Easy to install, work great11/13/2017 7:37:34 PM

Pros: I installed this on my 2012 CR-V (extremely easy to do) and they work just as intended. Much brighter than OEM bulbs (although those are 5 years old by now), and while not Xenon-white, I still like them a lot.

Cons: N/A

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Worst Drive Ever.10/14/2008 10:54:22 PM

Pros: Looks nice. Too bad looks aren't saving my data.

Cons: I bought this drive for around $80 on black friday 2007, and today Oct. 15, 2008, it died. This is not the first time the drive has been acting up on me, but it seems that it's definite this time. This is the first external drive I have bought; all my previous drives are in enclosures (none of them with me; all at home thousands of miles away). At the time I bought this I didn't see many reviews, but throughout the year I heard/read about all the failures everyone else was having... I guess I have to consider myself lucky for mine lasting (almost) a year. I have lost all college research data, as I was coincidentally wiping my laptop's HD and reinstalling vista... I'm going to open up the enclosure and try to get the drive running in a friend's desktop PC (even if it voids the warranty.. I NEED my EFFIN DATA).. and if it's working (hopefully), I'll buy an enclosure for it. Wish me luck.

Overall Review: I'm not buying any external without at least knowing most people aren't having trouble for at least a year... and even so, I'll try to keep my distance from Maxtor/Seagate externals.. their software is horrible.

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