Cool Lights Bro3/11/2017 10:40:32 AM

Pros: -Nice looking, high performing all in one cooler. -Keeps my i5 7600k 5.2ghz around 75C under full load for 12hrs -easy installation -the lights put this thing on another level, perfect for an RGB build

Cons: It has two cables that plug into it. one is split into three more cables for sata power, radiator fan connector, and motherboard aio pump header connector. The other cable is a mini usb to internal usb connector to control the lights. If you are going for a clean look, these can make it challenging but not impossible.

Overall Review: Looks sick. I would pick this all in one cooler over others any day

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Good for the price3/11/2017 10:30:51 AM

Pros: -pretty clear sound

Cons: -not the most comfortable headset I've ever had but still decent

Overall Review: -came free with my Rosewill Cullinan mid tower

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Best and Fastest ram for extreme overclock rgb build3/11/2017 10:15:58 AM

Pros: -runs no problem on my asus maximus ix apex -I have it oc'd to 4300mhz at cas 18 - looks amazing

Cons: -none

Overall Review: gskill knows whats up with ram, If your budget allows get you a set of this tridentZ RGB ram even if its a slower speed. You will not regret it.

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Good Power supply3/11/2017 10:10:09 AM

Pros: -enough power for whatever you want -fully modular -

Cons: -none

Overall Review: the cables it comes with look alright. I was planning on getting custom cables anyway

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The best z270 board out there3/11/2017 10:06:44 AM

Pros: -ultimate overclocking potential -got my i5 7600k running at 5.2ghz no problem along with my gskill tridentZ rgb ram to 4300mhz -Looks phenomenal, the e-atx form factor allows for leds all the way around the board. None of the other maximus ix have this -Dimm.2 m.2 riser card works no problems -all the overclocking buttons on the board (start, restart, retry, safeboot, Memok, and bios switch) are super nice to use when overclocking -asus rog features are legit -option for a custom name plate with led back lights -usb 3.0 header goes off the board sideways for a super clean look -clear cmos button on back panel -two 12v rgb headers

Cons: -the Dimm slots are indeed super close to the cpu socket. My Nzxt Kraken x62 had to be turned 90 degrees to fit. -E-atx form factor is hard to find a mid tower for especially if you want a full side window. I recommend the Rosewill Cullinan -cpu fan header is in a visible spot, can look clean but takes a little work -only has 2 usb 2.0 headers so you might need a usb hub for extras like nzxt hue+

Overall Review: -doesn't have a water cooled vrm option like the maximus ix formula but its $100 cheaper so not really a con -I almost got a maximus ix Hero instead of this for budget reasons but I went with this when I saw it has the leds all the way around the board. This board by itself is enough for a rgb build. -doesn't have some of the rog features like better on board sound but its not built for that. If you want the best overclocking board, this is it.

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This case is Clean.3/11/2017 9:24:05 AM

Pros: this is a great mid tower supports up to an e-atx motherboard power supple shroud excellent cable management options room for two radiators comes with four case fans installed Tempered glass on three sides Definitely not a boring case and not expensive for what you get

Cons: tempered glass is a touch dark. its good for the back side to hide cables but you will need a lot of lights to show off your hardware. it doesn't have very much room in the back cable management. I managed to get a nzxt hue+, grid+v2, and usb hub in the back with all my cables looking very nice. Just took a lot of work and planning.

Overall Review: Not a con but slightly annoying - very little room between power supply and hard drive cage. I have a evga supernova 1000 and I had to take the cage out to be able to plug in my power supply cables. I was able to get the hard drive cage back in afterwards I don't like the fan switch. it can do low power, full power, or off. I put in my own fans and a different fan hub. I wish it had an option to put a cover over it where the fan switch wouldn't show for an overall cleaner look.

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Its Fast Bro3/11/2017 9:02:53 AM

Pros: Its the fastest you can get. Installs easy, windows 10 had no problems recognizing the drive

Cons: Definitely not budget friendly.

Overall Review: I bought this over two 256gb 960 evo in raid 0 because several reviews said the evo was prone to fail. If your on the fence about the pro or the evo, get the pro.

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