Quick mouse, quicker setup, easy to take wireless for granted12/14/2017 12:40:01 AM

Pros: =Having large hand I can get a full palm grip on this mouse with room to spare, came from hybrid claw, palm on smaller mouse -Precise short throw switches allow for faster actuation -Having extensive hours on FPS titles I can actually tell there's less delay than my old wired mouse, very slight, yet noticeable and significant for competitive games -Thumb buttons are in the exact location I wished they were going to be and there's enough room under the buttons to allow a firm, comfortable, and relaxed grip -Reasonable amount of learning to get accustomed to the staggered mouse 1 and mouse 2 -Mouse 1 & 2 are separated from the actual shell of the mouse, fitment and tolerances in the gap are within extreme precision standards of engineering and production quality -Software was quick to setup, and it actually doesn't suck, also my G610 interacts on same software -Mouse wheel takes what I'd consider a proper amount of force to rotate -Mouse shows battery level for ~10 seconds when turned on via the scroll wheel RGB led then returns to previously known RGB setting -While the RGB played 0 factor in my decision to pick up this mouse, and my first RGB piece in my lifetime, to me, it looks crisp, clean, and not over saturated -Instant on from its standby position -RGB interacts with Discord voip, cool feature for RGB fanatics, although I really don't find it useful whatsoever unless you need to know the source of comms -Like most every enthusiast grade peripheral Logitech produces, it's fantastic -Rubber literally isn't too tacky, nor slippery when sweaty -20 minute charge will last for a few hours of gaming, also the ability to turn off the RGB leds allows for greater battery life in addition to polling rate although not recommended for gaming -As the title states, it's easy to take the wireless for granted, After roughly 20 hours on it, it still feels weird for myself to think about how I had to re-position the cord on other mice mid game to suit my comfort -Never had one conscious thought that the wireless has somehow caused me to make an error in my gaming -Relatively heavy mouse, however I'm easily dissuaded to disregard that by the fact it's wireless and rechargeable -Resists the typical build up of dried sweat scum on the finish, easy to clean with window cleaner as well -I didn't have to immediately get a RMA -Very short and unforgiving lift-off distance -Teflon feet cover the uppermost edge, the lowermost, and around the sensor

Cons: -Mouse wheel button requires a bit of thought to be able to press, only actuates when pushed towards the right -I can understand how some people may feel this mouse is a bit on the heavy side, even without the included 10g weight -Lift-off distance may be a bit too short for some people

Overall Review: I'd recommend this mouse to anyone who's currently in the market for a new mouse in the upscaled price bracket who have medium-large to large hands. With the ability to add the charging mat to this mouse, the lack of a wire, and my experience with wireless technology thus far, I'd be hard pressed to pick up another wired mouse ever again, full well knowing how many time's I've had to readjust my mouse in the middle of the action in order to gather some level of (as of now) reasonably unreasonable amount of comfort. I will strongly encourage anyone looking into this mouse to peruse Rocket Jump Ninja on YouTube before making their final decision on this mouse, or any other for that matter.

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Competent Little Notebook11/24/2017 2:08:25 PM

Pros: -6700HQ is no slouch, and although it is outdated by the writings of this, it's well worth the cost -950M while far from the greatest in a notebook by today's standards, at this price range, it's a solid bump over integrated graphics. Originally purchased with the intent to game Civ 5 with low turn times with the 6700hq, the 950M runs the game at high settings, 8x MSAA per the stock Geforce Experience recommendations. -Screen is of solid quality and color -Overall build quality for its price is 5/5 -Light, small, competent little machine from productivity to casual gaming -Surprisingly lighter, sleeker, and smaller than I've previously been accustomed to. -Includes an SSD, although while it's nothing spectacular in terms of today's SSD realm, neither are any other features of this notebook, perhaps excluding price. Fast boot, sufficient speeds, satisfactory.

Cons: -Spacebar takes a little learning to properly press whilst speed typing -My personal machine did somehow not come properly installed with Win 10 on it, attempted to install manually in the bios to no avail. I called and worked with a rep over the phone and we determined I needed a RMA to send back to Asus, got it back in perfect working order, and in a reasonable amount of time, they even returned the SD card I had forgotten I left inside of it.

Overall Review: Recommend to anyone wanting a great processor for workflow, the somewhat casual gamer, light duty AAA or light indy games. 950M isn't a beast, but it's exactly as the title I gave this review, competent, and as of this writing, still is indeed a slight yet solid bump in performance as to what you can expect from Intel's integrated graphics on their CPUs. Although my first experience with this laptop did result in my disappointing experience, at the end of the day, I'm an honest tech consumer, and while these hiccups shouldn't rightfully happen, they absolutely do. 5 eggs, happy with the purchase, it does what I intended it to do, and is more capable than it needs to be to satisfy my needs.

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Sweet upgrade from integrated7/13/2016 11:37:20 PM

Pros: -Hardware installs easily and even fits in cramped micro case, computer had no problems posting without software installed -Software installation was smooth 1 reboot and ready to go -Precision X is solid, complete direct and passive fan control, OC'ing made easy, fps limiter -Fan runs at about 30% with stock fan curve @ 80 deg c. and quite silently at that -Capable of running AAA's on ultra presets ~45++ fps (given cpu) -Accepts overclocking quite well, I'm running SSC stock speed with a rather gracious memory overclock. -Absolutely get as much if not more than you pay for -At the time that I purchased, was the best bang for your buck card on the market, may have changed since RX 480 & GTX 10- series -No regrets buying this now instead of waiting for 10 series to "bust" market on faster 9 series' or comparable AMD (which it still hasn't) -Viable and just upgrade from integrated graphics

Cons: -Slightly plain card; borderline ugly if not for yellow "SC" badging and blacked out PCB -Card's obviously capable of more (see 960) -Could utilize more VRAM

Overall Review: I bought this card to go in a custom prebuilt made with a 4590 inside; waited until I had the money to upgrade off of integrated graphics and I could not have gotten a better deal. I was originally looking at GTX 750ti's for a while and on the day I was ready (and sick of waiting) to purchase I noticed the 950 was on discount for only $10 more than the EVGA 750ti SC. All in all with newegg credit and rebate, I spent $75 on this card and as far as I'm concerned, I won the price/frame lottery. In case anyone may be looking at the same budget I was, I'd only suggest buying a 750ti over 950 (and comparable counterparts) if you don't have a 6 pin connector on your power supply or have less than a 350w output of your PSU. All together my system runs about 283w.

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