparison the graphics performance is far superior to the Intel chipsets. HD Audio, HDMI and better expandibility just seal the deal. The performance is alot better than you might expect from a machine of this price range. It comes with XP installed (which is good for the masses, because its easy to troubleshoot and has good program compatibility). Emulators run very well. These make excellent seedboxes, VOIP systems, thin clients and home servers out of the box. Linux compatibility is decent (Mint seems to run well). These are cost effective units ideal for educational purposes (I will be loading our schools with these at the beginning of 2010). There are tax incentives (for those living in the US) and these qualify (check Acer Site for details). Whats not to like for the cost.

Cons: I have to agree with the rest of the reviewers about weak HD video playback. Its just too much for the single core atom by itself (Atom 330 is recommended). Streaming Video issues with Hulu etc. They seem to be working the kinks out though. Did not come with the mounting adapter (nothing industrial strength velcro wont fix though). No internal wireless antennae prewired in the case. This would have been nice since most laptops came with them even thought they didnt have wireless cards installed internally. They should have factored this in for future upgrades. Those who do not understand RF will be S0L unless they use USB adapters. --When using the Mini PCI you have to run your antennae leads to the locations outside the sheilding or you will have NO Signal--

Overall Review: You really cant beat this unit for the cost. I would recommend installing Windows 7 so you get the full capability of the ION chipset. Direct X 10 just to start off. You're essentially robbing yourself by running XP. If your not a moron you shouldnt have a hard time getting the absolute latest drivers. For about 40.00 you can updrade this with more memory and an internal wireless adapter. I installed another gig of memory and a cheap broadcom wireless adapter I scalped from one of the laptops I had laying around. Runs very nice. Perfect for HTPC use.

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Great SSD Will purchase many more12/30/2009 1:31:47 PM

Pros: I have experienced several disappointments when it comes to SSD technology in the past. That was not the case with these however. Out of the packaging they work excellent, no tweaking of the OS required. They just perform as advertised. I was somewhat concerned about the write speed when I ordered but they easily outperform most rotational drives. I ran a side by side comparison installing Win7 Ultimate on two Acer Revo's and the SSD won hands down. Im certain the only limitation there was the underpowered Atom. The enclosures they came with were a nice plus (screwless design ++). The physical SSD itself is very sharp looking and would look nice in a HTPC build. The construction is solid and the drives perform well in a HOSTILE (extreme emphasis on hostile) environment.

Cons: None. I was very pleased. This will be my SSD of choice until something better comes along for the price.

Overall Review: I would highly recommend this SSD as I have tried many of the others. You are not likely to find this level of quality and performance unless you want to spend alot more.

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