Great Budget Monitor7/11/2021 12:03:21 PM

Pros: -Monitor looks great, slim bezels on 3 sides, non-gamer aesthetic is getting harder to find -Stand is solid with height adjustment and full 90 degree pivot -Menu is easy to work with -Standard AC power cable, HDMI input is nice -IPS panel, so good off-axis viewing, decent image quality, bright enough for me and non-glossy -75Hz is noticeably smoother than 60Hz. I've had a 96Hz OC panel and a 144Hz in the past but this is fine. Not doing a lot of gaming with it. -Standard VESA mount if you want to wall mount or put on an arm.

Cons: -Comes with E-waste VGA cable in 2021. HDMI cable or nothing at all would be preferable. -Built-in speakers are an echoey, shrill mess. Painful to listen to anything other than Windows system noises.

Overall Review: Got this as a main display for a spare PC setup. Main setup is is a refurb Acer B346CK, which blows this out of the water in terms of brightness and image quality, but that's also a pro, non-gaming monitor. For what I got this for it works great.

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Ultrawide on a Budget2/4/2019 9:39:33 AM

Pros: -34" of 3440x1440 display. It is pretty staggering, even coming from a 27" QHD monitor. -Great IPS panel, 100% sRGB, not curved, which is better for some pro applications -Good range of inputs, all cable included, PSU built into monitor, not external -Good stand (no pivot though), and VESA mountable -Not a single dead pixel or obvious wear marks of any kind that I can find -At under $300 it's the cheapest UW-QHD monitor I could find, and most other "cheap" ones will use VA panels

Cons: -Packaging was atrocious and smelly but the monitor arrived in good condition -Included cables are all used and cheap -USB 3.0 input for hub is broken, but I didn't need it -Not curved, not as good for immersive media consumption -OSD controls are old and not great (this is an older monitor) -Only 60Hz, and doesn't overclock (not a gaming monitor) -Some backlight bleed on bottom corners, but this doesn't bother me much

Overall Review: Bought this for classwork doing app development and programming tasks. For productivity it's tough to beat 21:9 and QHD without having multiple monitors, which I didn't have room for. Gives you nearly full-size windows side by side. When it's on sale you'll be hard pressed to find another 34" UW for the price with the B346CKs specs. Just bear in mind that this is meant to be a pro monitor, and isn't meant for gaming and other media consumption.

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Avoid this one...12/26/2014 8:41:18 AM

Pros: When it works, it's a great card. Will max out most all games at 1440p. Temps stay below 72C and it's very quiet. Great looking card, will make a nice paperweight.

Cons: Artifacts. Artifacts in BF4, MOH, 3DMark, just about everything. Tried updating VBIOS, a half-dozen different driver versions on fresh Windows installs on three different systems. Good thing it's got a warranty right? Haha, nope, ASUS RMA is a joke. I sent in my 280X for RMA, about a month later I received the EXACT same card back (recorded serial number before sending in), and needless to say it still has the same problem. They provided ZERO explanation as to the testing procedure or whether or not they were able to replicate the problem. Thanks Asus.

Overall Review: I purchased this roughly a year ago, while it exhibited issues within the first two weeks the artifacting can be made less frequent by increase the voltage or by putting it in G-mode in Asus GPU Tweak. Recently I upgraded to GTX 970 SLI and haven't had a single issue since. These 280Xs clearly exhibit a pattern failure based on the number of reviews mentioning the artifacting problem. I understand that sometimes products have problems, but it's how the manufacturers respond to these problems which really matters, and Asus clearly doesn't care. I will be avoiding Asus in the future, not because of the card but because of their post-sales support.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Nate, I am sorry that you are having issues with your graphics card sir. I would be happy to assist you if you need another RMA. If you would like to discuss this case further, please contact me through email and include your reference number within the subject line. In addition, please provide me with what troubleshooting steps you had tried, as well as the rest of the systems hardware configuration. Thank you. Cs#N141298061 Regards, Lou ASUS Customer Loyalty
Believe the Hype6/15/2014 6:08:32 PM

Pros: -As others have stated, it uses a Superflower Leadex platform. Check out the JG review for the details but basically this is one of the best PSUs in this wattage and price range, ever. -Excellent cable setup. Length is perfect, cables have black wires and quality sleeving. -ECO fan mode turns the fan off completely until the PSU is under heavy load. With my relatively low power setup (2500k OC/280X), the fan never turns on even under load. I ended up not using ECO mode however as the rest of my system is louder than the PSU anyway. If you do want to run fanless I'd recommend installing it fan side up so the heat can escape. -By simply upgrading from my 80 Plus(Basic) PSU to this Gold rated one reduced my energy usage at idle and load by 8%-10% (measured with a Kill A Watt P3). -10 year warranty, you don't see many PC components backed like this one is.

Cons: -The PSU case could have been better looking, but the gunmetal wrinkle finish isn't bad. -The +2 parts of the 6+2 PCIe connectors are irritating, would have been nice to have an extra pair of 6 pin only PCIe cables, but clearly that would have been going far above and beyond what's necessary.

Overall Review: You will be hard pressed to find another PSU that delivers this kind of performance with this many features for this low of a price.

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