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Best Headphones I've ever owned!5/28/2016 11:08:12 AM

Pros: - INSANELY COMFORTABLE! This point can not be expressed enough. The large ear cups fit my whole ear which puts cushioning around my ear; this is the first time that has ever happened with headphones I've owned and I must say it is incredibly comfortable. - The sound quality is simply astounding. - The cushioning feels like a cloud upon your head. - Combined with a Blue Yeti Blackout Edition this is a perfect setup for any gamer or pod caster. - Overall so incredible I wish i could give this more than 5 eggs!

Cons: - None obviously!

Overall Review: - I bought these for $45 on sale here, two words... no. regrets. - I would definitely recommend this to ANYONE in need of a headset - I would buy another 20 of these if I could!

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Slightly DIssapointing, but still ok.4/12/2016 2:52:32 PM

Pros: - Sleek Design - USB 3.0 - Fast Drive

Cons: - Not as much storage as promised; the USB clearly prints "64 GB" on the title, package, and on one side of the USB Storage itself. When you look at the storage while in your computer, it shows only 57.6 GB... 6.4 GB may not seem like a lot, but they need to stop false advertising.

Overall Review: I would give this product a C- only for the lack of promised storage.

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