Nice looking PSU!!2/25/2018 4:49:52 PM

Pros: Feels well built, looks really nice. Been solid for a month now. Has a rocker switch on the back for power as well.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Be aware there is a boatload of cables on this unit, so cabling inside a small case is going to be tight!

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Love ASROCK2/25/2018 4:46:27 PM

Pros: Sturdy construction, heavy duty, heavy PCB! As usual, you can tweak all aspects of the system with this board!

Cons: None.

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Awesome RAM for a good price.2/25/2018 4:38:08 PM

Pros: Runs as advertised, 2400 speed. Comes with a cool decal to put on your case!!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Was not listed as compatible with my mobo, but works perfect. Be aware that these modules do not have the big gaudy heatsinks, these are just RAM sticks with with a neat shiny label on them!

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Cube case with some things to be aware of.2/25/2018 4:34:18 PM

Pros: You can fit a lot of hardware in a somewhat midsize enclosure. Design is neat in that its a big cube that is pretty much plastic mesh with foam behind it. I don't know if it's even possible for this enclosure to overheat! Comes with a large blue LED fan loaded in the front.

Cons: Internal plastics are somewhat flimsy, but nothing broke. Case is a large cube case. Would probably be best for under desk, or somewhere that can accommodate a large footprint. Case wiring is kinda like spaghetti, and kind of all over the place, keep in mind that the sides are clear. Cabling is interesting. Buttons are on top of the case, kinda cheap looking, but not a deal breaker. LED fan is large, and if ran fast, can be loud.

Overall Review: Good basic case, is not a mini tower, motherboard sits flat inside, whole case is pretty much open airflow. Front, top and back are all perforated plastic/metal with foam backing. Be aware this is a flip towards the front case. A couple of strange things about this case are 1- there is an SSD holder in the top front of the case, as you are looking at the right hand side. If you want to put a DVD drive in the front, be aware you're going to have to snake your fingers around this oddly placed SSD cage. 2- It looks as if the openings for the DVD drive, and the card reader, are doors, but they are not, so if you want to put those items into the unit, make sure they are white, or black, depending on what color you get. The two door looking panels are actually pop out panels that leave your drives exposed in the front.

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Got here fast,looks great!2/25/2018 3:39:23 PM

Pros: Got fan and controller! Used the controller to slow my front fan down that sounded like a fan on a car!

Cons: none yet

Overall Review: Be aware that LED intensity varies with fan speed.

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Got here fast, no problems with cloning, using right now in College laptop.2/25/2018 3:33:16 PM

Pros: Super thin and light, nice and fast.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Don't forget to download the Kingston drive Managing application form their website!

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