Mixed Results7/13/2020 4:29:48 PM

Pros: - Good packaging - Nice hefty board out of the box - Enough USB connections for me - USB header support for future cases with front USB - Fits Noctua low profile air cooler

Cons: - Manual is not the best on written documentation and guidance - Bios not working properly out of the box (no option to choose PCIe Gen 3) - Website support not informative either - Sound still not working - Can not turn off RGB on motherboard

Overall Review: This is my first build and in hindsight, maybe I should of opted for an older generation board with all of the issues worked out. But, I wanted the latest technology to carry me for a few years before having to upgrade again. I pre-ordered this board since all of the X570 boards were sold out anyways. Shipping times were a bit delayed from when Newegg said it was expecting to send them out, but also expected this to happen. Fast forward a few weeks and the board arrived in good order physically. The box was in perfect condition and excited to take to unwrap everything. Since this is my first experience, board felt hefty and of quality build for me. No bent pins or capacitors. The manual did an adequate explanation of the physical breakdown of the board picture wise, but written documentation and guides could be better. Built everything and fired it right up. Nothing on screen. Ok, let's start going down the check list. I was also working with a new ITX case manufacturer who was actually very responsive in helping me figure this out even though it wasn't supposed to be his problem to help me solve. I'm using an MSI Mech OC 5600XT and ruled out the PCIe cable when I plugged it directly into the motherboard and the Asrock BIOS screen came on. Awesome! Just have to change settings then. Went into the submenus and found out there was no option to change the PCIe to Gen 3 which is necessary for the the 5600XT to work through the PCIe cable. Went to Asrock's support page and didn't find much documentation. Sent an email to Asrock support on 7/7 (still no response as of today). Finally found information on the Reddit Asrock forum. Someone else was able to get through to support and posted the new BIOS he was given (v1.05). I loaded this up and there was now a menu available to change the PCIe to Gen 3 finally. Great! Loaded Windows 10 and was excited to finally make progress except NO SOUND was coming out from the audio out. Made sure Windows was up to date, still no change. So that's my journey and where I'm at to this point. Everything else works except for the sound. I've noticed Asrock customer support is more responsive on reviews, so maybe I'll get support help here instead since response to my direct contact with them hasn't happened. Overall, 3 eggs on the review for this motherboard with room for improvement. If I can't get the sound issue resolved, it will probably be 1-2 eggs.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Stephen, Thank you for purchase and review. For the documentation, please visit link below for user manual Link: https://download.asrock.com/Manual/B550%20Phantom%20Gaming-ITXax.pdf For the turn off RGB, please adjust the " Turn On Onboard LED in S5" in the UEFI/BIOS. (BIOS\Advanced\Onboard Devices Configuration (OR) Chipset Configuration\ Turn On LED in S5 [Disable]). Save and exit. If you have any technical or warranty inquiry in the future, please contact us at https://event.asrock.com/tsd.asp We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email: https://event.asrock.com/tsd.asp
Quality Monitor7/13/2020 4:01:40 PM

Pros: - Arrived in a good protective box - Fired right up with no issues - Includes a display port cable - No dead pixels on arrival

Cons: - Small gripe is the nub on the bottom of the monitor is a bit finicky when trying to do menu selections

Overall Review: Overall, a good first experience for me with this monitor. Everything arrived and powered right up with no issues or dead pixels. I'm still playing around with settings and will update this review with any relevant info. As for now, works fine for me with no issues.

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