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forgot a couple of things

47" 1080p LCD Monitor
47" 1080p LCD Monitor

Pros: as i said below; great monitor! read my previous review for details

Cons: one thing I forgot to mention; as another review stated, if you are playing games and your screen switches resolutions (or anything else that causes screen to change resolutions), the screen may loose sync and just look garbled. I used to reboot to fix this, but I found out I can just switch sources and switch back to fix it, takes approx 1.5 seconds.

Overall Review: Also forgot to mention shipping. AIT is slow, but for me was reliable. Shipping from California to Florida took about 9 days; the AIT site doesn't give a lot of detail regarding where the package is or when it will arrive. However they called me to schedule delivery, and delivered it right inside my house at front door for the standard front door delivery price.

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Looked good, but wasn't :(

EPoX EP-9NDA3+ 939 NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard
EPoX EP-9NDA3+ 939 NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard

Comments: At first this board really impressed. FULL-featured, they even include a nice screwdriver! Sadly, my praise ends there. With my new 3000+ Venice, the board would not boot normally, and after reintalling my OSes (Linux and the other useless one), i could not boot into either, (after I convinced the board to boot at all). Many have had the booting issue (see provided link). Sent in tech ticket with Epox; they replied and even READ my e-mail. I thought they would help, but after i replied with the results of their suggestions, all they said was "try a different CPU or call newegg to RMA." Fortunately newegg is really good about this, but I am sad to say I won't buy Epox anymore. It was a short end to what could have been a long and happy relationship... For you overclockers when it did boot on the old OSes (before i reinstalled) I got it up to 310FSB and it'd probably do more.

holding up my 32" monitors like a champ

HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand Each Arm Hold up to 26.4 lbs - Long Double Arm Gas Spring Monitor Desk Mount for 2 Screens 22 to 35 Inch Height Adjustable Bracket with Clamp, Grommet Base
HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand Each Arm Hold up to 26.4 lbs - Long Double Arm Gas Spring Monitor Desk Mount for 2 Screens 22 to 35 Inch Height Adjustable Bracket with Clamp, Grommet Base

Pros: Had this for about 4 months. - thing holds some weight. I've got a pair of Dell 32" Curved (S3220DGF) monitors and it holds them in place like a pro, even using the clamp rather than the drill hole. haven't had any problems. - the front USB ports at the base of the stand are way more useful than i expected.

Cons: - takes some adjusting to get set up. you will have to tweak this to the right resistance in several spots to match the weight of your monitors. - minor gripe, but the small brand badge on the base doesn't seem centered. would be better if it were gone entirely. - instructions could be better. recommend looking up instructions online.

Overall Review: would buy this again.

You can't beat this for the price

47" 1080p LCD Monitor
47" 1080p LCD Monitor

Pros: This monitor is almost perfect. HL2, UT2K4, BF2, Oblivion, etc are fantastic in 1920x1080. Took me a few tries to get Xorg.conf right in Linux for this, but it makes Compiz look pretty sweet on the big screen.;) This thing really makes 16:9 movies fun. Looks just as great as I'd hoped. HD channels in digital cable also shine on this tv; way better than my friend's 60" projection widescreen. This will do all HD resolutions, even 1080p which most providers haven't started using yet. I don't have HDDVD or bluray. I expect they'll look as good on this as any screen out there. Plenty of inputs, and the speakers aren't bad either. Haven't had any issues with viewing angle, can see well from everywhere in my living room. no dead pixels.

Cons: Don't let these dissuade you, the TV is awesome! 1) Audio. either TV speakers or external ones, but not both. Kind of annoying there, but if you have surround sound, it won't make a difference. I don't, so I've been using the TV speakers, which are fine. 2) DVI#2 (right side) on my PC pushes the screen up about 3 pixels. Others on the net have reported it. DVI#1 is fine. (so is HDMI), so no biggie. 3) Remote is not great (as reported elsewhere). Seems to get worse when you use another remote to do non-volume functions on the TV. Mine works, but not great on range and sometimes you have to push the buttons down very deliberately/slowly to get it to register. I suggest getting a universal remote if it bothers you. 4)For viewing, there's widescreen (stretch) or standard. no zoom features at all. My cable box has zoom, so its okay for me. (you'd use this for instance if tv sig is 4:3 but still letterboxed (like man vs wild on discovery). 5) non-HD signal doesn't look good on this tv.

Overall Review: Not pro or con, just fyi: this is not a TV, it's a monitor. there is NO tuner. if you wish to watch TV you will have to feed it through a VCR or something that can connect to your cable/coax and output a signal. (I did that until I got my HD cable box... if that is your plan, dont waste your money on such a nice tv and feed it a standard def signal). my current setup is PC on DVI#1, HD Cable on HDMI, and DVD player on Component video. For widescreen beginners, DVDs are *usually* either 16:9 (about 1.78:1... this will fill your whole screen) OR 1.85:1 (normal film aspect ratio, like in a theater, this will still show small black bars on a 16:9 tv... your tv isnt broken, just the price for not having a single standard aspect ratio)

a jewel of a monitor

LG L1710BK 17" SXGA 1280 x 1024 D-Sub, DVI-I LCD Monitor
LG L1710BK 17" SXGA 1280 x 1024 D-Sub, DVI-I LCD Monitor

Pros: I've had this monitor since 11/04 and i love it. It is my first LCD and i haven't grown tired of it yet. no dead pixels, and ghosting is minimal if even noticable at all (I have rarely noticed any, even on a fast-paced game like UT2004. I use it primarily for gaming and have been very happy. DVI input is nice and crisp. 1280x1024@75mhz looks good in games. So many light settings, makes it easy on the eyes at night. Also it is not advertised anywhere but this monitor includes 2 USB slots on the right side. you run a usb A->B cable (included) from your case to the monitor and you have 2 usb slots on your desktop within easy reach. Nice piece of work by LG.

Cons: Sometimes the dim green glow around the power button can be annoying (like if you're watching a DVD on the monitor, as I often do). all LCDs should come with an option to disable the power light. but i rarely notice it anymore. and if it bothers you too much you can put a small piece of electrical tape over it while you watch movies.

Overall Review: If this monitor fell off my desk I'd buy another LG, maybe even this same monitor. The only things I might look for would be faster response time (though 16ms is more than fine) and an option to turn off the power light (if that exists on any LCD monitor i haven't seen it yet)

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If you want to get your order in a timely manner, order elsewhere.

10 days after my initial order, all other components have been delivered for days, but the one from MJU doesn't even have an estimated delivery date. Hopefully when it arrives, it will be "as described". They provided a fedEx tracking number at first, which still is listed as "pending". When I contacted them about it, they apologized and said they'd changed the shipping method, and sent me a UPS tracking number coming from a different location. 3 days later, it is still listed as "on the way to UPS". My guess is that either they have not shipped anything, or they did not have the product to begin with. wouldn't surprise me if they waited to order what you request from someone else and then upcharge you for the added delay.

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