Future of gaming9/3/2015 3:55:50 PM

Pros: -Huge screen area -Curved screen to eliminate glaring -144hz for gaming -Amazing color balance and white/blacks

Cons: -Hard to install cables on back, poor design -No height adjustment -Poor driver support on Benq website

Overall Review: This is the perfect monitor for gaming as it lets you have a much greater field of view left and right. Also, since most computers cannot handle ultra-wide PLUS 1440p yet, this is the perfect compromise. Once you go 144hz you dont go back to anything else for FPS games, and i think once you see the 21:9 ultra-wide in game, you wont go back to 16:9 either. Just as good a triple monitor setup for peripheral version but way less computer power needed and extra money for a 2nd and 3 monitor.

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